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Blue Blood, True Blood . . . A Book Review

Updated on April 27, 2012

Save the Planet Kill A Lizard

Illuminati symbols are everywhere even on our money
Illuminati symbols are everywhere even on our money | Source

Conflict and Creation

I came across the name Stewart Swerdlow in my research of the history of our planet. His name came up in You Tube videos (Camelot Project Interviews) and was linked to various researchers such as David Wilcock. I also found that he was linked to the infamous Montauk Project, which was responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment. I had seen the book Blue Blood, True Blood and decided it was worth reading.

In the preface his first sentence and I quote

"As far as the history of this planet is concerned, you can consider that everything you have ever learned is a complete lie."

I couldn't agree more as humanity has been deceived for a very long time on our true origins.

He starts out the book with his personal view of the history of the Galaxy and the God-Mind as he calls it. This supreme energy exists in a hyperspace state with controlling intelligence that form the universal laws of all creation.

He claims that all humanoids originate from a common star system called the Lyrae. His information comes from his indoctrination from the Montauk Project.

His involvement with the Montauk Project seems to have come after the facility had already been well established and operating for some time. When the project was destroyed (inside job) in 1983 it had the effect of 'wiping' his identity clean, this may have been intentional as others involved in the project have shared similar memory loss.

His special psychic abilities coupled with advanced computers allowed him to program other humans (boys) for experimental purposes in mind control. Because most of the technology used was of Alien design, he met and learned from many Aliens involved in the project.

"Most people are still not willing to accept or even entertain the idea that hybrid Reptilians are in control of this planet and perform blood rituals and ceremonies using humans as the source of food and hormones."

He claims that nothing is random and that the concept of chaos simple does not exist. That everything or event on this planet is part of a plan devised by the 'Controllers' or Illuminati.

His sources tell the story of the first species to colonize this Planet, the Reptilians from the star system known as the Draco. This Reptilian race of aggressive humanoids have one purpose only to assimilate all species unwilling to do their bidding. Although not as technologically advanced as other Alien species they are of a War like nature and believe they are the Chosen Ones.

They build their spacecraft in asteroids and comets, sometimes to be used as weapons of mass destruction to destroy whole Planets. When they colonized the Earth they used a large hollowed out sphere to orbit the Earth and used it to resupply their initial colony, which we call the Moon. This is why the Moon does not rotate on it's axis as it orbits the earth, it is actually a spacecraft.

He tells us this in a very matter fact way, while freely admitting his has nothing to back it up and no proof to offer. While I'm not trying to defend his story, I will say that I have read many similar accounts from a wide variety of sources including but not limited to the Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky and Challenges of Change by Stanley A. Fulham. Also ancient myths and legends from India and Sumer to the Orient have similar stories.

Soon after the Draconians colonized this planet in what is now known as the Pacific Ring of Fire but then was known as Lemuria, a mammalian species of humanoids colonized an area known as Atlantis. It didn't take long before the two civilizations were at War with each other and other Alien races had joined the conflict.

The basic concept of his book is that the Human Race was created from a melting pot of Alien DNA as a way of merging all the Alien races, that were involved in the War for control of this planet, into one.

This was decided by an outside group of benevolent Aliens that felt the Earth was too valuable a resource to be destroyed by War and that by combining all of the beings together into one, all would have a say in its evolvement.

So twelve Mammalian species and one Reptilian species were combined to create what is now known as the Human Race. Is this species the Blue Blood, True Blood that is the title to the book, perhaps the book doesn't make this distinction.

Of course, the best made plans of lizards and men don't always work out and many prototypes had to be made and scrapped before they could finally agree on the right combination.

Because all 13 of the races had their own agenda, they conspired in the creation of this merged species so that their own particular DNA would be dominant. This lead to even further conflict and the destruction of both civilizations. The sinking of Lemuria, due to the electromagnetic forces unleashed by the Atlanteans caused the Reptillian race's elimination from the surface, they escaped underground to Hollow Earth. There they created vast nations inside the planet that exist to this day.

The Atlanteans ruled the surface for a time (Golden Age) and created even more human hybrids. Being DNA specialists, they created a human/dolphin mix known today as Mermaids, human/bull mix known as Centaurs and of course a human/bear mix known as Big foot or Yeti, some of which still survive to this day.

