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Great Phrases

Updated on April 21, 2017

What to say?

There is nothing more exciting than being a trend setter - out in front of the curve, showcasing the latest & greatest - and it's even better when the item you are using is free!

Who among us has never found themselves at a loss for words? You're at a party, the conversation is lagging, and it's time to verbally spice things up a bit! This hub is designed to be a headquarters for a collection of hubs relating to a few of my favorite phrases.

The idea hit me while i was sitting in a training class at work and the instructor kept using the phrase "dollars to donuts". At first it drove me nuts! Well, the full phrase was "I'll bet you dollars to donuts that...." and he would fill in the blank with whatever point he was trying to make. After a while it got me thinking about other phrases that you hear during the course of the day, and so I made a list of a few that I could think of, and started a hub to share that list.

I am always on the lookout for new phrases, so feel free to share your own!

What is your favorite phrase?

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Any phrases you like to use?

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