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Chapter 19

Updated on April 13, 2015

Hidden In Plain sight


Chapter 19 JR and George Researching T. gondii

JR called Curtis as Curtis was driving home. They agreed to meet at Jakes for great steaks. JR would bring George.

Just as Curtis pulls into his garage, his medallion alerted him that Daemon was watching. It was not what Curtis wanted. However, the knowledge that he knew Daemon was watching, provided Curtis an agenda of behaviors that would satisfy Daemon’s needs.

A quick shower, change of clothes, Curtis has about 30 minutes to relax before dinner with JR and George. Curtis turns on the TV. The first topic the anchor led in was, “‘UK, Greece and Spain economy must face new world order.” After details explaining the dire economics, the second topic was the comment by the Washington Times, “Obama’s new world order where President Obama is on a path toward establishing a one-world government. This is the warning of Christopher Monockton, a former major policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher...”

Curtis attention shifts from the TV to his thoughts perhaps individuals may attribute a select few leaders as being an organized “New World Order.” It could be something the media exaggerates because the idea sells. In any event, he needs to get that list of Daemon’s friends from JR. Daemon’s friends may encouraging him to believe that they are the leaders of the “New World Order.” This may suit their hidden agenda.

JR and George were already seated and waiting for Curtis. They were pleased with their first day at work. George said he would buy the drinks. He wanted “Wild Turnkey,” straight up. George asked Curtis if he wanted his milk warm. George was feeling great.

Curtis knew that George did not know what Curtis knew about Daemon. He did not know that Daemon could monitor them at will. Curtis felt the need to tell George not to say anything that would embarrass him if he knew Daemon had heard it: without tipping Daemon, he was telling George he was being watched.

Curtis told George, You know we cannot discuss what we do in public. Most activities done at the Mojave Air and Space Port and Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) are classified. There are always people watching and people watching the “watchers.” JR nodded approvingly to Curtis. George laughed and said as he raised his mid-finger, “Enjoy the show, whoever is watching.” Curtis and JR were aware Daemon was monitoring them.

It was going to be a challenge to communicate with George and obtain needed information without divulging classified information to him. Curtis made the best of the dinner and enjoyed the dinner.

Curtis asked George how he liked his new job. George responded with a hearty laugh, “Beats collecting cans.” Curtis could tell that George was simply enjoying the moment and was not wanting to talk “shop.” Curtis invited them to a game of pool. George asked Curtis, “You ready to get beat like a stepchild?” George seemed focused on Curtis. Curtis smiling, “Bring your leather and chains. Let’s play some pool.”

As Curtis was driving home, the medallion notified Curtis Daemon had stopped monitoring them. Curtis intended to take advantage of this. This why he invited JR and George over, hoping Daemon would stop watching them. Now he could compare notes with JR and George.

JR had made a mental summary of Daemon’s instructions to George and himself. Since he knew what Curtis knew, he could stitch together the big picture. He needed to talk to Curtis, but he could not let George become aware of his communication. Perhaps the evening would present an opportunity to be able to communicate with Curtis. He would be on the alert.

George challenged Curtis to play the first game of eight-ball with him. JR would play the winner to establish the “champion pool player of the evening.” As JR watched the well-matched game of pool, he began to formulate a plan to communicate to Curtis. JR announced would pay $100 to the winner. Hopefully Curtis would win and play JR.

They needed to talk.

JR wanted make sure George went to the bathroom while he was playing pool with Curtis. He asked George if he was ready for a “Hurricane, New Orleans style.” George asked, What’s that? JR replied it is 3 oz orange juice, plus 3 oz pineapple juice and 3 oz cranberry juice with 1½ oz white rum, 1½ oz Jamaican rum, and 1½ oz Bacardi 151 rum. George replied, “You are my kind of man.” JR thought, this is going to be easy. George would soon be drunk.

JR told George, “This tastes like punch, so go easy…” George pulls his arms back and sticks out his chest, “Why you giving me a “girls drink?” JR says he could put more booze in it, but does not want to take advantage of George when he plays him. George says he is not used to drinking with wimps. JR responds with, “George drink it and after you have finished, tell me what you think.”

George grabs the 16 oz eye-rolling back drink and swigs half down two gulps. Alarmed, JR admonished George to, “Take it easy.” George starts singing country western and making wild shots. He lost to Curtis.

Curtis knew what JR was doing. He needed to talk to JR. George racked the balls for Curtis and George and excuses himself to the men’s room.

Curtis speaking quickly and quietly asked JR, You have the list?” JR replies, “He has the list, but it is almost useless. It only has first names. The names may not be their real names. There are no addresses, no clues to enable contact, or find out who they are. There is no way of determining what the list is for, or what it represents.”

Daemon is clever indeed. Curtis tells JR to cross-reference the names with Daemon’s data banks. JR says he has and received no hits. He would try different methods to identify Daemon’s friends.

JR told Curtis that Daemon is having them to determine the best process to insert T. gondii into cats. Daemon told them that he is researching a process that will eradicate T. gondii.

Curtis told JR, “Clever idea, to tell you to research for the best vaccine serum to insert T. gondii into cats, to hide the fact he really is using humans.”

Curtis told JR to keep an eye on George. He was like a loose cannon on deck. George came back in the room singing George Strait song, “Living for the Night.” He was feeling no pain. He was happy. He did not care who was winning. Mission accomplished. He was feeling no pain.

George drawled he is “being paid big bucks to be a veterinarian. He hates cats. What is the big deal about T. gondii ? Fifty percent of Americans has it. Every warm-blooded creature has been infected, or can be infected. It has changed the world. An example is France. France has over 90% human infection rates. T. gondii infections changes their women to applying lots of attention to themselves- you know, lots of make-up, jewelry, perfume, and stuff, flirty, and promiscuous. What is bad about that? Their men are pigs, ruffians, aggressive, and dirty – so what? Maybe that is why the English call them frogs.”

JR and Curtis exchanged glances. JR tells George it is time to go home. George looking at Curtis, “I think Daemon really is working on humans and using cat research as a cover. Why all the secrecy?” JR replies, “He has no idea, let’s go home.”

George raises both arms straight out says he, “…cannot tell that he has had any drinks, he has a hollow leg.” Curtis and JR agrees he has a “hollow leg.” George burst out laughing as he gets into JR’s car. George tells JR, “You guys are a bunch of women. You can’t hold your liquor.”

Curtis thought, “I wonder what George would do on a Friday night? He acts like this on a Monday night?” It was time to go to bed.


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