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Chapter 27 - Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma Hide in Plain Sight

Updated on April 13, 2015

Top Secret - Hide In Plain

Now available at Amazon, or my website...
Now available at Amazon, or my website... | Source

Top Secret - Hide In Plain Sight

Rough Draft

Chapter 27 Top Secret - Hide In Plain Sight

Daemon was talking to the quantum computer in Curtis’ office as Curtis walked in. Daemon was saying to the computer, “Given your data base of existing second generation altered human unique brain patterns associated with every thought processes and attributes through neural decoding (mind reading) compared to my desired thought processes and attributes. I want simulations by this afternoon.” Daemon looking at Curtis with his all knowing smile said, “Decoding brain activity is all numbers, the trick is to get the right numbers.”

The computer interrupted Daemon with, Encoding is the term for the process by which a stimulus is transformed into a firing rate by a neuron. Decoding is the process of reconstructing the stimulus from the spikes produced by a given neuron. Do we agree on this definition?”

Daemon replied, “Now you are starting to think. We have done this before. Our second-generation altered humans utilize this process. I want an improvement on the accuracy readouts. Neuron decoding has become mainstream. Toys such as Mattel’s Mindflex™ and the Start Wars Force Trainer™ include brain-wave detection technology and are now readily available at local Target or Wal-Mart stores. We must stay ahead of everyone.”

Turning to Curtis, Daemon said, “What was once speculative fiction -- the ability to read minds and to control the movement of objects using thought alone, sometimes called mind-over-matter –- is rapidly becoming neuro-technological fact for everybody, even children.”

Curtis replies with, “You don’t fight with guns, you fight with their minds. Mind reading – formerly the stuff of science fiction and crystal gazers – is rapidly becoming science fact to reach your goals.” Daemon looking at Curtis, replies, “You are learning.”

Curtis began to think that perhaps Daemon was using mind monitoring on a mass scale to eliminate his “bad” people. Daemon must have a process of communication that enables him scan humans on a global basis.

Daemon excused himself. He said he had some important things to discuss about his Experimental Flying Weapons Platform Project. There were break-thru technologies that were being incorporated. It was an exciting time. Both of his projects were developing synergy.”

Curtis was busy researching when an altered human came in. Curtis knew he was an altered human because Curtis’ special contacts identified the man with his eyes glowing red. Curtis asked him, “Can I help you?” The altered man introduced himself as Brad and he wanted to thank Curtis for giving him that shot. He has felt much better since then.

Curtis was not sure why Brad was there, said, “Daemon is not here and I do not know where he is.” Brad replied, “I did not come to speak to Daemon. I came to speak to you. Brad explained he had volunteered to be part of General Daemon’s elite test pilots for the Experimental Flying Weapons Platform Program. Although most of the Experimental Flying Weapons Platforms were pilotless, the tour had been a huge learning curve and had been exciting. He was concerned about General Daemon’s Special Projects..

The hair stood on the back of Curtis’ neck. Steve’s conversation was going into a dangerous area. He did not know Brad. He did not know if he could trust him. Had Daemon ordered a security test? In areas of high security, Curtis had learned to do only what was instructed when instructed. There was no room for assumptions, or ad-lib. This could be a life or death exercise.

Brad walked directly in front of Curtis and said, “I know you are involved in General Daemon’s Special Projects. I know you can trust me. I obviously know I can trust you. I have taken a great risk to come here. Of course, you do not trust me. I understand it is not personal.”

Curtis on alert, but curious asked, “What happened to the Special Project Test Pilots before you? Where did they go?” Brad replied, “I was going to ask you the same question. It seems they all had untimely natural caused deaths. I am worried about my buddies and I.”

Curtis asked Brad how he had arrived at this conclusion. Brad replied, he and all of his fellow pilots had checked. They were alarmed. Was General Daemon trustworthy? Was the Special Project an official Government Project? Curtis knew he must be careful. Daemon could at any moment start watching him.

Curtis replied with a non-committal statement of they need to meet again. Curtis wanted JR to distract Daemon while he was talking to Brad. This would give Curtis and Brad a chance to explore further and established trust. He told Brad he would place a rock at the bottom of the last telephone pole going in the Edwards Air Force Base entrance the day it would be OK for him to walk into Curtis’ office. Brad said on the way out of Curtis’ office, “Do not wait too long.”

Curtis wanted to learn more about Daemon, such as where he lived, who his friends were, what he did for hobbies, and where he stored his Experimental Flying Weapons Platforms.

