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The Rain - 4 Flash Fiction Stories

Updated on June 7, 2012

4 Flash Fiction Stories

The Rain

I looked out and I saw the rain. It fell from the sky burning the ground, the cars, the trees and the people. They screamed and tried to cover their heads with their hands but rain burned into their flesh with a sizzling hiss of frying bacon.

I saw a child smoke climbing to the sky as his face melted in front of me. I wanted to reach out and pull him to me, but I knew not to leave my shelter. In fact I would have fought the boy away from it because it was just barely large enough to keep the rain off me.

He screamed something, surly a mixture of pain and pleading as he fell thrashing in front of me like a man on fire, he might have been for all I know. The fire in the rain. I saw bone as his skin fell away from his skull, taking clumps of hair which reminded me of turning my yard over to plant a tree.

He reached out, in my direction, but not to me, never to me, I would never help him. I closed my eyes, bacon, just bacon.

The storm passed and the sun came out, but I stayed where I was, safe. I watched as the ground slowly began to dry, soon I would walk past the boy. Soon. After the rain dried.

The Rain

I looked out and I saw the rain. I watched as it poured down wetting the cobblestone walkway where the water congregated between the stones like pools of blood. I watched as the lightning stuck, and the thunder shook the very ground I stood upon. I watched as you walked slowly to your car, fumbled with the keys, and slowly opened the door. I watched as you paused one last time to look into my heart. Why could you not see the truth there?

I could see the streaks of charcoal that painted your face, falling from your eyes. Was it the rain?

The Rain

I looked out and I saw the rain. I turned to her and smiled. A Dance? Taking her hand I led her from the restaurant to the quiet of the street. I pulled her close smelling orchids, she always smells of orchids. My little flower girl. She said we had no music, but I assured her we didn’t need it. I held her at arm’s length for a moment, then smiled and pulled her close to me.

The Rain

I looked out and I saw the rain. “Damn” I thought to myself. “Baseball game is ruined!” I walked away from the window and picked up the remote, hoping the news would show the weather forecast and sunshine coming in the next few minutes. Instead I looked over to see Oprah sitting there interviewing a tall woman about a book. I flipped the channel, “Rambo, cool gotta come back to that.” I flipped again and again, past buns of steel and Backstreet Boys, past news of Iran, and reruns of Hill Street Blues. I settled on Oprah and settled into my chair for a nap.


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The Rain - Four Flash Fiction Stories About The Rain.

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For more of my writings from around the Net check out my Facebook page.


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    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 

      7 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      The first one is terrific, but I really the four different stories all using the same trigger. Nice work.


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