They were able to take over the orbiting spacecraft (the Moon), which they control to this day.

But the War didn't end there and the continuing struggle eventually lead to their continent sinking as well, this event caused the Earth to have a Polar Shift and lead to what we know as The Biblical Flood. The Atlanteans were scattered far and wide on the remaining surface continents, starting civilizations in Egypt, Sumer, India, South, Central and North America and Western Europe.

To this day both factions continue to struggle for dominance of this planet, one from the inside and one hiding in plain sight among us. Because both factions for all intents and purposes look just like us, the only difference being they live much longer than we do, they can continue their struggle right under our noses without us even knowing they exist.

They continue to use the human race as their slaves and to engage and fight their wars. The Reptillians even use us as food, although they prefer children.


Creating the solar system can be fun
Creating the solar system can be fun | Source

Brief Overview

The rest of the book Blue Blood, True Blood deals with his experiences lecturing on the knowledge gained from his work in the Montauk Project. He travels the globe learning about and lecturing on the conspiratorial nature of the ruling Illuminati and their plans for humanity.

He makes a series of predictions that could have easily been made formed from other sources and was not very insightful. Many of these predictions do not come true and he explains this later in the book by claiming that due to the awakening of humanity we have altered our future, how convenient.

He goes into great length about his infidelity to his wife, by claiming that he was a victim of a Illuminati control agent. To me this is disturbing as he basically shows that he can easily be manipulated by sex and that it was all part of some sinister master plan to ruin his reputation, another convenient explanation.

I've always felt that anyone charging for spiritual enlightenment is basically a fraud. Everyone has the right to earn a living and if one wants to write a book about their beliefs that is fine with me. However his website offers enlightenment through membership at a price. His theories and concepts are not backed by any evidence and very little research.

The book is basically a compilation of short chapters on various topics that all could have been gleaned from other sources. His life has been filled with various con artists trying to manipulate him for money and for the most part have been successful. His portrayal of a victim by the Government, secret organizations and manipulative con artists makes me suspicious of his motives and his sources.

On the other hand the book is interesting, without a doubt and because it is so short can be read in one sitting. As far as being insightful and revealing I have come across all the material in the book from other far more well researched books.

The Montauk Project is real and very interesting, however in the limited research I've done on this topic one has to search long and hard to find the Swerdlow connection.

I give the book a C+, on content and originality and would recommend it only if you have walked the dog, vacuumed the carpet, done the dishes and can't find anything on Hulu.

However I would like to say that through much research and my own personal beliefs that not all Reptilians and Illuminati should be considered evil or malevolent. That there is much evidence that both these groups are divided in philosophies and agenda. The book Blue Blood, True Blood is somewhat vague in who are the good guys and who are the bad, leaving the reader wondering if even the author knows . . .


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      A great book review Daniel. We have had Stuart Swerdlow in our home when he visited us in 2012. He is the real McCoy.We are the distributors of his book in SA. I will share this post on our publishing Facebook page.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Of course, I agree to a point . . . it seems you have a very good grasp on many of the topics I'm interested in. Currently I'm plodding through the Keys of Enoch (J.J. Hurtak, 1977) hoping the knowledge will at least plant a seed that I will understand at a later point.

      From my understanding the Reptilians have been removed from our 3rd dimensional existence, yet their influence remains entrenched in The Powers That Be's philosophy of power organization. So it is somewhat problematic for enlightened members of our society to undermine that power structure and develop a new paradigm.

      Of course if and when Ascension takes place may make creating a new paradigm no longer necessary . . . your thoughts?

    • profile image

      Le Chat 

      6 years ago

      The Hermaphroditic obsession of reptilians is seen also in their checker-board floors they love to include so much, also perhaps known as Masonic floors. Black and White tiles.

      A stupid reptiles idea of universal harmony. exact number of black and white squares on a chess board. (equal amount of good and evil within their actions-which is just actually evil with good deeds , like donating to charities once in a while, to ease their bothered conscience)

      Not really much aesthetic sense either. Paint something with equal amounts of black and white, not much their to look at. You need all the other colours their too, and not in equal amounts either, but in a true harmonious way to get a really good "picture."

