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E.G.G Episode 35: Spider-Man

Updated on April 24, 2015


"What is this Sloan has me lookin' through? Pages to some little kid's diary? I'm really gettin' sick of him. First he partners me up with this rookie, who is officially good for nothin'. Now he has me readin' a diary. I'd say I don't get paid enough for this, but I'd be lyin'."

Previously, on E.G.G...

Alchamax Digital Translator Version 12.0

Welcome: Venture.

Now translating document into digital copy.


Celeste Aoki: Diary Entry 8
April 17, 2015

Dear Mom,
You know I’m afraid of the dark. I hate it mom, I hate it! Some stupid super villain named Zzzax came to E.G.G Base and took out all the lights! Ms. Wuthrich was all but useless, cause her lightning powers wouldn’t work! You know, for someone that goes by the handle Lightstream, she really doesn’t provide much light. It’s just so scary, you know? And now you’re not here, and I can’t run into your room and crawl into your lap. I’m starting to feel lonely. Auntie Acacia is doing the best she can, but no one can replace you mom.

Much fear,


End of translation.


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Episode 35


Josh emerged from the Humpty Dumpty Hall with a smile on his face, hiding something behind his back.

“Alright everybody!” He called. “I’d like to introduce you to the Joshinator Armor 2.0!” He held out a blue metallic backpack. “I’ve turned Pym’s armor into a backpack and added laser blasts!”

“Nobody cares.” Acacia said, walking past him. Josh frowned.

“Well then!” He said angrily, following her. “Excuse me for getting excited about my armor seeing as how I don’t have superpowers!”

“Yeah, sure.” She said, walking into her room. “Now, yellow or blue?” She asked, holding up two tops. Josh sighed.

“Blue.” He answered.

“Yellow then.” She said.

“Hey! Aw, never mind. What are getting all dressed up for anyway? I don’t remember authorizing time off!”

“She’s trying to impress my friends.” Harry answered, walking into the room.

“Um, I’m gonna impress them no matter what.” Acacia corrected. “I just want to look good while doing it.”

“Wait, Osborn has friends?” Josh said. Harry rolled his eyes.

“Funny. Yes, I do. I was feeling a little home sick…”

“Great! I’ll book the first flight!”

“Again, you’re hilarious. Anyway, my friends Peter and MJ were just saying how it’s been a while since they’ve seen me, so they’re coming to visit!”

“I hope you don’t plan on bringing them down here. This is a secret base.”

“No, we’re gonna be up on the surface, outside of the library.”

“Good. I don’t want them anywhere near me. Any friends of Osborn’s are probably just as lame as Osborn.”

“Well, you’re gonna see firsthand just how lame they are.” Eileen said. “We’re going to meet them.”

“What? No! You can’t make me!” Josh objected.

“You’re meeting them.” Acacia said.

“No I’m not!” Josh shouted.

“Yes you are.” Eileen said. Josh sighed.

“Fine! But if their lameness starts to rub off on me, I’m heading back!”

“You could be a little more open minded.” Harry said.

“Let me get something straight.” Josh said. “I don’t like you.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

“Well, now you know. So since you’re known by the company you keep, your friends are probably just like you. Which means I don’t like them.”

“Well, you’d better pretend you do.” Acacia said. “Because you are known by the company you keep, and I’m not gonna have my boyfriend’s best friends think I hang out with a jerk.” Josh growled.

“Whatever!” He said, storming off. Eileen sighed.

“I’ll get him.” She said, walking after Josh.

“Thanks honeybun.” Harry said.

“I got your back Harr-bear.” Acacia replied, kissing him on the cheek. “Now come on, let’s go impress these friends of yours.”

* * *

Acacia, Harry, Josh, and Eileen stood outside of the library. Josh had his arms folded and was mumbling to himself. Eileen nudged him.

“Stop it.” She said.

“Stop it.” Josh imitated in a high pitched voice.

“There they are!” Harry exclaimed. Around the corner came a red headed girl in a green summer dress and a man in a gray turtle neck with a camera around his neck. Harry rushed to greet them. “Pete! MJ!”

“Harry!” MJ replied, rushing up and hugging him. “We missed you so much!”

“How you been pal?” Peter asked, patting his shoulder.

“I’ve been great!” Harry replied. “Man, I’m so glad to see you guys! Hey, there are some people I want you to meet!” He led them back over to Josh, Eileen and Acacia. “Guys, these are my best friends in the whole world, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson!” Josh snickered.

