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And god gave us our souls-poetry

Updated on December 17, 2012

And god gave us our souls

As I walk in the night I see your face captured by the moonlight
But you don’t see me
I turn and run knowing I wouldn’t be accepted
Knowing what I am
And knowing what you’d say
I turn and run
You were the nicest to me
But if you knew what I was you wouldn’t stay you’d run and scream
For all the fear I cause everyone who can see me
It doesn’t matter if I’m sorry
It doesn’t matter if I’m smart or kind
It’s because of what I look like that I’m hunted
That I’m feared
All I want is to be free
Free to talk to those around me
Not trapped in this prison called home
But I can’t be free
Until you all no longer fear me
So alone I was out of a cage for so long
But now it’s like I’m back in
Unable to see those around me
For fear that they’d see me
So trapped here I wait
Unable to see
Unable to be
Who I want to be
I am what I was made to be
God didn’t make this husk this shell
But he gave me a soul to inhabit it
I am here upon gods will
But still you challenge it
You challenge my right to live
Unable to see the path
I wait here
Only to come out to see my brothers and sisters
And even they fear me
I don’t know where to go
And I don’t know what to do
My kind has nowhere to go
This earth is not big enough if you hate us so
We could fly up to the sky and it wouldn’t help
You’d hunt us down
Beat us all to death
So we hide under your noses
As were hunted as were framed
As you kill our loved ones and give us the blame
Knowing what I am I’m filled with shame
But when I find you
The hunter
The one who is the monster
I will not stand for it
You will fall
Can’t you see none of us are created by god
Just our parents
God gives us life he gives us a soul
But the husk this shell the body we live in was made by our parents and theirs by theirs
We are the same
No matter what we look like
Because in the end
God gave us our souls


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