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Grannicumulus Over Nebraska

Updated on March 20, 2011
Grannicumulus Over Nebraska
Grannicumulus Over Nebraska | Source

If you happen to be heading west through Blaine County, Nebraska along State Route 2 from Dunning to Halsey, you might perchance notice just such a friendly formation of Grannicumulus riding high in the hot summer air above the Middle Loup River.

Don’t be misled: Grannicumulus are not to be confused with the similarly lacy-edged Antimacassar thunderheads, nor the fluffily rounded and seemingly crocheted Doily Dollops — both of which may form under similar weather conditions, and which are thus often found near Grannicumulus.

No, the true (and, on first appearances, benign) Grannicumulus formation will typically display erratic behavior as well as some degree of family resemblance. Be wary of abrupt temperature changes and quick shifts in the winds, as most Grannicumulus will suddenly darken, turn on you, and surely rain on your parade.


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