“Peter Parker? Psh, the guy’s name screams loser.” He whispered to Eileen. She abruptly elbowed him.

“Pete, MJ, this is Josh, Eileen, and my girlfriend Acacia.”

“So you’re the Acacia Harry’s told us so much about.” Mary Jane said. “It’s nice to put a face to the name.”

“Same.” Acacia said, shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you all.” Peter said, holding his hand out to Josh. Josh looked at Peter and he slowly put his hand down. “Ooookay…”

“Come on,” Eileen said. “Let’s find somewhere to sit and chat!”

 “Guys, these are my best friends in the whole world, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson!”
“Guys, these are my best friends in the whole world, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson!”

* * *

An hour had gone by, and everyone was laughing and having a good time. Everyone except for Josh.

“I’m not kidding,” Acacia said. “Guacamole and spaghetti. Excellent combo.”

“I will have to try that someday.” Mary Jane laughed.

“You know what, I really like the atmosphere here.” Peter said. “Very welcoming, and warm.”

“Yeah,” Josh said. “You’d have to be an idiot to wear a turtle neck this time of year.”

“Josh!” Eileen snapped.

“Just saying, welcome to Arizona buddy.”

“Thanks.” Peter said. “I think…”

“I like it here too.” Mary Jane said. “New York is so busy, just huss and fuss all the time. Nice to get some serenity!”

“You like it quiet?” Eileen said. “You should visit Rexburg, Idaho. Small town, nice people, great place for some R and R.”

“I like the sound of that!” Peter said. “I’ve been so busy lately!”

“I can imagine,” Josh said. “Being king of the nerds is probably a hard job.”

“King of the- Hey!” Peter replied, offended.

“So,” Acacia quickly interjected. “Harry says you’re a model Mary Jane! That’s pretty cool!”

“Well yeah, I mostly act,” she answered. “But I do some modeling in my spare time. I was actually on the cover of Glamour magazine last week.”

“You know who it should’ve been,” Josh said. “Lightstream. She’s like, infinitely hotter than you.” Eileen face palmed.

“Who?” Mary Jane asked.

“No one important.” Harry replied. “What’ve you guys been up to?”

“Well, nothing together, that’s for sure.” Mary Jane. “Like Peter said, he’s been so busy with work lately.”

“Where do you work Peter?” Eileen asked.

“Geek Squad?” Josh guessed. “Nerd-Mart? Dorks R Us?”

“Actually,” Peter said. “I’m a photographer. I take pictures for the Daily Bugle.” Josh sat up.

“The Bugle?” He said. “That rag that wails on Spider-Man every day?”

“Well, yeah…” Peter said hesitantly. “But I don’t agree with what they say!”

“I knew I’ve heard your name before!” Josh shouted. “You take all the pictures of Spider-Man so that blowhard Jameson can rant on and on about how much of a menace he is!”

“Well I don’t like it, but I’ve gotta pay rent somehow…”

“You know what Parker, I knew you were a loser just by looking at you. But now, you’re nothing more than sewer scum!”

“Josh, that’s enough!” Acacia shouted.

“You’re right, it is enough!” Josh said, standing up. “I’ve had it with these Spidey haters! What did I tell you, they’re just like Osborn!” Josh stormed back into the library.

“Really grows on you, doesn’t he?” Mary Jane said sarcastically.

“He’s not normally like this…” Eileen said. “He’s just touchy when it comes to Spider-Man. He’s his biggest fan.”

“Don’t know why…” Harry said under his breath. Peter cleared his throat.

“So…” He said, holding up his camera. “Mind if I get a shot? Need something for the scrapbook!”

“Oh sure!” Acacia said, standing up. She put her arm around Harry. Mary Jane and Eileen stood next to each other. They all smiled.

“Alright,” Peter said, adjusting his lens. “Just hold that pose and…” He stopped. He looked up.

“Peter?” Mary Jane asked. “Is everything alright?”

“Something…” he said. Then he threw his camera down. “Look out!” He shouted, tackling Eileen and Mary Jane to the ground as a car smashed down right where they were standing.

“Holy crap!” Eileen shouted.

“What the shell!” Acacia added. Peter pulled Eileen and Mary Jane up, and they all turned to see a man in black battle armor. He had on a helmet with a visor covering his face and his gloves were vibrating.

“Acacia Blanco.” He growled.

“I’m sorry, have we met?” Acacia replied.

“Yes, we have.” He held out his hands and nearby car began to vibrate. He lifted his arms into the air, and the car began to levitate.

