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Updated on January 14, 2011

Being Alive

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Fly baby, FlyIt only appears to be aliveA time for everythingSome would say it is impossible to plant a tree upside downPerhaps castles are only for visiting, but not to live inNow, there you go!
Fly baby, Fly
Fly baby, Fly
It only appears to be alive
It only appears to be alive
A time for everything
A time for everything
Some would say it is impossible to plant a tree upside down
Some would say it is impossible to plant a tree upside down
Perhaps castles are only for visiting, but not to live in
Perhaps castles are only for visiting, but not to live in
Now, there you go!
Now, there you go!

I Promise, I'll Walk Only With Myself

Now when I walk, I don’t just walk. I mean, I WALK. I’m not bragging here, just want you to see the picture. I’m doing somewhere between 12 to 15 minute miles. I don’t actually speed walk, like in the Olympics, so my buns are not spinning in some bizarre fashion like a gyroscope, but I’m going at a pretty good clip. On a normal day, I make time to walk 4 miles. Some days, and especially weekends, I have the time to stretch it out to five or six miles. So when I’m done with my walk, I have some serious endorphins running about my brain and body.

It is not unusual for me to see women in pairs, or sometimes a group of four, out walking, but it is rare that I pass another guy walking. Typically other men are running or jogging. I used to run, but glaucoma put an end to that.

So the other day, I see this guy walking toward me. I begin thinking about what I want to say to him. The way it works out, we pass by each other with a simple, "Good Morning."

I wanted to say to him, "Say, how about you and I inviting one other man to walk each day, and then that man will ask one other man and so on. I had this fantasy that if the women came on board, we would eventually have the entire town out walking each day.

And then I wondered what the consequences of that would be. The first thing that popped into my head is that the crime rate would go down, and maybe eventually there would be no crime in our little city! YES, just from everyone getting out each day and taking a brisk walk.

How did I come to that conclusion? I just know that after I walk four miles at a rip-roaring clip, my stress level is extremely LOW, and I’m not much interested in worrying or getting uptight about anything. I am calm and at peace. So it’s a logical conclusion for me (I know, you’re wondering what kind of logic?) that if everyone were out walking each day, folks would be calm and at peace, and together we would figure out ways to solve our problems, and no one would have to resort to criminal activity!

But then, what would be the consequences of that? Would the Mayor make a move to disband the police force? And what would be the consequences of that?

Surely, the police union would push to outlaw walking! The logic would be that if everyone is out walking, there will be no room on the streets for folks to drive their cars, for the transit system to operate, and no one would be able to get to work, and then the economy would begin to spiral! (What’s funny about that is it’s spiraling right now without everyone walking!) But Yes, the solution would be to outlaw walking.

Well, then I bumped it up a notch. What if I invited some one in another country to start walking each day and for them to invite another person in another country to walk each day and so on, until the entire world was walking each day. What would be the consequences of that?

Well, my first thought is there would be no more wars. But then, I’m sure that someone would do the math and conclude that if everyone is walking, our lifespans will surely increase and pretty soon, we will run out of space. And, perhaps more importantly, what would all the soldiers do and what would the defense industry do? Oh my God. We better institute an international ban on walking.

Kind of reminds me of that You Tube video on Free Hugs!

So just how much of our political decisions are based upon "economic" logic and not upon living together in peace and harmony?

I know, I’m sounding idealistic, or for some of you rednecks, communistic, or for you Republicans, socialistic, or for you realists, utopian. You all think I have my head in the unreal world of dreams and impossibilities. Well, maybe so. But what the heck! The Berlin Wall came down, didn’t it? How did that happen?

Hey, It's just food for walking!

Hey, Hey, Hey, don’t you worry for a second. I have yet to invite anyone to walk each day, and I promise I won’t. No reason to start checking my emails or monitoring my cell phone. No reason to suspect me of some conspiracy, for crying out loud. No, I don’t know anyone with the name Osama. I know a Ben, but that’s as far as it goes.

I promise. I will walk by myself or at best only with myself, and I won’t breathe a word of my idea to anyone!

Hey if you have any idealistic or whacky ideas of your own or comments, please SHARE. Now there's a remarkable idea. SHARING!




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