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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part sixty

Updated on June 7, 2011

Rick noticed a man stand up and then sit closer to them. Not again, he thought. Sighing, glad that the conversation with Charlie had been done fairly low keyed.

"Lynn, why don't you take Charlie and get him something to drink while we wait for Jenny to come back?" He whispered in her ear.

She got up from her squatting position.

"Another nasty fly?" she said quietly.

"Yes. Act like you are going home, though."

"Come on, Charlie. Let's go." She took the boy by the arm but not after she looked back at Rick with concern knitted all over her face, waving goodbye. He smiled and winked, mouthing the words, Don't worry as he reciprocated.. Then he sat down and picked up a magazine. He watched the man look a little confused as to what to do next. Rick sighed and started to whistle lightly.

The man got up after pulling out his cell.

I bet he needs some instructions...

Tiny came out with Jenny. She felt a hundred percent better She wore an old faded black T-shirt with the words, "Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life here." and a pair of old chic jeans with sandals. She would have to really do something to thank Dr. Clark's wife. The bag had held toiletries and dental products. She thanked Tiny and headed towards Rick. Tiny narrowed her eyes.

"Sir. You cannot use your cell phone here."

"Ah, sorry, just give me a second."

'That could cost someone their life. Put that cell phone away, now."

"Ah, sure. Um, sorry."

She looked at him. "You have been here all morning. Can you give me a name of your loved one and I will check on them."

"Ah, er...Carl Matthews."

"Really? Why don't you just wait here, while I check on him for you."

The man nodded. She picked up her OR charge nurse phone, smiling she said, "Wait here. I will be right back.

"Security? I have a suspicious man in the surgery waiting room inquiring on a no information patient. I will check for the password when you get here. Okay?"

She waited for a few minutes then headed out of the OR doors. Security came up and the man looked like he wanted to run.

"Sir, I am sorry. Do you have the password?"

"Contracts. The password is contracts."

She gave an evil smile. "Close but no cigar."

The security guards asked the man to come with them.

Rick sat reading his magazine, and chuckled. The whole waiting room turned.

"Um, sorry."

Tiny went back to the OR. She looked at the paper again. The password was Contacts.

Jenny saw the whole thing and asked, "What was that about?"

"Nothing, just a little pest control." Rick stated cryptically. "Shall we go to Lynn and Charlie? They are waiting at the vending machines."

John had arrived in his limousine at Lansing Memorial Hospital. He saw his man being escorted out by security. Damn. I guess when you want a job to get done right, you should do it yourself. He smirked.


Deshaun and Dejuan sat in the room with Larry and Joey, trying to figure out the best way to fulfill the plan and spring these two, staring at each other.

Dejuan smiled.


"Okay. There are several ways... but the best plan is to always go with the routine of this place. When do you guys get out of this room?"

"When we go to PT." Larry stated, "But they always come and get us and we are never alone."

"So what do they wear?"

"Um, green scrubs, blue hats and gloves." Joey offered.

"What time do they usually come to get you?"

"Around two." Larry stated, frowning, wondering what these two were really up to.

Dejuan looked at his watch. It was only one in the afternoon.

"Okay." Dejuan looked at his brother. "I will come back in a half an hour."

"And if you don't?" Deshaun fired back.

"Then hit the fire alarm." Dejuan stated quickly.

"Are you still feeling lucky?" Deshaun returned.

"Might as well go for it. I don't want to come back here." Dejuan set his jaw.

Deshaun knew that the conversation was over.

Larry and Joey looked at these two. They felt like they were at a tennis match, with the rapid fire responses between the twins, leaving their heads spin.

"I know you are friends with Rick Matthews, but just who are you guys anyway?" Larry asked.

Dejuan looked at the man with two casted  legs. "Just a pair of concerned citizens."

He left.


Carl lay on his bed, groggy from his surgery. He opened his eyes to Jenny who smiled at him. Her hair was plaited into two long french braids. She looked like a high school kid. He giggled a little then grimaced as he read her shirt.

"That is a new look for you." He whispered.

"Yeah? I think it is vintage grunge. Right?"

"If that is what you call it."

"Hey, beggars can't be choosers. I will have you know that Dr. Clark's wife gave me these clothes to change into... and I got a shower to boot."

"He did. Did he say anything about mom?"

"No, but I did check on her while you were in surgery." She paused. "The nurse up in the ICU said they would start weaning her off her coma drips tomorrow. Then we would be able to see if there is any..." She paused and gulped, "Brain damage."

Carl squeezed her hand. "Jenny, thank you."

"Why are you thanking me? I figure this is free housing."

He nodded, The corner of his mouth curled upward a little. He focused on the other three people who had entered the room with Jenny.


Jenny got up and Rick sat down on the chair beside him.

"How are you feeling, cuz?"

"Like my face is going to explode."

"I bet."

"I heard from Oscar last night. You won the contest."



Rick just shook his head. "When you get out of here, I am gong to need you to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Do you understand?"

"Yeah. Rick, be careful."

"I will. Trust me. Okay?"


The man shyly came forward. Carl's face was swollen along the left side, and he was hard to recognize.

"Do I look that bad, Charlie?"


"It is okay, Once all of this swelling goes down, and the bruising goes away... I will look like me again. Okay?"

"Carl does look like a burned marshmallow."

Lynn came up beside her brother. "Carl, get to feeling better...okay?"

"Sure. You keeping the guys on track?"

"Yes, We will be heading back to the deaf and blind schools tomorrow. Joe has stepped up. He made all the arrangements."

"Good." He looked at Rick. "We make toys. Right?"

"That's right."

"Any thing else the Matthews are involved in needs to be put out of business."

"I know, Carl."