“Run!” Peter shouted as the man threw his hands forward and sent the car flying at them. They all dodged it as it crashed into a tree.

“We need to get out of here!” Harry said, turning. He looked around. “Peter?”

“Eileen?” Acacia called, looking for her.

“Where’d they go?” Harry asked.

“You’ll pay for what you did to me.” The man called.

“Sure, just give me your name, number, date of birth, and I’ll get right on that!” Acacia called back.

“Syndicate Grand Master.” He stated.

“Oh! We have met!” Acacia said. “Hey, how those burns treating ya?”

“You mean this?!” He lifted his visor to reveal his face, badly burned and permanently scarred.

“Ooh,” Acacia said. “Okay, in all fairness, I had just gotten my powers and really wasn’t sure how to use them. That and, well, you suck at fighting…”

“Rrrraaahhh!” He growled, pulling his visor back on and lifting two cars into the air.

“Um, Acacia.” Mary Jane said. “I think you should stop making fun of him.”

“I second that suggestion.” Harry said, as he hurled both cars.

“Watch out!” Mary Jane called. Both cars flew directly at Acacia.

“Acacia!” Harry shouted. He rushed up and grabbed her. The cars were about to slam into them when a red and blue blur swooped around the corner and kicked them out of the air. The cars crashed down in front of them, and on top of one of them, he landed. The red and blue suit. The bug-like eyes. The web pattern and emblem on the chest. It was him. It was Spider-Man.

“Nobody likes parking meters, but come on pal!” Spider-Man said. “This is just overkill!”

“No way!” Acacia exclaimed.

“You!” Harry growled.

“Yep, it’s me! Your friendly nowhere near his own neighborhood Spider-Man!”

“Spider-Man?” Grand Master said. “This is unexpected.”

“Yeah, well so is some guy in a mask tossing cars around, but you don’t hear me complaining.” Spider-Man flipped off the car and webbed the man in the face.

“Gah!” He shouted. “You fool!”

“Hey, did I call you a name?” Spider-Man said, swinging over and jumping onto a nearby wall. “Actually, I wouldn’t know what to call you. How about you put me out of my mystery.” He pulled the webbing off of his visor.

“You can call me Grand Master!” He said, lifting a table and throwing at him.

“Whoa, bad Grand Master!” Spider Man said, spinning a web and catching it. He spun it around and hurled it at the Grand Master, knocking him into the wall. Spider-Man flipped down in front of Harry, MJ, and Acacia.

“Harry, get the girls to safety, now!” He commanded.

“I don’t have to listen to you.” Harry said angrily. Spider-Man sighed.

“Listen, you don’t have to like me, just do it!” Harry glared at Spider-Man, then turned around.

“Alright girls, let’s go!” He rushed Acacia and Mary Jane into the library.

“I’m calling the police.” Mary Jane said, taking out her phone.

“I’m gonna help Spider-Man!” Acacia exclaimed, going for the door.

“Whoa! Are you crazy?” Mary Jane asked. “That guy’s throwing cars like softballs!”

“Don’t worry, I got this!” She said, rushing out.

“Harry, stop her!” Mary Jane pleaded.

“Mary Jane,” He said. “I wanted to tell you, but I was kinda sworn to secrecy. Acacia’s a special kind of person. So don’t worry, she’s got this.” Acacia ran outside just as Spider-Man flipped over a bench Grand Master hurled at him.

“Hey!” She called. “You want me! Come get me!” Spider-Man looked her way.

“I thought I told you to get inside!” He shouted, landing on a nearby wall.

“I’m here to help!” She said. Spider-Man laughed.

“Sorry, but uh, you’re not tall enough to ride this ride. There’s a one power minimum.” Acacia’s hands heated up and she threw a fireball.

“Agh!” Grand Master screamed as it hit him in the arm. Spider-Man stared in astonishment.

“Does that qualify me?” She asked.

“Yep, you’re good.” He replied. Suddenly he paused. Then he quickly looked up. “Watch out!” Acacia looked to see Grand Master rip off the side of a building and hurl it at her. She set up a force field and braced for impact when it was suddenly blasted into pieces. Lightstream floated down, hands steaming.

“Tell me I didn’t miss anything fun!” She said to Acacia.

“Nope, fun’s just starting!” Acacia happily exclaimed.

“What the hey?” Spider-Man said. “Just how many superheroes live in Arizona anyway?” Lightstream looked and jumped back in shock.

“Spider-Man? What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Well, I had some frequent flier miles left…” He began.

