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For Those Who Like to Read

Updated on September 18, 2012

Something happened today that upset me. The unfairness of some things in life struck me and I though I would mention it to you, in case something can be done about it.

Because for some reason I don’t always get notices of all the new hubs posted by the people I follow, I sometimes make the rounds to see if anything new has been posted. Today I visited tonymac04s site and as there was nothing new, I looked at some of his old stories and I stumbled on one called "The Journey of My Life" which can be found here

If I understood well, there are some 60.000 members here on HubPages and yet this wonderful, moving story has been read to date by less than a dozen people. Now I know that there are discerning, cultured and literate people here on HubPages because I have personally come across many of them myself and I have no doubt that they would simply love to read this story. Yet they have not come across it as yet and there it remains mostly unread.

I thought of the other writers I have come across here whom I envy on the quiet for being able to write so much better than I and I wondered what happened to their stories which I found so exceptional so I went to have a look.

Top of my list is, of course, everybody’s favourite, Shadesbreath, and the story of his which in my book deserves to be seriously paid for, is "Vlad the Inhaler" I checked it out and it has a current score of 76, which I think is a crying shame for such an excellent piece of work.

Christoph Reillywas my next port of call and though his story “Make Home Grown Penicillin: Don't Clean Out That Refrigerator!” had a score of 86, I was his last visitor and that was two months ago. How unfair!

The uniquely gifted and brilliant JamaGenee was next and I checked up on two of here stories which have stuck in my mind: One has a trickle of visitors and a score of 76. The other has a rating of 69. How is such a thing possible?

Then there is the supremely talented Cris A who does not like it when I comment on some of his stories, because his talent is only surpassed by his genuine modesty and who can be found here

One of the writers who disappoint me is Pam Roberson. A woman with so much talent that I for one could never match and you can see why for yourselves here Yet Pam the talented writer at times wastes her time and her talent by writing cheap gags. I hope I don’t give too much offence, but I cannot resist making this comment.

All of the above have at least one story which is not as good as the majority of their work and that is natural. But Feline Prophet on the other hand, manages to have a consistent quality of work which is amazing in itself and if there is a single one of you who has not seen her work, you will find it here:

So why am I saying all this? For two reasons:

  1. If you really enjoy reading and you haven’t come across the above stories, you may want to visit the authors’ sites, read them and leave a comment of encouragement to those talented people who do us the favour of entertaining us with their wonderful stories for free.
  2. It’s possible that you have come across talented writers the rest of us don’t know about and if this is the case, let us know so that the rest of us can also visit them and leave our comments of encouragement. Please leave a link in the comment section so we can also get to know them.

There is a footnote I want to leave here though. I have made many friends here who are excellent writers and whom I have not mentioned above and I want them to know why. This is a hub about making a point, an example for perhaps starting a Movement of Generosity if you like, for all of us to go beyond ourselves and to try to help others, without thought of personal gain. Too many names would defeat the purpose and might be misconstrued, so please forgive me if I did not mention your name. Those to whom I refer know who they are and they know the deep respect and affection I have both for their talent and for them personally. Let's all make the effort to acknowledge worth wherever we find it.

Oh, and if you DO find a hub that you like, please take the trouble to mark up in whatever manner is available to you. It does not cost us anything and it just may make a difference for the author with .HubPages

Dimitris Mita

De Greek


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