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Culture Melting Pot Challenge

Updated on January 28, 2013

Google Analytics

How many of you are signed up for Google Analytics? Perhaps quite a few, yet, I am sure there are many that go with out. Maybe this is because you are uninterested with making income from Hub Pages and are here just to write. This isn’t a bad thing, yet, you are missing out on one of the most exhilarating experiences on Hub Pages. Why? Because Google Analytics is more than just a tool, it is a melting pot and a great way to practice your writing as well as your SEO.

Cultural Melting Pot

Have you ever wondered just who is reading your work? Well, let me tell you, as a fellow writer I have wondered just that. This is one reason I enjoy using Google Analytics, because it allows me to see who & where I am touching. When you enter Google Analytics, you will see a column on the left which says demographics. Once you click it several sub categories will appear. What you will want to do is click on Location. When your there you will see a map of the world, this is where your adventure begins. You will see several countries that are white and not labeled, Light Green and labeled with the total number of visits. The more visits you have the darker the green will be.

The first challenge I pose to myself and to other writers who enjoy exploring new topics is to “Light up the world”. This means that you will want to receive a view from every country in the world. I would like to think that a good writer has a higher amount of traffic. Yet, I also believe that a good writer is one whose articles will not just impact those in their native country, but, those who will impact the globe. The task may seem daunting at first, especially if you have just begun writing. But, one way you can succeed this goal is by writing about articles that will pertain to the country you want views from. This is beneficial to you as well as your readers. First off, you will most likely learn something new which will make you a well-rounded individual. Next, you will establish a vast amount of readers which may contribute to your work becoming increasingly viral. Your readers may learn something about themselves and about the other countries your write about too. Currently, 90 different countries have read my articles. As many as that may seem, I have much more work to do.

Marketing Your Writing

Once you have achieved views from every country, your next task will be to target territories and states. Some countries will be much easier to “Light Up” than others depending on what you write about and their use of technology. As of right now I am conducting a test and focusing my efforts on specific cities in the United States as a way to see how certain topics are read from different locations. I can naturally assume that the large portions of views that come from cities I know well are those I have friends and family in. How does this help me you ask? Well, by writing articles on specific subjects you will begin to see what articles are popular to a specific area. It is unlikely that the majority living in Alaska should read about the Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides in SoCal. Of course, you may receive a few views, but, the point is marketing yourself and your work. Some subjects are more popular worldwide as there may be few differences. For example; my hub Things women do to piss of men is extremely popular worldwide. Along with my reverse hub Things men do to piss off women. My point here is that there are some things that just don’t change. Yet, this may not go for a less modern culture.

Quality is King

Completing these goals is about your ability to market yourself and write upon a wide array of topics. To better yourself and your Hubs through the use of Search Engine Optimization you can read my hub “How to improve your Google Rating” which will help you grasp the importance of being on page one of Google. If you feel you are a good writer and wonder why you are not getting much traffic, this hub will help you. I understand that these ways may not be the only way to “Light up the world”, but, it is the way I find the most enjoyable for me as well as my readers and future readers. Your ability to conjure new writing topics will help you tremendously, especially if you travel frequently. With this you will be bring a dull moment to life. Remember, as a writer you too must paint a picture for your viewers. I have said it again and again in many of my Hubs; “Quality is King”. If you can create that picture or make someone laugh. You’re not only attracting views from all over the world, but, you are truly “Lighting it up”. I hope this gives writers a new perspective on how to use Google Analytics as well a new and exciting way to challenge you and to become a better writer in the process.


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    • baja2013 profile image

      Bajazid 4 years ago from Sarajevo, Bosnia

      I use Google analytics, it's very useful and fun. Since I started with it, some things look different when you check your analytics, even if you don't have so much visitors, which is case now for my first week here.

      Love charts and graphs!