“Enough of this!” Grand Master shouted. “My anti-gravity tech is more than a match for all you!” He floated into the air, surrounded by cars, mailboxes, sewer tops, and various other items.

“Oh boy!” Spider-Man said, as he, Lightstream and Acacia assumed a fighting stance.

"The red and blue suit. The bug-like eyes. The web pattern and emblem on the chest. It was him. It was Spider-Man."
"The red and blue suit. The bug-like eyes. The web pattern and emblem on the chest. It was him. It was Spider-Man."

* * *

Inside of E.G.G Base, Josh sat in a chair at the main terminal, examining his new armor.

“Stupid Parker kid.” He said. “Takes pictures for the dang Bugle. Seriously, what self-respecting…”

“Josh!” He looked up to see Allyson.

“Oh, hey Allyson.” He said, getting up and moving away from the other agents. “What’s up?” She took a deep breath.

“Okay, there’s something I wanna tell you.”


“It’s big!”


“I’m serious!”

“Well just say it!”

“Alright…” She inhaled. “Joshua Westbrook, I lov-“

“Alert!” Jocasta blared.

“Seriously!” Allyson shouted. “You have got to be kidding me!”

“One sec babe,” Josh said. Allyson sighed deeply. “What is it Jocasta?”

The library is under attack. Threat identity: Syndicate Grand Master.”

“Grand Master?” Josh asked. “I thought Acacia cleaned his clock?” He sighed. “We’ll talk when I get back Allyson.” He put his backpack on and in an instant was covered in his armor. “I promise.” He rushed to the elevator and was gone.

“Wonderful.” Allyson said, walking off sadly.

* * *

Harry and Mary Jane were watching intently from the library.

“Go get ‘em tiger…” Mary Jane said to herself.

“Come on, kill him Grand Master!” Harry said. Mary Jane looked at him.


“Don’t judge me.” Just then the elevator dinged. They turned to see Josh emerge in his armor.

“Josh?” Mary Jane asked. “What are you wearing?”

“Joshinator Armor 2.0.” He said, activating his wrist lasers. “I’m awesome like that. Where’s your shutterbug friend?”

“Peter always bails when trouble shows.” Harry said.

“Expected.” Josh replied. “He seems like the cowardly type.”

“He’s probably out there taking pictures of Spider-Man.” Mary Jane defended.

“Taking pictures of…” Josh paused. He rushed over to the window to see Spider-Man fighting alongside Lightstream and Acacia. “Sp- Sp- Sp-” He stuttered.

“Spider-Man,” Mary Jane finished. “Yeah, he’s here.”

“SPIDER-MAN!!!!” Josh screamed, charging out of the library as fast as the armor would permit. Spider-Man webbed up a tree branch the Grand Master had thrown at him. Lightstream blasted at him, but he brought up a car door and blocked it.

“You are all beneath me!” He shouted. “As soon as I- Agh!” He was cut short by Josh punching him into the wall.

“SPIDER-MAN!!!!” He squealed.

“Oh joy,” Spider-Man said. “You have powers too…” Josh stepped forward and put his hands on his hips.

“Actually it’s my Joshinator Armor 2.0! Pretty cool, right! Are you impressed? I modified it from an original version created by Hank Pym and… Oh never mind!” He rushed forward and hugged Spider-Man.

“Oh geez!” Spider-Man said, throwing his arms in the air as Josh squeezed him.

“Oh my gosh! You’re real! You’re the real Spider-Man!”

“Yep, one night only…” Spider-Man replied. “Um… Listen, not that this is awkward or anything but… I do have a super villain to fight…”

“Oh, right, totally!” Josh said, getting off and standing next to him. “Oh boy! I get to team up with Spider-Man!”

“Oi, okay, listen.” Spider-Man said. “I’m sure you’re all great kids, but this guy is all that and a side of fries. I might need you guys to sit this out.”

“What, don’t want rookies getting in your way?” Acacia asked.

“No, nothing like that. I just don’t want you to get hurt on my account. If anything happened to any of you…”

“Spidey,” Josh said. “You may not know this, but my name is Joshua Westbrook. I’m the director of a top secret weapons development agency called E.G.G, division of S.H.I.E.L.D! We’re trained for this.”

“Oh,” Spider-Man said. “Well when you put it like that…”

“I’m finished!” Grand Master roared. He held out his hands and ripped off the side of a building.

“Grand Master?” Josh said, as they all backed up. “More like gravity master!”

“Gravity Master…” He said. “Yes, I like that. Call me, Gravity Master!”