As soon as Curtis completed his workday, he called JR using his special contact lens. Curtis gave him an update about Brad and asked if he could devise a device, or process whereby he could follow Daemon. JR said he would have something, or some way to follow Daemon by the end of the week. He agreed it would be great if the Special Project pilots worked with them. They could save their lives and the Special Project Pilots, also known as (AKA) altered humans could assist them in their efforts to stop Daemon.

JR would arrange a meeting ASAP with Daemon and let him know what day it would be to enable Curtis to meet with Brad without fear of being under surveillance.

Curtis had fallen asleep watching American Idol when his cell phone rang. It was JR and he had arranged a meeting with Daemon Wednesday morning. Curtis thanked JR and called it a night.

JR driving to work noticed a huge dark plume of smoke coming from the ground and extending far up into the sky. He noticed helicopters flying around the smoke. It was right in the area of the Scaled Composites rocket test facility. This was Burt Rutan's facility, and the home of Space Ship One and Virgin Galactic spacecraft development.

JR called Curtis and informed him of what he saw. Curtis had seen on TV, just before he left for work that two people were killed. It had nothing to do with Daemon’s projects. Daemon’s projects were more advanced and did not require chemical explosion for propulsion. Most of Daemon’s Experimental Flying Weapons Platforms were electromagnetically, or force-field-gravity lens propelled.

Daemon entered Curtis’ office and immediately requested the quantum, computer results of the simulations he requested this morning of the data base of existing second generation altered human unique brain patterns associated with every thought processes and attributes through neural decoding (mind reading) compared to his desired thought processes and attributes. Daemon looking at Curtis said, “The computer should have this completed, numbers are basic to computers. Decoding brain activity is all numbers; the trick is to arrive at the right numbers.”

The computer indicated it was producing a printed copy of the findings. The results are from the recorded brain activity from the second generation altered human brainwave inputs. The inputs are from nine distinct brain regions of interest previously implicated in decision-making and segregated local spatially distributed signals in each region from global differences in signal. Using a multivariate analysis approach, it was determined the extent to which global and local signals could be used to decode human subsequent behavioral choice, based on their brain activity on the preceding trial. These findings implicate a specific network of regions in encoding information relevant to subsequent behavioral choice.

Daemon impatiently began to pace in the area of the 3D hologram display from the quantum computer snapped, “What does all of this mean?”

The printer immediately printed a report indicating the concept and the methods of neural decoding have been originally developed to study the quantitative relationship between neural activity and sensory stimuli (or behavior) in computational and information theoretic terms. Neural decoding is achieved by learning the mapping from brain activity to stimulus or behavioral parameters using statistical learning algorithms. Neural networks act like a black box providing little insight into how decisions are made. The knowledge of a neural network is represented at a sub symbolic level and hence is very difficult for a human user to comprehend.

Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) is a form of functional neuro imaging that is capable of extracting EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no contacts or electrodes required. It has been developed by the NSA. NSA has the capability to decode this data to extract sub vocalizations, visual and auditory data. In effect, it allows access to a person's thoughts without their knowledge or permission.

Daemon was red-in-the-face when he exploded, “All I want to know is how to modify the given neural activity to the desired neural activity. I do not want to know how to fix the watch; I want to know what time it is.”

The printer started a new report. Current research on neuron-behavior correlations has used differences in choice probabilities between different sub-populations or in different tasks (rather than simply the existence of choice probabilities) to infer different roles for groups of neurons in different contexts. It is not currently possible to correlate a given set of numbers, or wave patterns that will predict with accuracy a given behavior.

Daemon looked at Curtis with a pained expression. “Curtis are you doing any better with this quantum 3D computer? It is like trying to extract hen’s teeth. I want a simple answer.” Curtis smiles at Daemon and responds, “You are too smart for the computer.” Daemon grunts, “I hate computers.”

Curtis needed to talk to Daemon about his “friends and/or supporters.” Curtis asked Daemon, “I if he trusted his friends that were contributing to his efforts to eliminate bad people for his global efforts for a New World Order. He was concerned his “friends” may be using him for their own secret agenda.”

Daemon said, “Let me worry about that.” Curtis pressed Daemon further with, “As soon as you provided them with the process and ability that would enable them to achieve their goals, you are expendable.”

Daemon paused, with a look of concern, said, “I am very careful with what they know. You and I have ridden this pony many times. My friends are giving only information they need to know. I know and understand the possible risks involved and that I may be expendable. I am playing both ends against the middle. I need their money. They need their stated goals and perhaps their hidden agendas achieved. It is similar to dancing with a bear. As long as I am leading, no problem. My challenge is not to let the bear lead. It would be disastrous.”

