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How My Dad Bought My Mother Chapter 5

Updated on July 28, 2013

Chapter 5 Expanding Our Family

Earlier we were all celebrating the news about mom. Now I’m sitting at the kitchen table around 3 in the morning having a snack before going to bed. Just as I begin eating dad comes into the room. It totally surprised me for he wasn’t due back home for another nine hours. But as he prepares a small snack for himself we began talking for hours about a great deal of things.

He returned early so the plane could be used to pick up Uncle Antonio and his family in Germany. This was great news. I could finally see Aunt Sonia and my three cousins: Miguel, Teresia and Tomas. With dad’s military connections, he was able to get Uncle Antonio some time off to visit us. Being a First Sergeant keeps him very busy, but not too busy to also have another baby boy on the way as well.

Dad is giving him and his family the special treatment. Mainly out of respect for Uncle Antonio’s military service. Two tours of duty and basically the stress of taking care of so many service men and women under his command. We talk on the phone and write a lot but this would be my first time meeting him and his family.

Dad also went over some plans that he had set up for me. As I would soon be old enough in getting my driver’s license, he signed me up for driving lessons. This was great until I learned it was a school that not only teaches how to drive an automobile but heavy duty and military vehicles as well. They also taught combat driving skills. A teenage girl surrounded by grown men going to work in war zones around the world is learning to drive vehicles that can survive shootouts and bomb blast. Yeah me.

Next dad went ahead and signed me up to learn different forms of martial arts like kobudo, karate and tegumi. I could see the importance of this due to when I was nearly raped at school. What I didn’t know was that I would end up getting lots of stiches and broken bones over the years. But looking back it was well worth it.

And last, dad signed me up to learn how to use a gun. I was very scared about this one but I have to be honest here and say that I came to really love it. I understood the classroom work, even though it was really boring. But once on the firing range, the teachers were calling me Annie Oakley. I was able to do skeet shooting, firing from a moving vehicle even learning to shot like a sniper. I learned to use everything from small hand guns, semi-automatic rifles to combat military weaponry.

Taking all these classes kept me busy before I started attending the same college dad graduated from. But it was well worth it. As time went on I had learned to be a better person. I became more confident in myself and less afraid. My mental state was strengthened and I became more positive, more assertive as a person. Plus no one wanted to pick on me once they realized I could break their arms and legs in one simple movement.

Dad bounced a few more things off me to see what I thought. To say what it was now would spoil it but it was something that shocked my entire family. I could see the logic behind his thinking on this matter. It was going be a lot more pressure for me as time went on but it brought mom, dad and me closer together as a family.

But in the kitchen on that early morning dad continued to surprise me even more. He told me that he knew mom was pregnant. The numerous times that his own sister became pregnant kind of made him an expert at recognizing the signs. He then took out a ring case and showed me the wedding ring he was going to give to mom. Surprisingly he asked me if it was OK for me to marry her. Taken aback I told him I had no problem except that I was still curious as to why he choose mom.

He said that no one ever talks back to him. No one raises their voice in disagreement or try to stop him in getting whatever he wanted. But with mom, she fought back. She was the only one who yelled back at him. He would try to get up and leave the hospital but she would body slam him back onto the bed and/or slap him across the face. Dad would threaten her many times but mom wouldn’t listen. She basically gave him what he needed and not what he wanted.

He remembers her saying that there were people who needed him. That changing the lives of others can enhance one’s own life as well. This opened up a dialog between the two as mom admitted that it was I that carry her through her darkest days. As dad had no one, mom offered to be his support. Mom was thinking in line of praying for him. Dad had taken it literally for mom to always to be there for him; as a wife. A misunderstanding they were both happy to have made together.

Dad told me to keep it a secret about his knowledge of mom’s pregnancy. He got the idea from an old TV show called ‘I Love Lucy’ on how to give her the ring and formally announce mom’s pregnancy. And with that I excused myself to take a quick shower and try to get some sleep. The amount of activities dad had planned out for me was beginning to take ahold and I was worried about disappointing him.

By late afternoon I awoke as crews were outside setting up tents for the family get-together. Grandma was cooking in the kitchen, mom was at the hospital and dad was in his office doing some paperwork. Staff members were also running throughout the house cleaning everything from top to bottom. I took a nice long swim, did some bowling and other activities to clear my head. But it was the nice long hot bath with my toys that I hoped would release a lot of my built up stress. And it did.

That evening we got word that Uncle Antonio and his family were on their way here. A few more phone calls from other relatives had them arriving by noon tomorrow. And sure enough before noon the next day it was a very full house of people I’m meeting for the first time. We were all in celebration. Then Uncle Antonio and his family arrive in style as they pull up to the front entrance in dads’ Rolls Royce. Grandma was in tears for this is the first time seeing her son since I was a baby.