“Great,” Acacia said. “Now you went and gave him a super villain name!”

“Ah!” Gravity Master screamed, throwing the side of the building. Acacia put up a force field and it crashed around them.

“Alright,” Spider-Man said. “If we’re gonna be a team, we’ve got to work together!”

“Did you guys hear that? I’m part of Spider-Man’s team!” Josh squealed.

“Focus.” He said. “Gravity Master is keeping us at bay, throwing anything he can at us, which probably means he’s lacking in the mano-a-mano department. Lightstream, you and I will distract him. Josh, Acacia, get close and take him down.”

“You heard the man!” Josh shouted. “Let’s do it!” Acacia dropped the force field and she and Josh rushed for Gravity Master. He brought up a car, but was suddenly webbed in the back of the head.

“Hey, Gravity apprentice!” Spider-Man called. “Why don’t try nailing me! Bet ya ten bucks you can’t!”

“I’ll take that bet!” He shouted, throwing the car at Spider-Man, only for Lightstream to blast it to pieces.

“Close but no cigar!” Spider-Man shouted, swinging around as Gravity Master threw various items at him and Lightstream. Josh and Acacia approached him from behind.

“We’ve got the drop on him.” Josh said. “Any ideas?”

“Yeah,” Acacia said, rubbing her hands together as they began to steam. “My fastball special!” She chucked a fireball at him and hit him square in the back.

“AGH!” He screamed, as he turned angrily.

“He’s mine!” Josh shouted. Josh rushed forward and threw a punch, but Gravity Master blocked it. Gravity Master kicked at Josh, but Josh knocked it off and swung again. Gravity Master blocked Josh’s jabs, again and again. Josh jumped into the air, spun, and kicked, but Gravity Master dropped down and punched at him. Josh maneuvered in the air and caught the punch. Gravity Master pulled free and rammed his shoulder into Josh, slamming him into a car.

“But how?” Josh said, weakened.

“Expert in hand to hand combat.” He said, holding out his hands.

“No you don’t!” Spider-Man said. He jumped up and spun two webs to each side of Gravity Master. “Special delivery!” He shouted, pulling back and launching himself at top speed. His feet slammed into the Gravity Master, launching him back.

“Gah!” He shouted, as he soared through the air and slammed to a stop on one of Acacia’s force fields. He slid to the ground, and Lightstream held out her hands. “No!” He shouted, gripping Lightstream in his gravity field.

“Oh no!” She screamed as he hurled her at Josh and Spider-Man. Spider-Man flipped over her, and she slammed into Josh. Spider-Man quickly spun around while he was in the air and caught them both safely in a web net. Josh looked at her and smiled.

“Looks like you’re tangled in my web!” He said. “Thank you Spider-Man!”

“Focus on the fight!” She said, struggling to get free. Spider-Man landed in front of Gravity Master.

“As fun as this has been,” he said. “My aunt says I need to be back inside when the street lights come on, so can we wrap this up?”

“Gladly!” He replied. Spider-Man began to shoot multiple webs at Gravity Master, only for him to put up a gravitational shield. He blasted Spider-Man back.

“Gah!” Spider-Man shouted, flying backwards. Acacia put a force field around him, but his gloves vibrated and it shattered.

“What?” She asked, confused. “How’d he do that?” He held out his hand and Acacia floated into the air. “Whoa, hey, put me down!”

“I don’t need to win.” He growled. “I just need to kill you.” He clenched his fist and Acacia’s bones began to crack.

“Aaaaahhhh!” She screamed in pain.

“Acacia!” Harry shouted, rushing out of the library.

“Harry, don’t!” Mary Jane called, running after him. Gravity Master looked, lifted a table with his other hand, and threw it at them, knocking Harry and Mary Jane to the ground.

“No one can stop me!” He growled, squeezing Acacia tighter.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” She screamed.

“I am more powerful than ever!” He shouted.

“Yeah, you’ve got power.” He turned to see Spider-Man stand up. “But you’re not using it very responsibly.” He dropped Acacia and threw a car at him. Spider-Man flipped over it and kicked into Gravity Master. Gravity Master recovered and held out his hands, but Spider-Man webbed up his gloves.

“What the?” He said, as they shorted out and sparked in his face. “Gah!”

“Ooh,” Spider-Man said. “Hope that doesn’t void the warranty.” Gravity Master looked up angrily.

“I’ll kill you!” He said, charging at him.