Curtis asked Daemon, “How could he and his friends achieve a harmonious relationship when apparently nobody trusted the other.” Daemon smiled. Curtis realized Daemon planned to eliminate his “friends” when he did not need them.

Curtis thought he would be expendable if Daemon gets his perfected altered humans before Curtis can stop or destroy Daemon. Curtis walking up to Daemon and putting his hand on his shoulder asked Daemon, “If he had considered producing an antidote for T. gondii? There may be a possibility Daemon may need the antidote for unintended consequences of T. gondii infection. Had he considered taking the shot to ensure he did not develop schizophrenia should he become infected with T. gondii?” Surprisingly, Daemon told Curtis, “Start researching for a process that would kill T. gondii. It is better to be prepared.”

Curtis asked Daemon if he wanted to be checked for T. gondii. Daemon replied, “Yes.” Curtis took a blood sample from Daemon and told him he would give him the results tomorrow. Daemon shaking his head said, “You make life complicated and left the office.”

Curtis wanted to devote as much time as possible to research the resonant frequency approach to destroy T. gondii with a specified resonant frequency that would destroy T. gondii. Curtis had permission to develop an antidote to T. gondii for himself and Daemon.

Time was of the essence. Curtis wanted to save Brad and his altered friends before it was too late. He must ask the computer more questions. Curtis knew to stop Daemon he needed to know more than how to eradicate T. gondii. He must develop a method, or process that would globally eradicate T. gondii.

The quantum 3D computer had selected Cobalt 60 as possible candidate. It was time to get an update. Curtis instructed the quantum 3D computer for Cobalt60 update. A new print out indicated humans could not safely be irradiated with Cobalt-60. The radiation damage from a global transmission of Cobalt-60 would kill more people than it would save. More research.

Curtis was disappointed. Cobalt-60 had appeared initially as a prime candidate to eradicate T. gondii. Curtis needed more research to be able to destroy T. gondii on a global basis. Standing in front of the 3D display, Curtis instructs the quantum computer to produce a simulation of the frequency destruction process of T. gondii.

Curtis collected the computer printed summary. The bonds between adjacent protein molecules in the lipid-protein membranes are generally hydrogen bonds and these are relatively weak chemical bonds. Treat each protein clump (molecule) in the cell wall as a simple harmonic oscillator. The center of mass is like a steel ball with two elastic cords attached to it and that the cords are attached to the ceiling and floor respectfully. When the ball is under tension and is pulled back and then released, the ball will oscillate back and forth at some constant frequency. If the tension is now increased in the cords and the ball is again pulled back and let go, the ball will again oscillate back and forth at a higher frequency.

In fact, the frequency of oscillation will vary approximately proportional to the square root of the tension in the cords for small displacements from equilibrium of the ball. It reminded Curtis when he was a child he would jump up and down on his bed. When he swung his arms up as he was going up, he went higher. In a high school gym, he remembered hitting the ceiling because of his repeated jumping and swinging his arms up as he went higher after each jump from the trampoline.

It was the same principle for T. gondii cells. This type of oscillation mode puts maximum tension or stress on the weak hydrogen bonds holding the protein clumps to each other. At some relatively small displacement amplitude, the hydrogen bonds will fail and the cell wall coat will disintegrate. T. gondii will explode like little hand grenades when they were exposed to their mortal oscillation rate (MOR).

The intensity (energy / area / time) increases to the fourth power of the peak-to-peak driving voltage. For example, if the peak to peak voltage of a sine wave driving voltage is doubled, the sine wave pressure wave output intensity is increased by a factor of 16 = (2)(2)(2)(2). He had acquired the required frequency.

This was a beginning. Curtis needed to explore the feasibility to globally eradicate T. gondii. He needed to know if it was feasible to transmit this known resonating frequency with enough power via stationary satellites to eradicate T. gondii.

Curtis would build a prototype transmitter and irradiate with the specified frequency and power, a mouse that tested positive for T. gondii. After irradiation, if the mouse tested negative for T. gondii infestation, the resonating frequency and power settings worked.

Curtis decided to take a huge risk and treat Daemon with his known antidote of chemotherapy. The resonating frequency at this unproven point was too risky to be applied to a human, even to Daemon. If Daemon were killed, he would never know who his supporting friends were. He had to eliminate all of the tentacles by killing the octopus. This would stop the attempt to establish a “New World Order.”


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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Then you know... It is an area with Top Secret: Hide in Plain Sight... There are huge underground installations there.. Some would qualify as "Cities..." Being edited... Thanks!

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      Wow my friend, you are really writing this deep Si Fi book, love it, however the most fascinating to me, is my Dad worked twenty years at Edwards Air Force Base. Great read, what a powerful interactive book. Thumbs up