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How to Stay on Top of the Social Media Game for Writers

Updated on October 4, 2013


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Twitter, Facebook, Blogging. What to choose.

After months of hard work you have finally finished writing your book.

Alongside of that you have spent time developing an online presence because as most writers know these days you will need to do some serious book promotion to get people interested in your writing, especially if you self publish and even if a publisher offers you a deal.

You've joined HubPages ( a user generated content,revenue-sharing website )where you write articles on various topics including writing for writers that interests several hundred followers; you've got yourself a twitter ( an online microblogging social networking service ) account where you tweet insightful words of wisdom (or not) or re tweet info on writing and other interests to your 100 + followers; and a Face Book ( the worlds most popular online networking site ) where you catch up with your 30/50 family and friends. You've started your blog ( a personal journal that is shared online )and add a post every now and again and your following is slowly building week by week.

You've started pinning on Pinterest ( a visual online pinboard ) and upload and edit photos on Instagram ( an online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service ) regularly and now spend your days flicking between each of your social media sites in between writing short stories, novella's and books.

Your labor of love has been entered into to a competition or two, pitched to several publishers and a few rejection letters later by chance you've been picked up by a publisher who tells you that they are impressed by your online presence and that it is important that you keep building into it.

If you -

Have a blog. Have created a web site; Write for Hubpages or the many other freelance sites like yahoo, sqidoo, etc follow authors to find out what's happening in the world of writers right now on twitter; Pin things of interest on Pinterest; Connect to family and friends on Facebook; Share awesome photos on Instagram, add people to your circles in Google plus etc etc and are having a little trouble keeping up, then this hub may be for you.

Whatever you need social media for whether it’s just an interest and fun, or for serious book or business promotion, it is an exciting game to play and can keep your attention for the better part of your day. Which can leave little time for creative writing or freelance writing.

Staying on top of your social media sites can be quiet a challenge, regardless of age or know how. The time energy and dedication needed to maintain your sites can be more than a little daunting at times and quite overwhelming often to say the least. That is of course if you don't have a plan or a social media manager to help you manage your sites.

Social Media for Book promotion.

There is no doubt that using social media to promote books and get your name out there is a savvy thing to do. Most publishers appreciate and take notice of an author who is prepared to put in an effort and help promote their books, and many authors have been offered a publishing deal almost entirely on that fact alone. Of course it does help to have an interesting manuscript as well.

But when you are starting your writing journey it can help to think about how a writer trying to make a living by creatively writing can manage to stay on top of it all?

Careful Planning is the Key.

And I'm not necessarily talking about a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. Although keeping an overall plan of the sites you have been on can be of benefit in your working week.

Making good use of your time. Post on the go - while you wait : If you write part time and are a busy mum/dad, work full time, shift work or simply work long hours then time is limited, and precious. Posting on the go saves time and keeps you up to date online.You can post at the school pick up line; at the doctors surgery; if using public transport to and from your daily commute; while waiting for the jug to boil for coffee/tea; on the toilet; or anywhere that you have to wait for more than five minutes. Remember that posting to your blog, twitter, pinterest, instagram or facebook sites all only take a few minutes of your time.

You might need to challenge and change your thinking. If you went to school before computers were part of our DNA and established in every classroom.When Pac Man or Super Mario were the only computer games around then learning to navigate your way around social media sites may be a slight problem.

Most of us have a smart phone these days and with the advancement of Applications, a quick and easy download of your chosen social media apps is a savvy way to manage your sites. Get some help if needed. Ask a tech savvy friend. Read from some of the tech savvy hubbers here at HubPages, many can be found. Take a class. If you are an Apple fan ask any of the consultants in store or make an appointment at their Genius bar, they are always most obliging. Don't be proud it helps no one, least of all you.

Posting and share between several sites at one time. You can install an app for just about any site. I chose to install six sites on my Iphone; FaceBook, Pinterest, HubPages, Twitter, Blogger and Instagram. I keep them all in the one folder on the first page of my phones wallpaper. I also keep alongside of them my mail so that I can keep a check on emails; safari/ firefox/etc for quick access to google (our online answer for every question these days); my messages for essential texting; and notes to jot down that all important creative idea and somewhere to write down important info that you want to remember or contacts that you don't want to put in your contact list etc etc.

Keeping all your social media sites in the one folder on your phone makes it easier to access and go between them. For instance if you post photos on instagram you can immediately share your posts on Facebook, twitter, tumbir, Flickr & by email.Then it's easy to check and edit if needed. It's easy to use the HubPages app to post a hub to twitter, Facebook and pinterest. On blogger apps you can share each blog post by clicking the share button under each post to twitter, FB, Google + and your email connections. On Pinterest when you pin to one of your boards, click the symbol with the curved arrow in the right hand corner of the pin that looks like the return email symbol on an email, and it can be shared immediately onto twitter and FB.

Recently I attended a seminar on Social Media for writers, where each of the above social media platforms were discussed as a means to promote an authors writing and establish a unique online voice. It was an interesting seminar with many ideas on how to use social media to promote your books and it discussed the pros and cons of website versus blogging for writers.

Two main concepts stood out for me;

1 Developing your own unique writers voice

When you tweet/pin/blog your followers need to know what you are on about. They need to be able to associate a tweet to your own brand. If you write romance novels your blog readers need to be able to know that. For example you might want to decide if your lovers are going to have sex in your novels or if your plan is to build sexual tension between protagonists. Your readers will come to know what to expect from your work. And they will be a little confused if you talk about other genre's often ie crime, sci-fi. That's not to say that you can't cross write genre's as long as your readers know how to identify you. It is about originality, being authentic, different from others, it is the voice your readers hear when you speak, your own unique sound.
It is heard from your tone of writing; your choice of words; and the types of imaginative language ie imagery, simile, metaphor, humor that you use and the sentence structure that goes into your work.