      But these reptilian would never understand that so they end up getting frustrated with their little "balanced" "perfect" order and blow up often. Committing their violent acts and all to ease their overly-repressed limited mental capacity. Big brains, little common-sense and true spirit of wisdom, harmony, and aesthetics.

      Pitiful creatures full of self-pity and hatred, projecting their own inferiority unto others.

      Prideful reptilian monsters?

      As don Juan Matus said in Carlos Castaneda's books: Self-importance is nothing but Self-pity in disguise.

      We humans, especially Jesus Christ, is what reptilians envy and hate, we have a more balanced creative intelligence which they wish to make as robotic as their own. "If I can't be like them, I'll smash them down," says the lizard. Pathetic Borg-Dalek-Robot-brainiac lizards.

      Their idea of God is a Black and White (soul-less) Machine.

      As humans we're like Superman having succumbed to CRAPtonite. Believing the B.S. they've fed us to curb our true potential.

      Once we realize our TRUE origins (as Children of Light/God) they'll be like the ultimately powerless Lex Luther with the big brain standing before Superman.

      They can't think outside the Box (the Matrix) true Humans CAN think outside the Box (God-given REAL Creativity).

    • profile image

      Le Chat 

      6 years ago

      the proper term for a being with both male and female sex organs is a hermaphrodite, which is what reptilians are said to be... Also applies to people with muddled sexualities.

      As opposed to a someone who is Androgynous which is what all true Extra Terrestrial (inorganic) beings are. Which is a proper balance of masculine and feminine forces within a being. Unlike hermaphrodites, a true androgynous being looks more like the T200 or Silver Surfer or radiant humanoid being made of brilliant light or some such other form.

      Being purely spiritual beings, why would they need "sex" organs? Thus a pure androgynous being's "sexless" appearance.

      In a human, the androgynous state is just that aforementioned, masculine/feminine, Yin-Yang balanced state. Union with one's personal Angel, the Holy Wedding of Christos-Sofia, etc.

      Of course, since reptilians are sexually obsessed, they did become more of a Hermaphrodite. Like their Baphomet symbol with the hermaphrodite goat-man-woman. THEIR ideal balance of male and female, yin-yang.... but not really ideal. Their ideal is actually a confusion and distortion of proper harmonious balance and self-integration.

      Johnathan Zap in Zap Oracle describes the difference between Hermaphrodite and Androgynous better than I, perhaps.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Now, or yesterday for that matter.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Agreed when do we start or do we have to live in Idaho?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The real point is that we the people own our government we just forgot this somewhere along the way. If we stopped all bank function, credit card transaction, and ceased tax payments for just three months, the government as well as the economy would shift. It may take a nose dive but it would remind the almighty where they lack power.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I think that all internal debts (US citizens) should be forgiven and wiped clean. This could be a giant bailout program and a way to stimulate the economy. After all the Government prints its own money why shouldn't we?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh well for sure, I would phrase it as a malfunction or malformation of such. Unless double duty is what they aimed for. I don't get the cloning thing really it is not a religious matter rather than I do not believe that cloning an entire person is really necessary. Unless you want to live forever which I don't, but to clone vital organs would be nice, or limbs. I just think we are so financially fuct as a nation right now maybe we should really focus on getting our ass out if debt, or the space program before this science project. And off the soap box again....

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I guess my thoughts on the matter is could this be done through DNA manipulation or cloning?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have an almost OCD type of attitude when it comes to reading and finishing novels. One of Kings popular subjects is the alien/virus themes, it is reminding me of Dream Catcher and the Cell in a way.

      If you find them I will take a look...Red Tube might have the uncensored version although it may not be intended for the topic.

      She males, as I understand and think about, which why I do not know. But in a surgery or cosmetic surgery standpoint as well as knowing a few trans and drags, it is easier to implant breasts than the other. And I have known some men that can portray a woman's figure quite well, hourglass figure and such, so to do a breast implant would be far easier than an "extension" I guess, or the other of being born with both. I have no idea why I think about it, I just do.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Well, I read The Stand at least twenty years ago, when it first came out whenever that was. The sci-fi novel it reminds me of is Earth Abides about a guy who survives a similar virus scenario. I will endeavor to find the links so you can freak out.

