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Born Again: The Limericks of Régis by Regis Auffray

Updated on August 1, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content-sharing websites. She's the author of 12 books and helps other authors publish theirs.

Limericks are considered "non-sense" poetry and they are an acquired taste because they are not "real", gut wrenching poetry. Nevertheless, limericks are an art form and they can be just as effective as "real" poetry.

With a specific style, rhythm, flow, and syllable count they can be a challenge to master even for a poet who has written endless poems of other poetic styles and genres. For poet Regis Auffray writing limericks is a breeze. At the very least that is what it seems like when I read his limerick creations. They appear effortless, are masterful and written with taste.

While limericks are considered "non-sense" poetry Regis's limericks are not "non-sense" at all. There is truth behind the words he writes as these fun poems are written from personal experiences, and from the people he's come across in his lifetime. Reading his limericks one will surely be left with some food for thought, while also being affected in a positive way, and that is a mark of a truly talented poet and writer. You'll laugh, smile, sing for joy, and feel happy and carefree. You will be inspired. And if you are down or feel empty you will see your spirits lifted and find yourself renewed.

For a while now I have been encouraging Regis Auffray to write and publish a poetry book. With my endless persistence, help, and guidance that has finally happened. His first book of poetry is finally here titled "Born Again: The Limericks of Régis" and I am thrilled and honored to have been a part of its birth and release to the world.

5 stars for Born Again: The Limericks of Régis
Born Again: The Limericks of Régis by Regis Auffray
Born Again: The Limericks of Régis by Regis Auffray

Born Again: The Limericks of Régis

Born Again: The Limericks of Régis is a book of poetry that features a collection of limericks that will put a smile on your face, a bounce in your step, and joy and laughter in your heart... It is a real treat and a great stepping stone for Regis Auffray's career as a published poetic author.

When you read this wonderful collection of limericks you just may find yourself between the lines. You may even come across a limerick or two written about you. How is that possible? It is possible because the things he writes about are things that stem from experiences readers can relate to in some way.

I will admit that I was not a huge limerick fan in the past but thanks to Regis Auffray my perception of limericks has changed. I have his book in my possession and it is a real treat that always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel happy whenever I read the poetry inside. I have managed to find some limericks that I have inspired, and that is a huge honor for me. Even just holding the book, and not reading a word, instantly makes me feel better. And the book cover, which I helped pick out, inspires me beyond words. Perhaps the same will hold true for you.

I give this book 5 stars! It is definitely worth the time and the read. But don't take my word for it. Get your own copy and see for yourself just how delightful and wonderful this book really is.

Born Again: The Limericks of Régis
Born Again: The Limericks of Régis
A collection of limericks that will put a smile on your face, a bounce in your step, and joy and laughter in your heart...

Q & A with Regis Auffray

I was curious to find out more about Regis Auffray's book and his process of bringing it to life so I asked him some questions. Enjoy!

(1) Where do you draw inspiration from for your limericks?

From every day experiences and various people whom I may or may not have met in person. Sometimes a dream can also inspire "humorous" situations which lend themselves to be shared via a limerick. Others' poetry or stories can also "prod" me to write limericks.

(2) Is there truth to your limericks or is it merely fiction?

See my answer to the first question.

(3) What is the process like when it comes to writing limericks?

For me, limericks just seem to basically write themselves if the situation is right.

(4) What made you turn to writing limericks and when did you start writing them?

I started writing limericks when I was teaching. There were a lot of incidents (and people) who made me feel like writing about them via the limerick genre... ...mostly for humor but also for satirical reasons.

(5) Are there any (limerick) poets that inspire you?

I would say that Edward Lear probably has but once I knew the form of the limerick, I just needed my own inspiration because it is not a very difficult poetic genre to express.

(6) What is the meaning behind the phrase "Born Again" in the title of your book?

The limerick is often known to be crude and ribald. I consider mine "born again" because I attempt to keep them in good taste at all times.

(7) Born Again: The Limericks of Regis Auffray is your first limerick and poetry book. What was the experience like working on the book - writing, editing, etc.?

Writing was easy and I learned that even though I thought I had edited everything before the actual printing of the book. I now know that a writer should edit, edit, and edit again and also involve someone else in the process of reading over the writing before publishing, if possible. I got a lot of help with the actual formatting and actual final preparation from you, Lena.

(8) Can you offer any advice to those who want to turn to writing limerick poetry and publishing a book?

Make sure that you actually get a "feel" for the limerick form because otherwise, it is not a limerick. If a situation "grabs you" as appropriate for a limerick (and that should happen often), write it down or record it. A small digital recorder under my pillow had been a real help.

(9) How does it feel to be a published author with a book to your name?

Well, the limerick is basically a "nonsense poetry" genre so I don't consider it a very important feat. However, it is a pleasure to be able to share with others an actual book with my "stuff" in it.

(10) Any plans to write and publish any more poetry books and if so what kind of poetry will you feature?

I have enough material of more serious poetry to be able to put together at least two or three more books. The themes would be more to do with nature, relationships etc.

Are you a fan of limericks?

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