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How To Write Unique Original Contents-Part 3

Updated on December 26, 2013

Writing Unique Original Content - Part 3

Writing original contents shows the respect that writer has for his or her readers . A writer is also more likely to project an authentic voice when they care about their topic . Here are some few tips on how you can make your articles interesting to read by giving it a unique original voice .

*Writing a very good original article also involves establishing the appropriate relationship between words and ideas under a particular title backed by a unique thought pattern . When you explore your topic very well you will be able to gain command over the usage of the topic's technical words in your content . You will be able to use technical words appropriately as well as skillfully to bring a new feel and meaning to words . In simple words , you get to establish new relationships between words to discuss new ideas in different and unique ways .

*You can also project your own voice by making use of your own vocabularies . You can use your the set of vocabulary that is available to you or the ones you know its use really well in place of some technical words or to define technical words and phrases pertaining to the topic that you do not understand . This is better than plagiarizing picking the exact words used by another writer in your writing.

When you make use of vocabulary available to you , you sound more confident in your writing . This helps to also gain much respect from reading audience . You can improve your vocabulary by reading a lot (read extensively even beyond the topics that you write about ) and compile in your notebook new vocabularies that you learn or discover in your reading expedition . Learn about it's usage in contexts that were used and also in your dictionary . When you mastered it's usage well enough , you can use them in your writings to help project an original tone .

You don't necessarily have to know the meaning of every technical word related to a particular topic before you can write an article on it. And you don't necessarily need to use the all technical words related to the topic in your content . Even piling up more technical words in your content can make your ideas sound abstract and difficult to for some readers . You can also use or create metaphors in your content ( in place of your certain technical words) to bring the ideas much closer to the reader .

*Making use of personal experiences in your writing is one of the ways to also communicate your own voice through your writing . It helps to attach a personal feel to your script and gives it an original tone . Refer to your own or personal experiences to support your claims. This will help to stamp your personality on your work . Mostly , target readers are more like the writer himself . They mostly share similar views and experience with the writer . When you cite personal experiences in your writing , your reading audience will be able to understand your more as they are able to relate to your personal experiences too .

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    • whittwrites profile image

      T.B Whitt 5 years ago from the Philly area

      Great Hub thanks for the information.