      The YT video (isn't interesting that you tube abbreviation spells whitey) anyway . . . the YT video has all the sexual stuff blocked out but I can send you an X-rated link so you can watch it yourself without everything blocked out if I can find it.

      You have to know what to look for or you will miss it and you have to be able to slow the videos down.

      As far as she/males go I always assumed it was done through operations but am now not so sure. It just looks so 'natural'

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't know somethgblue, that sounds like the twilight zone stuff. And this is on you tube?

      I still can't put a definition on she=males.

      Of course I will check it out and freak myself out, that is what I do in the name of truth. Got to admit that is some far out ideals, but I know anything is possible for I have seen some pretty crazy shit myself. (No not that, yet.)

      Off the subject I am reading The Stand, and can't stop thinking what other story it mirrors, which one, it is driving me crazy. I will read it regardless. I don't know what it is about King, weird shit comes to play when I read any of his novels, as well as crack into a level of creativity that is far out in left field. See, it is already happening, I am about to watch reptiles get it on...

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      and when you see the videos it will truly freak you out as these Reptilian types use sex as one of their main tools. Now I don't know if you have seen many sex videos but they can ben seen most often in the he/she videos, the woman with penises.

      Transgender is what they call it, but in these videos you will see 'humans' with really long arms and jaw bones that are VERY flexible and if you slow down the videos you can actually see claws where hands should be and abnormal body parts. You'll see ridged foreheads and backbones and unusual feet.

      Then when you start thinking about old sex partners and some of the unusual things that happened it kind of freaks you out even more.

      What I didn't put in the article is they use telepathic mind control to enhance sex while blocking out any unusual events during sex.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Does sound like an interesting theory and your review was very thorough with great links to answer readers questions.

      With that being said, I will have to wonder into you tube and looky loo around for some more information. The shape shifter thing has caught my immediate attention.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Why would I mind . . . I agree that the truth stands alone without a doubt of course arriving at the truth is the difficult part.

      The difficult part about Reptilians is that we all instantly think of lizards, with scales and serpent eyes. However how many people have you noticed in your life that have reptilian features, beady eyes and unusual mannerisms.

      One could have reptilian DNA and yet look predominantly human, there are many YT videos of shape shifters caught on camera and that stuff is really weird.

      It wasn't that great of a book but was definitely interesting!

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 

      9 years ago

      "Most people are still not willing to accept or even entertain the idea that hybrid Reptilians are in control of this planet..." Hmmm, I guess that includes me too. Reptilians ruling the world? It seems unfathomable! But knowing that we have been (and are still being) fed a whole lot of lies about almost everything, means there's a lot to 'unlearn'. Keeping an open mind also helps :D

      The book seems to be quite interesting. I would definitely read it (after having walked the dog, vacuumed the carpet, done the dishes and not finding anything on Hulu haha!)

      Circular argumentation is pointless. If nobody is right, then everybody is wrong. However, a lot of people like to say, "Truth is Subjective," which means several people can have different versions of "Truth" and still be right. No matter how one looks at it, it is more plausible that truth is objective. There is one truth, and whether someone believes in it or not, that one truth will always exist. For instance, if someone does not believe in that gravity exists, it does not mean gravity will cease to exist. If nobody is right, then everyone is wrong - but people's arguing and bickering about the Truth is not going to change or affect the Truth itself...

      Voted across all the buttons (I like doing that, hope you don't mind :P)

    • aslaught profile image


      9 years ago from Alabama

      Interesting hub. Well written. Not sure how much I believe/disbelieve, but an interesting read.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      True, however since his sources are not revealed then the same could be said about any source, Reptilian, the Bible, Jesus, our Government and the list goes on and on . . . not much of an argument.

      If nobody is right then everyone is wrong so believe what you will, hmmm? A circular argument that goes nowhere and everywhere.

      Since truth is the key and what one believes ultimately must come down to what one feels to be correct, then only your or my opinion matters . . . does this leave any room for intelligent discussion or just he said/ she said?

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 

      9 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      There is a major supposition, and a truth-killing fallacy in all this. One must assume that the people from Lyrae (who one New Ager calls the original source of the word "Liar", as being one from Lyra, a Lyran) are telling the truth when they relate these stories of populating planets.

      I am writing a hub to further detail my response.


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