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Common House boy

Updated on June 25, 2015

Jeremiah began living with Mr and Mrs Martins when he was 10 years old and they saw him through primary school, he was a brilliant student and has the ambition to become a lawyer someday.

However, Mr and Mrs Martins feels otherwise, to them they have done their best because they have their own children to train in school and not a common house boy.

They have given him the greatest tool he need which is basic primary education so if any other thing should be added to what he has gotten then it should be to learn tailoring.

Jeremiah has no choice although he loved school but his parents could not afford sending him to school,they cannot afford his feeding so that was why they gave him out. He began learning tailoring and showed signs of a fast learner.

Mr and Mrs Martins has one addiction and its gambling though not the usual gambling but the advanced gambling which is considered a kind of game and otherwise known world wide as Lotto and all the members of their household are all addicted to playing lotto.

Luck always shined on them but the one that changed the course of their existence was a fortune won by Jeremiah.Winning of this magnitude brings nothing but joy but for the Martins and Jeremiah's family, the winning brought nothing but war.

Mr and Mrs Martins claimed that they are the right people to manage the money but 15 years old Jeremiah objects to that,he wants to keep his money or rather have his biological father manage and invest it for him.

As of this writing, four people including Mrs Martins has been buried while two others are in police custody.

Jeremiah's Father is willing to kill everyone for the money and Mr Martins who claimed that the money Jeremiah played the lotto with was money he stole from him is also like a bullet hitting every target.

..... ..... ...... ....... ....... .......... ......... .......... ....... ....... .................................................................

Quotes inspired by this story:

"Money is good but can turn a saint to a serpent"

"Until your friend becomes rich,you will never know his true colour."

"Don't consider your servant loyal until he make a fortune"

"Greed is not only when you eat the fattest meat and keep the bone,being stupid is greed"


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