“Go ahead and try.” Spider-Man said, bracing himself. Gravity Master rammed with his shoulder, but Spider-Man caught him and kicked him in the knee. Gravity Master recovered and swung, but Spider-Man caught his punch. He kicked but Spider-Man caught his leg. He kneed Gravity Master in the gut. Gravity Master fell to the ground.

“But how…” He said.

“Master of hand-to-hand combat.” Spider-Man replied, balling up his fist. “Spider-Style!” With all his might, Spider-Man punched Gravity Master across the jaw. His mask shattered and he flew back, slamming into a car so hard it dented. He began to get up, but fell back down, unconscious. Spider-Man webbed him to the car. “And that’s that.”

“Master of hand-to-hand combat. Spider-Style!”
“Master of hand-to-hand combat. Spider-Style!”

* * *

The police were hauling Gravity Master away. Lightstream had left and Eileen showed up, seeing if everyone was okay. Josh was talking to Spider-Man.

“It’s a vintage action figure,” he said, continuing a conversation. “I haven’t even opened it yet!”

“That’s great.” Spider-Man said.

“Yeah. Oh! And I have some Spider-Man boxers too! They fit like a charm! As a matter of fact, I’m wearing them right now.”

“Oh… Well in any case it’s nice to have a fan.”

“Hey, how about you stick around? Join E.G.G! Come on, we need a super awesome super powered crime fighter like you!”

“Oh, you know, I’d love to. But my uh… Spider Senses are tingling.”

“Really? Can I feel your head?”

“What? No!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Josh sighed. “I guess your home his New York. But hey, let’s get a picture!” He looked around. “Ah, where’s that good for nothing Parker kid when you actually need him!”

“Hey, be nice to Peter!” Spider-Man said.

“What? Spidey, he takes your picture so Jameson can trash you!”

“You can look at it that way. Or you can look at it as free publicity.”

“Oh, huh, I never thought of that…”

“So you’ll be nice?”

“Anything for you Spidey!”

“Great.” Acacia walked up with her phone.

“Smile for the camera!” She said. Josh put his arm around Spider-Man and Acacia snapped the photo. Josh shook Spider-Man’s hand.

“Well, it was a true honor.” He said. Spider-Man sighed.

“Yeah, but hey, look, I don’t wanna leave you empty handed. You guys say you make weapons and technology?”

“Best in the business.” Josh happily replied. Spider-Man thought for a bit. Then he pulled back his glove and took off his web shooter.

“Now don’t go giving this one to S.H.I.E.L.D.” He said, handing it to Josh. “It’s a gift for you, to add to your collection and maybe your armor.” Josh held out his hands and accepted the gift.

“I… I don’t know how I can even begin to thank you!” He said.

“Keep up the good fight!” Spider-Man said. “And always remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.” He ran forward, jumped into the air, and swung away. Josh watched as he rounded the corner.

“Bye Spider-Man!” He shouted. Mary Jane walked up.

“Well,” she said. “Harry didn’t tell me your life was so exciting!”

“Well you know,” Acacia said. “One of the perks of being us.” Suddenly Peter came from around the corner.

“Oh man,” he said. “That guy in the black knocked me out. What’d I miss?” Everyone laughed.

“Nothing buddy.” Harry said, putting his arms around his friends. “Nothing at all.”

“And always remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.”
“And always remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.”


Agent Rice stood next to a recording of a woman calling for help. He looked at his watch, sighed, folded his arms, and kept waiting. Suddenly Spider-Man dropped from the roof.

“Did somebody call for a…” He saw Rice and the recording. “Oh.”

“Kyle Rice, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” He said, flashing his badge. “I have a few questions for you.”

“Sure, if I can get a tour of the Helicarrier.” Spider-Man replied.

“No. Now, what is your connection to Peter Parker?”


“He takes your pictures, yet when he comes to Arizona to visit his friend, you show up. I don’t believe in coincidences, so you’d better start talking.”

“Oh, okay. Well you see… hey, what’s that!” He said, pointing.

“I’m immune to that.” Rice replied. Spider-Man sighed.

“Fine then, I guess I’ll just have to web you in the face.”

“Wait, what?” Spider-Man spun a web in Rice’s face. “Ah! Get this stuff out of my eyes!” Rice pulled and pulled at the webbing, as Spider-Man triumphantly swung away.

See you Thursday!

Tune in on Thursday, April 23, for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 36: Days of Acacia Past, on Friday, April 24! There's more to Acacia than meets the now, and now you'll find out! See you next week!

How awesome was that!!! Isn't Spider-Man the best superhero, like, ever!!!!

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