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Cheap, 99 cent Vampire/Fantasy Books Like Twilight, and other Supernatural Series

Updated on March 24, 2011
The beautiful artwork of "Somber Island" by T. Lynne Tolles is a perfect example of the imaginitive, striking worlds encaptured in supernatural novels.
The beautiful artwork of "Somber Island" by T. Lynne Tolles is a perfect example of the imaginitive, striking worlds encaptured in supernatural novels. | Source

Quality Novels At A Cheap Price For The Fantasy Reader

If you are a fan of books like the popular Harry Potter or Twilight series, or more adult oriented series, you will be happy to know that books such as these fantasy novels are available for only 99 cents.

Many people do not know that they can, for all intents and purposes, get a free Amazon Kindle. By using the free downloadable application, users can turn their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, and many other devices into a Kindle reading platform for free.

After using this application for the device of their choice, readers are then open to the wide world of 99 cent Kindle books. At your fingertips with only a click, these exciting novels are available in an instant. No more waiting at the bookstore, or driving across town to satisfy your craving for a good book.

With this application, it is possible to experience all of those fantasy novels you love, and maybe a few naughty reads too! The Kindle application makes it easy for users to read books that they might not have had the courage to buy at the bookstore, and for readers to indulge in their guilty supernatural and fantasy pleasures.

Review For "Somber Island"

I purchased this book instantly through the free Kindle application for the PC. It is also available for the Mac, Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, Droid, and many others.

"Somber Island" starts off strong, weaving a tale about a young woman who leads a lonely life, as the servant for her family. Phoebe MacIntire has a horrible father, who blames her for the death of her mother as well as his poor financial state. When she was young, she contracted polio and the cost of her medical bills nearly bankrupted the family. Her sisters are paraded around as jewels, and her greedy father dotes on them, ready for the dowry's that they will earn him upon their marriage. All in all, she has a tough existence, and it doesn't get any better upon the opening of the tale.

The reader is introduced to Phoebe and learns that her father has sold her to a man who lives across the Atlantic from her home in Scotland to Newfoundland. The author, T. Lynne Tolles, does a horrifically enthralling job of describing the harrowing, month long journey across the ocean packed inside the steerage level of the ship. The smells of the horrid odors of crammed bodies and their sicknesses leap from the page, and the reader truly sympathizes with Phoebe's plight.

Upon reaching the island where she will be a servant, Phoebe begins to learn that her master as well as the grounds that she keeps holds many secrets, and a long history of tragedy.

Some of the reasons I enjoyed this book is because it only cost $2.99, and the author has an enjoyable rhythm to her writing, full of vivid descriptions. Although this book only costs about 3 bucks, it delivers for the money, and provides a well written story for the reader to get lost in.

The ending may not be enjoyable to some, but I will not give it away. All in all, I found this story to be a good journey, and well written. Early on, the reader will side themselves with Phoebe, and hope that she finds happiness and peace.

This book is definitely worth reading, and the reader will find themselves on an enjoyable journey through an artfully crafted historical romance by T. Lynne Tolles.

Savor these low priced, high quality, hand picked fantasy books.
Savor these low priced, high quality, hand picked fantasy books.

Vampires, Faeries, and Werewolves

Reading about the supernatural can be very fascinating. Readers can become enthralled with stories about beautiful creatures and different worlds, and reading these types of books can be a great way to fantasize and relax.

Fantasy and supernatural themed books house a world of mystery, romance, and excitement, and allows the reader to imagine a place where the rules of the real world do not apply. While some may argue that this is escapism, it can also be a harmless way to experience the delights of the unknown.

With characters like Jacob and Edward of the Twilight series, many people may find themselves strangely attracted to these works of fiction. The allure of the vampire, as well as other supernatural creatures, is a common theme. With a certain dark sexual appeal, these characters and novels give a reader a taste of darkness while allowing the reader to stay completely safe and sound.

Although these books are part of large trend right now, authors have been experimenting with the same subject matter for hundreds of years. It seems that readers will always enjoy a good tall tale, and never tire of the fantasy elements contained within novels of this type.

Today, faerie, vampire, werewolf, and other subjects are hot topics. Writers are inspired by other tales, and a unique supernatural universe is created with each novel written.

Fans become very loyal to their favorite author, but still remain open to new releases and other series. Many readers are able to give advice about the type of books they read, and the ones that they enjoy travel through word of mouth.


Hand Picked Vampire Novels

There is a link between vampires and sex appeal; in some novels, the mystery and allure also comes with a power able to draw their victims in with a "glamour." This is the cover of a popular, low priced erotica vampire novel.
There is a link between vampires and sex appeal; in some novels, the mystery and allure also comes with a power able to draw their victims in with a "glamour." This is the cover of a popular, low priced erotica vampire novel. | Source

Tips for picking ebooks

  • Don't hold back. It's only a 99 cent purchase, so why not purchase what you want? Don't worry about what others think of your reading selection. It's not up to them!
  • Remember, the Kindle makes it possible to aquire a collection of books. Don't be intimidated if you see an interesting book that is part of a larger series. With the Kindle, they are easy to get, and you will not have to do a lot of searching to track them down. This is a HUGE benefit over traditional books. Plus, a Kindle ebook series won't cost you and arm and a leg to finish the entire series!
  • Find a cozy place to read. When you are in a warm, comfortable spot, it will be easier for you to enjoy your reading experience. It also helps to chose a quiet area, free from distractions, and people who will constantly ask you, "So, what are you reading?"
  • See what others are reading. Friends can be a great source to find awesome books!
  • Check online guides and rating system to find high quality suggestions for books.
  • If you enjoy your read, you can purchase the book in paper format without any hassle. Although the kindle is extremely useful, many collectors like to keep their library up to date. If you still read paper, its admirable, and many are advocates that every home should have a library. This is especially true for households with children.


The Fey, books about Faeries

 People have been fascinated with the Fey for thousands of years, and have been writing about the beautiful, mysterious creatures of lore for just as long.

From beautifully woven tales from Ireland and classic settings, to books set in modern day cities, these tales offer us classis mythology entertwined with our new age tastes.

Part fantasy, part modern mythology, they appeal to our need to believe, or to wish for a more magic filled reality. Hearing tales about spellbinding kingdoms, faerie love trysts, and the ways of life for the fey can be very enticing for many readers. It is easy to get lost in these alluring tales, full of the features that make the faerie people so highly appealing.

Readers learn about the fae and their fear of iron, and customs of their culture. Authors craft supremely detailed environments, and spin highly believable emotional dramas. Love stories are a popular theme in faerie books, perhaps so successful because of our need to believe in a fairytale romance, with characteristics of a more love at first sight, magical love.

In these books, it is common for the heroine to be sucked out of her world and into the world of the fey, quickly learning about faerie kingdoms and their habit for mischief. While some of these stories follow the same vein, they are not boring to read. Each author brings a new twist to the table, and exotic, fun to read elements that breath life into the story.

If you like Twlight, you should read


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    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 

      6 years ago

      Lots of good recommendations - overwhelming really. Personally, I've very happy about this whole Kindle thing. I think it's great!

      I'm, also, a little bit of a fan of the Twilight series, although I've had trouble getting through the third book... looking forward to the movie!


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