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How can a conventional writer become a good on-line writer?

Updated on December 14, 2014

You may be a brilliant conventional writer but becoming an online writer is not easy:

Authentic writers produce best sellers. But ask a best seller composer to write a “How to…” sort of online article. There may not be many takers.

Because even the most accomplished of conventional writers might be unaware of concocting an online tale brimming with keywords capable of attracting an organic traffic.

An online article has to care less about verbosity, eloquence and style and more about simplicity, comprehensiveness and interaction.

Conventional writer versus on-line writer

Conventional writing is not everybody's cup of tea.It requires intellect and style. Unless you are very accomplished in your art you are less likely to succeed. You will face big names as peers, the stalwarts of their genres. For instance, if you are toying with the idea of penning a medical thriller, some one may comment, " Trying a Robin Cook?"

But it is not so in online writing. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can try this. Of course it will be wrong to have a perception that any body can be successful as an online writer. Here too, to be successful, you need to learn the tricks of the trade but for a start it is not as tough as conventional writing where there will be hardly any takers unless you earn a good name and some fame.

As regards earning too, even novices would earn a little online but in the conventional arena you fight a long battle through a crowd of budding writers efore your face rises aove the horizon. On the contrary even if you write a less meticulous article online you find at least a few surfers if not avid readers, who click your article and have a glimpse. Whereas you have quality competitors in the traditional writing field, you have more competitors online.

Usually the readership of a conservative writer consists of those who love excellence of description and illustration. Such a writer first finds or sets a crux, may be a gripping plot of a tale, an absorbing piece of History, a strong base for an essay or whatever for that matter and then cobwebs the entire description around it. The events in the work-piece are narrated garrulously with examples in order to reach the climax or conclusion in a grand style. This is the hallmark of an outstanding traditional writer. He or she would seldom compromise with the language or narration in order to be reader-friendly.

On the contrary, an online writer has to try to be readable and comprehensive to a reader. Her or his reader is very often a surfer and has to first stumble upon the article by some chance. In order to be most probable or anywhere near that, possibly determined by the page-ranking in a search engine, an online writer has to strike a balance somewhere between excellence and searchability. She or he has to author such articles as will be easily googled by online surfers. Traffic to an online writer’s article is the main criterion on which she/he focuses. A part of it is beyond doubt, quality but its likelihood of being easily searched out is equally strong an aspect for an online writer. This depends on the use of keywords. Keywords are the most searched words in relevance to a topic which readers all over the world might be interested in. For example if you are going to write about something in connection with U.S.Elections, “Obama” or “White House” may be among the top searched keywords. More use of these keywords in your article is likely to make your post more popular.


Audience of a conventional writer consists of readers interested in specific genres. For instance, a reader who likes suspense thrillers may throng a bookshop frequently for Agatha Christie’s books.

On the other hand, an online writer’s article may be hit by any surfer of any age and if the headline or introduction is catchy enough to draw the attention of the surfer he/she may be driven to read the article. For example a housewife is less likely to go to a book store and ask for a book on personal finance but is more likely to click a link which reads “How to save money in the discount season for apparels”.

Tips for the conventional writer to excel online

In order to produce an exquisite online article a conventional writer

1. Must provide more information than imaginative description

2. Must be direct, precise and concise in his/her description

3. Must learn about and use keywords optimally

4. Must learn to write breathtaking head lines

5. Must be forthright in feeling and accepting the fact that one of the main purposes of writing is earning money.

6. Must sometimes compromise for reducing the redundancy in order to make way for usefulness of the article.


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