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How to deal with Writer's block?

Updated on October 19, 2014
To deal or not to deal with writer's block?
To deal or not to deal with writer's block? | Source

What is Writers block?

Writer's block is a common problem for all professional and amateur writers. You can be emotionally strong, but block can catch you in the most unexpected moment. What is writer's block and how to deal with it? Well, writer's block is a situation when you loose the ability to write. Shortly speaking, it is the situation when your muse leaves you. In most cases this is a temporal problem and can be solved quite easily. In some difficult cases it may become a serious psychological problem.

What Causes Writer's Block?

It is very hard to identify the exact causes of writer's block. The reasons why writer's block happen are strictly individual and depend on each writer. These reasons can be classified in two groups: creativity problems and personal problems.

Creativity problems. It is obvious, that this group of problems is connected to writer's creativity. Creativity is very personal thing. Maybe you feel that you lost your inspiration. It also may be that you are not interested in writing anymore. Maybe the material you are working with is boring. Do you have strict terms? Answer these questions and it is possible that you will find the reason for your block.

Personal problems. This group of problems is connected to writer's personal life. Getting married? Lost your job? Had a terrible accident or met somebody you did not want to meet? Having financial pressure? Your mother-in-law is coming? All these personal life beauties and difficulties may cause writer's block.

Dealing with writer's block can be a challenge
Dealing with writer's block can be a challenge | Source

10 Tips to Deal with Writer's Block

1. Make a Schedule

Sometimes we are so busy that it is impossible to write. In this case a personal schedule may help. Make strict schedule. Choose the best hours to write. For example, make yourself to write 1 hour a day (it may be 2, 3 or even 8 hours). Turn off the TV, radio and other things that may disturb you while you write. Open your word processor, take your notebook or typewriter and start writing. It is not important what you will write about. It may be a diary, fairy tale, article or anything else. The main idea is that you must sit down and write. You can even stand up and write. Whatever you like. But you mus write for certain amount of time and keep your schedule. This may help you to deal with the writer's block problem.

2. Do not Force Yourself Too Much

When you start writing on a schedule, do not be too hard on yourself. It is very important that you will start writing for a certain amount of time, but do not force yourself too much. Look at your schedule as to your aim. It is not a punishment that you need to write. It is a great goal that you want to reach. On the other hand, you should not be too critical to yourself. Write as you feel. You will have some time later to edit your works. Do not force yourself to achieve the perfection on your first edition. A good writing consist of small amount of writing and many hours of editing.

3. Mind Yourself That Writing is a Regular Job

Writing should be treated as a regular job, even if you write poetry or novels. Do not search for muses or creative environment. Of course, these two may help, but the main idea is that you should sit and write like in regular job you go to your desk and start working. It should be the same with writing.

4. Take a Short Holidays

Finished a project or book? Great. Now it is time for short vacation. You have earned that. Take a day off, or week, or month. Off course, this depends on your capabilities, but the day off can be as useful as month. Go to theatre, museum, meet friend, have a party. Do anything, that helps you to relax. This will help you to star a new project with fresh minds and experiences.

5. Keep Deadlines

Sometimes it is very hard to set deadlines. If the period for project is too long, the writer may loose the enthusiasm and get lazy. If the term for finishing the project is too short, writer can start pushing hard on himself and get the writer's block. The deadlines must be reasonable, well estimated. This will help to avoid sleepless nights, lack of ideas and laziness.

Writing can be difficult
Writing can be difficult | Source

6. Find the Reasons of Your Writer's Block

Finding the reasons why you cannot write anymore is very important point. As it has been mentioned before, there may be many reason of writer's block. You should try to find them and deal with them. Maybe the writer's block appeared because of your bad relationship with you friend or critical attitude to you writings? Maybe you argued you husband/wife. Go and make peace. You are a creative person, so you can find a creative solution to solve the problem.If you cannot find the roots, visit the psychotherapist. He will help you to solve the problem.

7. Work on Several Projects

Working on several projects in many cases help not to get stuck on one thing. If you cannot write one article at the moment, start writing another. Multiple projects executed a the same time help not to loose interest in writing. It also sometimes reveals new ideas and attitudes. You may write an article on astronomy and suddenly come to an idea about cooking star form cookies. The fields are completely different, but in one way or another they are connected. Also, several completely different projects will not make you bored.

8. Try Some Exercises

It is very good to exercise and practice. This helps to improve your writing style and reveals new ideas. Do not think about exercises as boring stuff. This can be fun. Reveal your imagination and fantasy. While doing some writing exercises you can write about something you will never write on your article.

9. Make Your Working Space Comfortable

It is very important that you feel comfortable while writing. Get a comfortable chair. Get rid of all disturbing factors: TV, cell phone, communication programs and etc. Choose the best word processor. Get familiar with the programs you are working for. Have something to drink (water, tea) in your working space and small easy snacks. While you are writing, you organism requires for energy. In many cases you will want something to eat or drink. Make yourself as comfortable as possible while writing.

10. Find Reasons Why Have You Started Writing

One of the methods that helps to motivate yourself while writing is a short list of reasons, why are you writing. Are you writing because you can not to write? Do you love or enjoy writing. Are you writing to earn some income? Make this list and pin it somewhere in your working space. If you feel desperate, look at that list and you will remember why have you started writing.

Handwriting | Source


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  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    Gail, you are welcome. I suppose that there no such writers who like writer's block. I am glad, that you found some of the tips helpful.

  • Gail Meyers profile image

    Gail Meyers 5 years ago from United States

    I hate when I have writer's block! These are some great tips to help deal with it. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    vox vocis, I agree with you that writing should not be forced. The more you force your writing the bigger probability that writer's block will happen is.

  • vox vocis profile image

    Jasmine 5 years ago

    The writer's block happens to me sometimes, too. One way that I found useful in dealing with it is keeping notes in my little notebook. Also, reading helps a lot - I collect interesting quotes, think about them and write down expressions and phrases I find powerful in depicting things, feelings or situations. Writing has to be natural in order to have some real value, it cannot be forced. Great hub :)

  • Rhelena profile image

    Rhelena 5 years ago

    These are a lot of great tips to help you get back on track. I especially agree with not forcing it and working on various projects at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

    Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

    You welcome. Happy hubbing.

    Good luck


  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    Ian, thank you for sharing your personal experience. Such information is very valuable.

  • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

    Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

    I sometimes experience this block thing..Its quit frustrating when all of a sudden your creative juice just runs dry. I hate those moments but the tips you gave are helpful. To me personally, i normally take a hike, go swimming or just go hang out with friends. maybe because I live in a beach front home, its naturally enticing to go for a swim when I experience writers blocks during the day. Swimming also keeps me in shape so its double benefit.

    The idea is to totally forget about what I was writing. Let your mind wonder away and relax before yo get back to writing. A great hub and I thanks you for sharing what you know.