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Chapter 21

Updated on July 18, 2015

T. gondii - Parasite Changes Human Behaviors

No Cure !!!!
No Cure !!!! | Source

T. gondii - Parasite Changes Human Behaviors

Chapter 21 Daemon: Missing

Curtis slowly walked into his office at work on a rainy Wednesday morning. Something was different. The Marine guards at the tunnel entrance guard shack seemed tense. The same driver that drove the van from the guard entrance of the tunnel to Curtis’ office looked different. Daemon did not respond to calls. It was strangely silent. Curtis could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand up…

Curtis asked the computer for a status report. No response. The silence was deafening. Curtis walked out of his office and down the halls. None of the doors would open. He heard a phone ringing behind a door. Curtis had no idea behind which door was Daemon’s office. He had never been out of his office.

Exploring the Facility

Curtis was not being monitored by Daemon. Perhaps this would be the time to explore the complex. If Daemon came in, or he was suddenly being monitored, he had a good explanation that he was trying to locate Daemon because his computer would not work and he did not return Curtis’ calls.

Curtis began to walk away from the tunnel entrance door down the hall. Curtis began to think about where were the personnel that worked on Daemon’s legitimate Experiments flying weapons platforms. He had only seen Daemon’s “assistants.” Curtis knew the “need to know” basis that Daemon worked under and had never asked. Daemon obviously had a legitimate need for this facility or the government would not have provided it for him. What was really going on? Was Daemon involved with the experimental flying weapons program? What was his official capacity? He had to be an Air Force General, because security would not have granted him access through the front gate of Edwards Air Force Base; let alone the two-armed Marine guards stationed at the entrance to the tunnel of the Facility.

Deep in thought, Curtis staring straight ahead thought he heard a humming sound coming from the distance directly in front of him. He would check it out. Looking ahead, Curtis saw an apparent dead end. As Curtis neared the dead end, he noticed the hall went both ways. He was at the intersection of the “T.”

Curtis knew that right-handed people always went right when in doubt and that most people are right-handed. He turned left. He was not sure the sound was coming from this hall. After walking about 100’, the humming sound was louder. He was either coming to a dead-end, or another “T” hall intersection. He listened. The humming sound stopped.

Undaunted, Curtis proceeded to walk straight ahead. He would explore as much as possible. It was a dead-end. Puzzled, Curtis stopped and turned around listening. Nothing. Dead silence. Nobody was around.

None of the smooth metal doors had doorknobs. All were electrical operated. Curtis had no choice. He began to walk back to the “T” intersection and go the opposite direction just to explore where that hall went.

Within fifty feet going down the new hall, the humming sound started again. It sounded like it was coming from direct ahead. It was a smooth electric motor whine kind of muffled sound. Nearing the dead-end of the hall, the sound stopped. Puzzled, Curtis turned around and stood still, listening. He waited over five minutes. The humming sound was not episodic, or cyclical in starting or stopping. Perhaps it was the air condition machinery.

Curtis decided it was time to go back to his office. Curtis asked his computer again for a possible vaccine serum summary. No response. There were no landline phones available and Curtis cell phone would not work in the Facility. Curtis decided to go home. He would try to contact Daemon from his home.

Where Did Everyone Go?

His driver did not appear when he approached the tunnel exit door. He waited. The small personnel door was open. He walked the one half mile to the front of the tunnel entrance to his car. The personnel door closed behind him. Curious, Curtis tried to open. He could not get back in. He was locked out. The two Marine guards were gone. Wow! This was a major event. What is happening? He had better get off the base while he could. The Air Force Military Police waved him through at the Edwards Air Force Gate. He was out. Curtis contacted JR via his special contact lens. Daemon could not trace, or be aware of, or to monitor this form of communication. Curtis had designed a form of communication that did not exist.

Curtis simply asked JR to come for “Happy hour.” JR responded he would. Both knew that JR’s office cameras might monitor JR actions and words. It was still early morning. Curtis needed to know what had happened to the Facility and to Daemon. Perhaps JR could tap into Daemon’s quantum computer network and get the truth.

Breaking News

Curtis placed another call to Daemon. No answer. Relaxing at home, Curtis turns on the TV and checks the all-news channels. There were headlines about the Israeli government conducting a search and destroy of Iran’s nuclear research facilities. There were no photographs; just the “Breaking News.”

Curtis, pouring a glass of V8 and settling back into his reclining chair began to fit the pieces together. Daemon’s legitimate experimental flying platforms were involved. How and in what capacity did not matter. Curtis knew Daemon was involved. The Marine Guards at the Facility somehow knew something serious was going on when Curtis was waved through to go to his office this morning. That is why they were not there when he left. The Facility had closed it down.

Curtis checked the websites. There was not much more detail than the headlines just released. Curtis knew there never would be a known connection between the Israeli attack on Iran and the involvement of the US. It was standard operating procedure.

Curtis smiled when he remembered when his old Air Force boss told him even if the government were in bed with a known hooker, the government would always deny. Always leave room for “plausible denial.”

JR came in the living room. Curtis poured him a cold V8. They both enjoyed V8 juice. Curtis told JR what had happened. Curtis asked JR if he could get into Daemon’s quantum computer network and find out what Daemon really was doing. JR said he would.

JR told Curtis, “I have not yet been able to get a list of Daemons friends, or to find out who they really are. Daemon is really good at double encrypting things. He is a master of hiding things in plain sight.”

Curtis knew what JR was talking about. During the Six Day War when the Israelis fought their war, Curtis would read the decrypted traffic. It seemed to be perfectly normal battlefield summaries, but the true meanings were known only those who needed to know. Curtis had seen the same thing reading the Vietnam War Top Secret communications. The body count thing was the big deal then. It was always double encrypted to enable only those who needed to know would be able to understand the facts. The facts were hidden in plain sight, but only those that needed to know, knew.

Curtis knew by double encrypting, even with the best computers could decrypt into plaintext, the sentences did not mean what was apparent. The Bible used the same old trick. When the Prophets told parables to the masses, they had a hidden meaning for the “enlightened” leaders.

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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Fiction: based upon actual events... this is a rough draft. Now being edited.

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      You had me at V8, very thought provoking read, thanks so much for the stimulating Chapter 21