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Coffee Shop Slang and Jargon.

Updated on February 21, 2013

Coffee shop culture.

Over the last few years coffee shops have sprung up all over the place, it's now a more popular place to meet up with a friend then the pub. Part of it's success is due to the sitcom friends, where the gang would all meet up and socialize in central perk.

The Sex and the City girls also liked to spend some of their time together gossiping over a soft beverage. When we look back just a few years before, the popular sitcom cheers was set in a bar and later came the spin off Frasier, which coincidentally featured a coffee shop.

Peoples lifestyles and attitudes to their choice of beverages and where they spend their time to socialise have significantly changed and coffee shops are cool.

5 of the big brands.

  • Coffee Republic.

  • MacDonalds.

  • Caffe Nero.

  • Costa Coffee.

  • Starbucks.


Coffee shop chains from around the world.

ATM coffee
Barista Lavazza
Blenz Coffee
Bourbon coffee
Cibo Espresso
Highlands coffee
J.Co Donuts
Old Town White Coffee
Robert Harris Coffee Roasters
New Zealand
UCC Ueshima coffee co

A few little known coffee facts.

Coffee is a term applied to the drink, the beans and the genus coffea which is part of the madder family.

There are over thirty species of genus, but we only use three of them.

  1. C. arabica
  2. C. canephora and
  3. C. liberica.

The coffee plants bloom fragrant white flowers but only for a few days.

It takes about five years to grow before a coffee tree can produce a full harvest.

The best places to grow coffee are:

  • Java
  • Sumatra
  • Arabia
  • India
  • Africa
  • West Indies
  • Central and South America

In 1972 the coffee industry in America was worth $1,200,000,000.

Caffeine is removed from coffee by treating it with chlorinated-hydrocarbon solvents before roasting.

The cultivation of coffee is believed to have begun in Arabia, near the Red Sea in 675 AD.

Quick Coffee quiz.

view quiz statistics

Coffee shop terms, the slag and translation.

Expert at making espresso
Espresso with semi-skimmed milk
Cake in a cup
Double cream and double sugar
The foam on espresso that is think, dense and golden
Two shots of coffee
Double cupping
useing to take-away cups to prevent hand burning
Double fun
Flavouring milk and coffee
Regular filter coffee
foamed milk not steamed
Large cup
Latte with frozen milk
Skinny and no fun
A long pull of espresso
Four shots of coffee
Small cup
Shot in the dark
A cup of drip and a shot of espresso
Semi-skimmed milk
Medium size cup
Three shots of coffee
Milk steamed not foamed
With whipped cream
With room
Not filling up the cup to the brim
With wings
To go

How do you drink yours?

How do you like to drink your coffee?

See results
27 monmouth street london uk:
27 Monmouth St, London, Greater London WC2H 9EU, UK

get directions

Voted one of the best coffee shops in the UK.


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