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Felicia still gives me butterflies

Updated on July 12, 2015

We both sat next to each other in the class,she was brilliant and her ambition was to be a medical doctor, mine was to marry her, she was my first love and every pupil in primary 6B knew us as couple but we finished primary school and went different ways and there was no day i didn't think of her.

All my friends in the dormitory knew that there was this Felicia of a girl my soul hunted.

Seven years passed so quick. Now a university student focused to be a lawyer.

It was a hot afternoon,the weather was bad that day and it seemed that the sun was just hitting only the campus and no other place in the state. Walking out from the class,i saw her,although grown and matured but i recognized her because i carried her along. I walked upto her and she gave me a serious look then called my name; Kingsley...

We both hugged each other,it was a great reunion and from that day onwards,we were always together,we helped each other in every way humans help each other,that friendship we had when we were younger was rekindled in a way that entirely changed me.

There was a problem. Felicia was engaged. She made him a promise and that was the only part i couldn't understand.

He was already made and i was just a 200 level law student,taking care of her would be hard for me she explained,Somehow she started avoiding me because she didn't want to hurt him, he was the one sponsoring her education. I didn't give up but decided to give her sometime special because as far as i know, we were created for each other,the connection between us is like that between a believer and the omnipresent. So

I wrote her a song entitled Iyawo mi...

You mean the world to me though its hard to comprehend how its possible to truly love you but baby every mother loves all her kids but in different ways, you shine like the stars up there

Chorus: Iyawo mi, my darling,my baby, if you give me this chance,i swear to love you forever

I have come across so many but coming close to you broke the walls of my heart, you are a damsel and your kind nature makes me want to have you all my life, i don't know how to swim but baby, for you i will dive and swim the nile

Chorus: Iyawo mi, my darling,my baby, if you give me this chance,i swear to love you forever

I know that you love me and because of it baby, i want to be one of reasons why you smile,its not going to be easy but Iyawo mi, i will love you as long as you breath,nothing will change my love for you but believe me, ore mi, iyawo mi, i want to love you forever

Chorus: Iyawo mi, my darling,my baby, if you give me this chance,i swear to love you forever

I don't know how it happened but what will be will be and one thing I have learned in life is that childhood bond is the strongest bond,one's first love is sometimes the greatest of all. I was her first and she was my one and only so as we celebrate our nineteenth anniversary,i pray that the omnipresent will always guide us and keep Felicia sound for me because no matter what i will love her forever.


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