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Plug&Play - Chapter 3 - Gwen

Updated on December 20, 2016

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Part 3 - Gwen

There were no two ways about it Gwen pondered, if he rubs his hand on my belly 'there' one more time i'll have to go to the bathroom.

Lance had been a gent all the previous evening, his sudden interest in her leg and belly was making her swiftly re-think their new friendship. Closing eyes again and letting the slumber in, a soft and


He'd rubbed her bladder once more, escaping the bed's cocoon the air was suddenly cold.


The anger slowly faded and cooled as Gwen walked along the unfamiliar road, she remembered her need once more for the toilet as a wave of awareness rippled through her torso.

A few more turns and a more recognisable part of town emerged, also it's sign hanging colourfully above the door "The Ship" a small country pub. Still ruled by social norms Gwen knew her guilty conscious meant she'd have to buy a drink if she made use of their loo.

As she entered through the large wooden doors and scanned the room with her eyes quickly she saw a few vaguely familiar faces from around the town and continued to the bar.

'Get ya love?' the bearded forty something inquired from the other side of the wooden divide.

She ordered some green tea and left for the ladies.

She took the steaming mug to a table by the windows, the tea, far from green, some kind of mixed berries aroma.

© 2016 mrblueishmouvesky


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