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Creative Writing Sample, Misguided Thoughts

Updated on September 4, 2012
A beautiful desert sunset. This photo has not been enhanced which created a marvelous spectacle.
A beautiful desert sunset. This photo has not been enhanced which created a marvelous spectacle. | Source

Sample of Creative Writing

I’m not sure what to make of this hub, it was late one night and I began to write. I questioned if I should even publish it as it seems to lack direction and purpose. Nevertheless, I believe it is an interesting read if anything else. It makes you think, and if you listen, it may bring out your creative side. To start this Hub off, I pulled out a poem I had written about two years ago.

You walk to the edge of the earth to try and capture the entire spectrum of beauty as far as your eyes can see. Climbing the highest ridge you begin to dream and wonder if there is something greater than you. Being there in that moment seems almost too sweet to taste. Reaching the top looking out, you expect life to unfold as it lays in the grasp of your fingertips. Looking up it engulfs you as you stand motionless feeling the mystery and wonder that it holds. Taking the picture you realize that being there in that very second is what makes it so good. From the corners of the earth, to the deepest pit in our hearts, beauty exists everywhere.

What does life mean to you? It’s a question that many of us try to find in this world. I believe we do it in hopes of finding something more, something larger than us. Some people look towards religion, others search their whole lives looking answers and the last group lives their days as if it was the last, which they may not remember in the morning. Regardless of what faith you believe in, one thing is certain. That the life we hold is a gift. It can be taken away just as easy as it was given. We tend to think we are invincible, that we will grow old and live a happy fulfilled life. But, all too often I see friends and family passing away. What if I’m next, we are nothing more than a mere insect in this universe. Life is fragile, and in many ways, we are within the hands of fate. What life means to me is, making the most of what I have. Not just by bettering my life and enjoying this miraculous place. But, by bettering the lives that also encompass it. How often do you see those who are living their lives as if they will simply get a second chance? Or those that put others down to give themselves the illusion that they are somehow better than the rest. When in reality, we all start out young and helpless, grow old and die. We are no different than one another, so why make the life we have hell for those around.

Are we nothing more than creatures of the present? Were we created merely to coexists within the confines of the world, or are we here for something more? I would like to think that we have all been created for a reason. Some of us are destined for greatness that is viewed by all, while others walk amongst the shadows. Yet, one thing is certain. Despite your position among this complex hierarchy, you are here to better the lives of those who walk amongst you. In terms of value, you are just as important as those who hold themselves above the rest. We all have the power to do good deeds in this world. Many believe it will carry them to the next and this is the reason we all exists. If you were to die today, would you be ready?

What does your daily routine consist of? Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, relax, and go to sleep? We are all creatures of habit, this is certain. But, have you ever thought of yourself as a slave to the society we inhabit? Think about it, you are constantly serving someone in one way or another. From the time we are able to tie our shoes we are indoctrinated into what society wants us to be. They want us to be disciplined and educated individuals who will generate wealth for society. The more wealth you accumulate the better for the nation. Those that lack the creation of wealth are nothing more than an abomination and a plague to society. Yet, can a vast amount of wealth really make you happy? Many would say yes, in fact, the majority idolize just that. Personally, I have never met a celebrity, but, from what is seen on T.V. are they really that happy? What separates a prestigious celebrity high on drugs from a homeless man high on those same drugs? In the end nothing at all, for both of them are throwing their lives away. To them life has become boring and they are in search of an escape. All though many of us serve the society that we live in, we all should be in search of a purpose. We should all be blessed to find our meaning in life, the wealthy and the poor. Money means so much in today’s world, yet, money means nothing to the heart.

In today’s world we are surrounded by information and beliefs, it’s hard to see "a truth", especially when you have so many contradicting and falsified information. It also irritates me that those that believe in a religion other than so and so religion should go to hell. This is unjust for those that grow up in different environments. What if they are an outstanding, kind hearted individual, who wants nothing more than to help people? He should burn in hell because he just happened to grow up where he had? I think that’s the reason for people breaking off from religion, we speak religious tolerance, and all too often we find ourselves projecting our beliefs. From what I discovered, it all comes down to faith, either you have it or you don't. Regardless, we should all strive to become better people and shouldn't force our beliefs on anyone else. Hope is my favorite of all emotions for it can get you through the rough times and carry you on to the glorious events that have yet to unfold. If there is one thing to hold onto it is hope, hope for your future, for your family, for the country.

I hope that my readers enjoyed this and were inspired by my creativity. As I stated previously it was more of my creative ambition that suffered from a lack of direction.



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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      This is a deep reflection of humanity, and too many information can lead to confusion.... your italicized paragraph made me think that the speaker was on top of the mountain or in a highest place and started to appreciate what he saw when it feels like on top of the world.. what does life mean to me, i guess life is creating your own happiness, not depending on someone else but God. but life can be a lot deeper than that.. thanks for sharing your thoughts..