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Have You Ever.... Some Of The Stupid Things I've Seen People Do...Part two

Updated on July 11, 2012

Yup, same thing - some are mine some are not.

  1. Walked into a Farrell’s ice-cream parlor and asked for a Fudge-Ana dessert and had the server look at you like, "what did you say?" and the people at your table start laughing uncontrollabally because it’s being said with an English accent?

  2. Stared at someone in store thinking, “what on earth…….” then promptly bumped into a loaded shelf and knocked it all over?

  3. Looked high and low for about ten minutes for a particular magazine then realize it’s been in your hand the whole time?

  4. Put spray instant tan on and ended up looking like a zebra?

  5. Forgotten what side of the road you’re supposed to be driving on during a stressful situation (this might apply only to non-Americans)?

  6. Dumped the trash all over you instead of in the trashcan?

  7. Touched a hot pan with your bare hand while the hot pad is in your other hand?

  8. Plugged in the cigarette lighter in the car and when it popped out stuck your finger wondering if it was hot?

  9. Said “hello” to a stranger thinking it was a friend of a family member only to find out it wasn’t and they then followed you around the store?

  10. Walked all over the parking lot of a store and couldn’t find your car only to realize it was at the very front of the store?

  11. Called a family member’s boyfriend/girlfriend by the name of a former gf/bf?

  12. Having just arrived over from England as a teenager about 30+ years after WWII and have an American ask, “what was it like during the war?”

  13. Been with a friend who needed to be in a store motorized chair and the chair loses control zigzagging across the aisle crashing into a shelf of shoes sending them everywhere?

  14. Snuck the last donut only to be told it was there as it had a fly in it? (My dad told me this years ago…)

Read part one here


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    • BJC profile image

      BJC 5 years ago from Florida

      LOL LOL LOL I love this!!!!! talking on the phone and wondering where it is :) You're my kinda friend. Like looking for your sunglasses and they're on top of your head!

      Thanks for the read :)

    • StaceytheWanderer profile image

      StaceytheWanderer 5 years ago from Waterbury, CT

      I have used self tanning spray and my feet came out extremely orange. And once when I was talking on my cell phone and I told the person on the other end I couldn't find it. I have a friend that uses a motorized wheelchair and she's never gone out of control but we use to like finding a straight path in the mall and yell "TURBO" as she switched the speed from turtle to rabbit. Watcching her speed off instantly across the mall made us both laugh.