We all partied and everyone in our family got the chance to meet dad. And in true dad form, he and mom appeared at the top of the stairs to officially welcome everyone to his home. And while holding a glass of champagne high into the air, he personally invites everyone to attend their coming wedding. And with that he presented her with the wedding ring. All eyes were glued on the size of the ring as mamma was in tears.

Mamma putted on the ring and was showing it around to everyone. Dad, who was still at the top of the stairs, made another announcement. As on cue, a maid hands mamma a champagne glass full of orange juice as the music changed. The song was called ‘We’re Having A Baby’ by Desi Arnas. Looking around at everyone then towards mamma, he announces to everyone a toast to coming of their second child.

Everyone including mom had a look of puzzlement about them as dad was looking like a Cheshire Cat. He announced to everyone that after talking with me, he began plans to formally adopt me as his own daughter. Then looking towards mom, he raised his glass of champagne and says, “Thereby making the coming of our second child another special announcement”. Everyone was yelling in excited as mamma was just bawling in tears.

As mamma was crying, so were all the other women. They grouped together to talk weddings and babies. The men got together to continue their drinking, smoking cigars and doing other guy stuff. As for the kids; we had journeyed to my room to play video games. As the festivities were going well into the evening, rooms were setup for everyone to spend the night. By morning we were treated to a buffet style breakfast as afterwards everyone played in all of the pools and did some bowling.

By the afternoon relatives were starting to head home. Uncle Antonio and Aunt Pricilla families weren’t leaving until the next day so I got to spend more time with all eight of my cousins. Grandma, mom, Uncle Antonio and Aunt Pricilla spent quality time together as dad was back at work. The next day we said our goodbyes and life returned to normal.

As the months went by life got exciting; mom looked more like a beached whale; grandma was either glued to her chair or in the kitchen cooking as dad was getting richer. And I was building up my usual nighttime orgasms due to all of my classes allowing me to driving like I was being shot at, shooting at anything that moved and learning how to break people in half.

With the exception of karate class, my other classes were coming to an end. I got my driver’s license with a job offer to work for a company in the Middle East. I still have trouble parallel parking but I can operate any type of military vehicle better than I could a regular size car. I passed my gun safety class but I always visit the firing range whenever I can. I am still surprised at the amount of talent that I never knew I had.

The wedding was spectacular; a true Catholic style wedding. Dad had cameras set up everywhere to capture the moment. He was able to get everyone on mom’s side of the family to attend the wedding. Everyone on dad’s side was politicians, members on the Board of Directors, office personnel and the entire house staff. The Catholic Priest commented that it appeared that mom and dad were bringing the two different cultural types together.

Mom was walking down the aisle like the Penguin from those old Batman TV shows. But she looked great in her wedding dress. Dad was able to get a few of moms favorite celebrities to attend such as Luis Miguel, Thalia and oddly enough, former members of Menudo who sang a few of her favorite songs.

The honeymoon was not the one mamma wanted. She didn’t want to fly while pregnant so they stayed for a week at a $2,000 a night hotel. Mom kept talking about the countless times she was orgasming, dad using her huge breast and other body openings for their enjoyment was still a lot for me to take in (no pun intended).

Luckily I had the right toy to help me know what it really felt like. That is when grandma finally gave it back to me. I know that it’s important to have a strong bond between one another before getting married. But by the way mom describes dad’s manhood; I hope my future husbands’ penis is just as long and thick like dads.

A week after mom’s due date she finally had her babies. Twin boy and girl named Robert and Adriana. She went into labor right at the hospital. Her water broke while checking in on a patient. An orderly wheeled her over to the maternity section as phone calls went out to everyone. Grandma, me and a few of the house staff showed up as dad arrived once again in fashion by helicopter.

Three hours later mom had her babies as dad had lost all sense of composure. If you had ever seen the movie Father of the Bride 2 then you would have the basic idea. He kept his cool at first but it quickly deteriorated. This was the first time for us seeing dad not in control. It’s even recorded on video. Mamma is on the verge of collapse as the doctors were pushing her on. The sound of dad crying while trying to breathe was hilarious. Mamma had to pause a few times out of fear for dad to see if he was OK.

When mom and the babies came home dad was like a little kid. He went everywhere in the house with at least one of them. At times mamma had to hunt him down for their feedings. But in honesty she loved it. Grandma, the whole house staff and I were on hand taking turns babysitting to give mom and dad some time to rest. But during the night, dad was doing the all-nighters in getting the babies back to sleep.

Mom eventually got back into shape for her and dad to go on a real honeymoon. The babies and two of the house staff joined them for two weeks in Hawaii. Dad had to do some work while there as it was short notice for him to rearrange his schedule. Mom understood as she wore the sexiest swimsuit allowed on the beach. Her way of keeping dad entertained.

But once they returned home they were fully tanned with lots of gifts and stories. Dad was looking younger and full of energy. Although he did make the joke that mamma was like a vampire for she knew how to drain him dry. Mom had plenty of sex stories of her own to share. But the announcement they made took us by surprise. While in Hawaii they found out that she was once again pregnant.

© 2013 melmika


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