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Baby Girl/Boy

Updated on January 21, 2017

Girl or boy,
You are a bundle of joy.

Winter or summer,
You are the loveliest newcomer.

Face so innocent,
You have no vengeance.

Cheeks so chubby,
You make me bubbly.

Eyes so bright,
Oh,What a delight!

You have no woes,
Ten fingers and toes.

Skin so tender,
You're such a wonder.

You're a sweet little bunny,
Making faces so funny.

Night or dawn,
Just love to see you yawn.

As you hold your rattle,
I love to see you babble.

When you chuckle,
I like to cuddle.

Nicknames I call,
As you crawl.

I have a flair,
To blow your hair.

I wrap you in warm clothes,
Hold you close.
As I touch your nose,
I like your pose.

When you're pricked,
I feel I'm kicked.

Lullaby I sing,
As I give you a swing.

So worried your skin will spoil,
I massage it with oil.

Baby,Oh Baby!
You're really a charm,
When in my arm,
No one can harm.


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