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From Astir to Verik: A Horse's Travels

Updated on December 22, 2011

The stable man asks politely...which horse will it I want white or black...tan or brown...can't decide for the ride,
Hurry hurry you must choose quick...stable master mad and angry...most impatient with my slow selection,
Brown it will be...oh you know the journey...camouflage and personal decision against the calamities of northern poplar highway,
So the travels are far and grueling...low level dangers everywhere...he speaks with caution...but I evade with drudge.

The night sky descends upon the dreary horse trembling from this and that...those or know the creatures,
Ghosts that distort their view...the zombie apocalypse and flies that tear at other fellow passerby,
It's ok...I just must keep my pace with my horse of higher regard...speed over senseless fighting,
The brutalities are endless...let it be known the horses gallop will be heard all throughout the valleys and hilltops,
Clap...Clap...the hoofs gather dust amongst the grassy marshy lands of the northern highway...Verik awaits patiently.

Even the fastest can't strike me...snakes appealing their decisions based on stealth and loathe,
The times are changing however...skull archers attempting the arrow storms I am so desperately weary of,
Dodge left...hoof print right....the horse taking a few shot of the arrow but the relative safety,
Oh rat moose I will heal you in hearltfelt horse you...let's hurry on and reduce bleeding from your wounds.

The rest of the trip was one of minor delay...stop every near and far pasture and the horse I hopped,
For rest and reconfiguration they did...bandaging from the horses wounds and a couple of healing potions later,
The castle settlement view can into the picture...a sight magnificent in nature...Christmas trees in everywhere the eyes could see,
Hey you with the bow...Shibofu here...let's power level and give you the strength your arrow is truly capable of.


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