2. Choose the 2 or 3 social media sites that work best for you to promote your writing.

You need to ask yourself how many sites you think you can manage well and be able to work/ write/ parent and stay sane.

It was suggested that you decide between a website or a blog. Some authors think that a website looks more professional and some save time effort and cost and go with a blog. It's your decision.

Decide on 2 or 3 sites to promote your book. This avoids spreading yourself too thin and leaves you time to work at building up your following on them. Say for example you go with a blog, Facebook and twitter. Post your book details on your blog and FB and link both to your twitter account

3. Download Social Media Managers Applications. If you find that your book sales flourish and you have more comments or posts on your sites than you can manage leaving little time for writing you might find it necessary and get to a stage where you need an app such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck (social media managers) to manage it all for you. They can post return comments, for you in multiple posts to your chosen sites leaving you with more time on your hands and less stress.

I divide my sites in the following way;

Social media for Freelancing - Blog - Twitter - HubPages - Pinterest

Social media for personal use and keeping in touch with friends - Face Book - Instagram.

But you might choose to to use your social media sites differently. A lot of authors use their Face book site solely to promote their writing.

Believe me I am no expert? I do however understand the useful role social media plays to market your brand. If you need further help there are many tech savvy people here at HubPages. And a quick google search will provide much information. These are just a few things I have learned along my journey. If all else fails the book from Amazon may help.

How to make a folder on your Iphone - Hold your finger down over an app until all your apps start to wiggle and a x appears on the top right hand corner. You can then move the app on top of another app and your phone will automatically create a folder with a name such as Social or Lifestyle in which you can add other similar apps. You will be able to rename the app if you choose to as a bar pops up underneath where you can type in whatever you choose to name your folder.

To Make a Folder on your Iphone begin by holding your finger down over any Icon until the screen looks like this. Then drag one icon on top of another.

Instructions for Making a Folder on your Iphone

What will you choose?

Which form of Social Media would you choose to market your brand?

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    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Yes it sure can be Deborah..I find it works for me if I allot myself 30 to 60 minutes per day to spend a few minutes on each one & it saves time if u set it up so you can post on 2 or more sites @ one time..thanks for dropping by..Cheers

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 

      5 years ago from Iowa

      Social media is exhausting. I make good use of Facebook, dabble in Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, am confounded by Google+, and haven't even been on Instragram yet. I need more hours in the day. Help! : )

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thank you chef for your most welcome comment! I have put a lot of work into understanding & working out how it all works, has taken a while to get it all up & running! My advice take your time & don't spread yourself too thin..Cheers

    • chef-de-jour profile image

      Andrew Spacey 

      6 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

      I enjoyed this informative hub but it also put the doomies in me because I'm so lackadaisical when it comes to promotion! I hope it will inspire me to do more. Your hard work, well written, is appreciated.

      Votes and a share.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      6 years ago from North Texas

      Wow! So much to learn and I have a stupid phone. ;) Going to share this for people who have smart phones and who have accounts such as you are describing. I only have a Pinterest acct. so far. Voted up and awesome. Appreciate your sharing your knowledge of these things and plan to bookmark this hub for future reference.

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Hi Vic thanks for your comments.. Yep they sure can be a time waste.. I now feel I've got to a point where they are working fairly good for me but its taken a while to get there..


    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 

      6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      I don't think I'm very good with social media, but I'm learning. Sometimes I do tend to waste too much time on it, though. Great hub!

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thanks Elias so glad you find it useful.. Cheers

    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 

      6 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Quite an interesting and useful hub. You share some good advice on how to efficiently use the social media platforms. Many thanks!

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thank you Mar for dropping by..I have to say firstly that with the toilet thing I was thinking more about people who love to sit for longer!! or for mum's and dads who take their little ones a dozen times a day or more!! you get a lot done in that amount of time:) Anyhow thanks for your votes, I have been sorting this through for awhile now deciding which way to go myself and have spent quite a bit of time becoming familiar with different getting there..cheers

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 

      6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      I am getting there, Mary...this hub is a detailed, informative and helpful piece for me.

      I am impressed with your organization and efficiency...I draw the line at the toilet, however (LOL)!

      Voted UP and UI. Hugs, Maria

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Hi Vicki, thanks for your comments, really appreciate them..but it's only all relevant if you enjoy social networking as I do and or need it..but it does take up time..cheers

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thanks so much Carol for the share..and so glad you found me on twitter!!


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I so admire your knowledge, and this is a very interesting Hub for me, as I do absolutely NOTHING on social media. Recently I wrote about my shortcomings in this area, and received many comments asking me not to change! I wrote it as a Perspectives article. I know I must be missing out a lot, and wish I had your skills and time management ability, but I just can't see myself spending so much time on the computer. Great Hub.

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thanks so much working it through myself I really learned a lot and though maybe others could benefit..cheers

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Great hub..found on twitter..Going to bookmark this and share..thanks for writing this.

    • caramellatte profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool hub! This is very informative and has important information. Voted up. :)

    • carter06 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thanks so much Till for everything.. If we don't have some plan in place to manage our sites it really can take over our life..I am working hard at keeping a balance myself and thought I'd share it here!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      "Staying on top of your social media sites can be quiet a challenge" you certainly got that right. We need a 34 hour day! There just isn't enough time to do these things properly so we have to give it our best shot.

      You've got lots of helpful hints here Carter and I'm sure a lot of folks will benefit from it.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.


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