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Allowing Success

Updated on August 12, 2013

How to Make a Quantum Leap - Build On Our Previous Successes.

Are you guilty of downplaying your achievements?

How can African American people achieve our goals? The more we dwell on our successes,the more successful we become. The Law of Attraction says that in order to achieve success, we need to vibrate at the level of success.

This lens explains how we can allow success into our lives.

Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony is Key to Allowing Success

What part of you is reading this right now?

Is it a part of you that you are proud of? That you put to the fore, your "best foot forward"?

Or is it a part of you that you are not so sure of? That maybe feels confused, insecure or lost? That needs some help and support?

You are capable of achieving brilliant, magnificent results. The more inner harmony you experience, the easier it becomes for you to allow success into your life. You can get out of your own way and allow success to grow and blossom in your life.

People of African heritage have enormous power, but we don't use the power we have.

If we don't use our energies in positive ways, we often turn them against ourselves - and each other.

Umoja, the Swahili word for Unity, is the first principle Kwanzaa. Umoja can mean unity between and among people. But in order to achieve unity with others, we first have to experience inner unity, harmony and integration.

All the different parts of you need love, and they all deserve love.

Is there a part of you that you feel ashamed of, that you keep hidden? Or maybe don't even acknowledge?

That part of you is every bit as magnificent as the rest of you.

The parts of us that we deny contain treasure. Glorious treasure. And the more we are able to acknowledge them, the more we can begin to fufil our potential.

The goal is to get all parts of ourselves to work together harmoniously. This is known as psychological and emotional integration. The more integrated we are, the more successful we will be at achieving our goals.

To learn more about how to do this, read Success Strategies for Black People.

See also: Befriending the Shadow.

Inner harmony is key to allowing success.

Success Strategies for Black People.

I have used these methods for many years. That's how I know they work.

Click here to read about what I have manifested. Using the methods in the book can help you to manifest what you want, too.

Iyanla Vanzant
Iyanla Vanzant

African American Success

Success Breeds Success

For more about this, see Success Strategies for Black People.

The Law of Attraction states that, in order to attract what we want, we need to vibrate at the level of whatever we want to attract. So, in order to attract success, we need to focus on success. The more we do this, the more we can raise our own vibrational levels.

How do you feel about the word 'successful'? Does it only apply to Oprah Winfrey, Terry McMillan and Iyanla Vanzant?

How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment? Do you accept it graciously in the knowledge that the statement is true (or even might be true)? Or do you say, 'No, no', because this person has obviously got it wrong - they just don't realise how hopeless you really are?

Can you talk about your successes openly, freely? Or are you afraid people will think you are 'big-headed'?

Often, we do not own our successes. We say, 'Anyone could have given that presentation/solved that problem/written that paper/prepared that meal'.

I have encountered this attitude a lot from my students. I have met people who have done the most amazing things, yet still don't consider themselves successful.

One way to change our negative, limited self-view is to work with our core conditioning. For more about this, see Change Your Life with Core Conditioning.

You are successful already. The more you become aware of your successes and achievements and acknowledge them, the more success you can attract to you.

Get used to being successful. You don't have to wait for success. Make a practice of celebrating all of your successes - the small ones as well as the big ones.

Just being born is a success. Learning to walk - have you ever watched a baby? She takes a step, falls, gets up again. Takes another step, falls, gets up again. Over and over until, eventually, slowly, and inevitably, she learns. The incredible amount of courage, confidence, patience and determination it took to learn to walk - you have all those qualities. And here's the thing - those same qualities that helped you achieve your previous successes - big and small - are the ones that will help you to achieve your major goals in life.

After we have achieved something, it doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. That's because we don't own it.

But if we remember how we felt before we achieved it, we can get a sense of our success.

Remember when you wanted to learn a new language, balance your checkbook, use your computer? Remember when you couldn't do a spreadsheet?

Remember when you didn't know how to write an article, or a book?

The more you dwell on your successes, the more you will have a sense of achievement. And success breeds success.

The more you love yourself, appreciate yourself and value yourself, the more you can allow success into your life.

The Benefits of Dwelling on Success

Allowing Success Involves Dwelling on Success

Are you guilty of downplaying your achievements?

Are you denying your magnificence and what you are capable of?

What are the benefits of recognising and acknowledging our successes?

We behave in accordance with the ways we see ourselves.

Dwelling on success has a positive, beneficial effect on our money, our finances, our health, our relationships, and every area of our lives.

Simply put, this means that if we see ourselves as successful, we behave in ways that are likely to make us more successful.

In job interviews

In meetings

At parties

As a parent

As an employee

As an entrepreneur

If you see yourself as successful, how are you likely to behave?

If you see yourself as good at writing reports, how are you likely to approach your next report?

If you see yourself as a good communicator, how are you likely to approach your next communication?

I am not suggesting you should ignore feedback from outside sources.

I am saying, however, that if you see yourself as having achieved successes in your life already, you are more likely to be able to build on these successes the next time you have a challenge to face.

Making a Quantum Leap

Allowing Success: How Dwelling on Success Can Help Us Make a Quantum Leap

A quantum leap is not the same thing as making small, gradual changes. A quantum leap is a major leap forward.

To make a quantum leap in your business, your career, or any area of your life, you have to take a leap of faith. Know that if you put in the effort, if you take action, you will get the rewards you seek.

You need to take massive action. And that action will be based on what you have achieved in the past.

The more you are aware of your past successes, the more you can draw on them to achieve greater success.

In order to make a quantum leap, you need to trust your innate abilities. The abilities you were born with.

You also need to trust you inner guidance. For more about this, see The Higher Self.

Taking Responsibility for Our Success

Allowing Success Involves Taking Responsibility for Creating Success

We tend to blame others for our difficulties and problems. This is not surprising given our collective history of slavery and colonisation, and the racism we continue to experience. We buy into victim mentality.

The problem lies within ourselves - our own blocks to receiving. The solution also lies within. One way we can become more open to abundance is through Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

It is very empowering to realize that the problem is within us, not outside of us. We have the power to change our lives.

Nurture Success African American Group

Achieve Your Highest Potential

Want solutions to life's problems? Money, relationships, career, health? This free online group for people of African heritage contains loads of resources to help you achieve your highest potential, and provides ongoing support and advice. Nurture Success.

Nurture Success can help with allowing success.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our possibilities are unlimited. Our potential is unlimited. The election of President Obama proves that we can do anything if we have the right attitude and use strategies that work for us. For more about this, see Success Strategies for Black People.

Celebrate your successes and your positive qualities. Every day, make a list of your successes. Putting them in writing makes them more real.

Allowing Success means recognizing our unlimited possibilities.

Get used to being successful. Because you are!

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Success Strategies for Black People
Success Strategies for Black People

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