Carl drifted off to sleep. Jenny sat back in the chair and waved bye to the other three.


John saw Oscar and Millie heading for the hospital entrance. He got out of his limousine and walked quickly to the entrance.

"Oscar? You old dog, long time no see."

Millie turned to her twin brother. "John? What are you doing here? Surely there is somewhere else you need to be?"

"Ah, sis. I can always count on you to make me feel welcomed." He paused. "So are you here to see how Carl is doing after his surgery?"

"We are here to visit some friends." as Oscar moved slowly between Millie and her brother.

John towered over the shorter man. "Friends? Is that what you call it?" He paused, "Give me a break, Oscar. You are more worried about Sara than anyone I know. You, being a married man and all, it would make me wonder where your loyalties lie."

MIllie glared at her brother. He was always good at stirring up trouble.

Oscar sighed. "You know, John, sometimes you can be just down right obnoxious." He leaned over and gave Millie a kiss on the cheek, whispering, "Why don't you head up and see Carl? I will keep your brother entertained a little while." He paused and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. "You remember the new password, right?"

Millie gave a brief nod and quietly said, "Don't be too long."

"I won't." The man gently took his index finger and slid it down the side of her face holding up her chin, he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Millie headed on.

"I really think I am going to get sick. Is that what it is like living with a diabetic? I mean, really, all that sweetness is rather sickening, isn't it?"

Oscar turned. "John, you will never understand and that alone makes me feel a little sorry for you."

"What?" He arched an eyebrow.  It was rare he ever felt this iritated.

"You might as well leave. You are not going to get any information on Sara or Carl." Oscar looked at him. "Besides, isn't there something else you need to be worried about?"

"Me? Worry?"

"A.J. I daresay, he is looking to do some time."

"Ah, that. It remains to be seen whether this goes to trial."

Oscar arched his eyebrows. "Really? I think you might be living in denial."

"Ha. Oscar, for a shoe salesman mentality, you still have not appreciated the strength in our family."

"No salesman ever underestimates his customer, John. You should remember that. Now if you will excuse me, I would like to go to Millie."

"Really Oscar, you are so predictable. You know, she won't live very long."

"And that makes being with her every minute very important." He turned to walk away, then looked over his shoulder. "But being with you these last five minutes is time that I will never get back."

"Bye, Oscar."

The man threw his hand up in a wave as he walked away from John.

John smirked. You no account bastard... I cannot touch you yet, not until Millie dies.

He sat down by the entrance. Waiting.


Millie entered into Carl's room with a small african violet planter.

Jenny saw her and pulled her into a hug.

"How is our boy doing?"

Jenny took the plantar and set it in the window, then, offered Millie to take the chair beside the bed.

"He is on the healing side. The doctor said the surgery went well."

Millie looked at the man's face.

"So much like his mother." She murmurred.

"Millie?" Thinking she was talking about the bruising.

"I mean, his character and heart. Sara wasn't always a push over. She was a proud, strong and very compassionate woman who unfortunately got noticed by my family." Millie glanced over at Jenny. "Dear, be careful. Don't get noticed by us."

"I think that it is too late for that."

"How do you mean?"

Jenny did not want to worry the frail lady. "Nothing." Pulling up a chair beside the woman, she sat down. "He is still under anesthesia. He may not be able to talk much."

Millie smiled looking at the sleeping boy.

"I remember when we heard he was born. He made the males of the family smile. That is a feat in itself."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, my sisters have only had girls. I did not have any children. Carl, here, held the hope of carrying the Matthews name on."

"That is a pretty hard cross to bear for a baby."

Millie smiled. "Jenny, I know you love him. I don't know what to tell you. My family will never agree for you to marry him. They will fight you on so many levels, it will be mind boggling."

"I know. But I don't mind fighting for something, if it is worth it." Jenny shivered a little rememberting that look from Carl's Uncle.  She changed the subject,  "You just missed Rick and his crew."

"Ah, we did? I was hoping to be able to visit with him, Lynn and Charlie again."

"You like Charlie?"

Millie smiled. "Yes. He has a way of bringing the best out of people, doesn't he?"

"Charlie is a special soul. That is true."

Carl heard the conversation, keeping his eyes closed. He felt the genuineness of these women. He made a mental note when he heard Jenny pause and change the subject. I have gotta get better fast. Something is not right, as he floated back to sleep.


Rick, Lynn and Charlie headed out towards the exit.

Oscar had seen them and gave Rick a quiet heads up that  John was there.

He whispered to Lynn, "Take Charlie outside, and wait for me there."

John stepped into their path when he saw them.

"Rick? Long time no see."

"Uncle John. How many times do I have to tell you that your presence here is not welcomed?"

Rick nodded to Lynn. She took Charlie by the arm. "We will wait for you outside."

"So vulnerable..." John murmurred, making sure it was loud enough for Rick to hear.

Rick turned. "John. I never liked your vieled threats. Don't come near my family."

"Your family?" He paused. "Now I understand. Little lonely Rick has decided to make that mousey girl with her retard brother his family?"

Rick closed his eyes.

"Don't make me have to repeat myself."

"Rick, you really need to watch your manners." He stepped outstide of the hospital. "It is really a beautiful spring day."

Rick followed and glanced where Charlie and Lynn were waiting. Two men stood close to them.

"They work for you?"

"Doesn't everybody?" John took a couple of steps to that sink in, then turned. "Rick, really, I am glad you found someone to love. All you have to do is keep them from testifying... and... you can live a safe and happy life."

"Touch them, and I will make sure yours becomes a living hell."

" Hell? I would welcome it."

John nodded at the two men and they followed him to the limousine.

"Come on, let's go." Rick said, sternly. "I need you to be more aware of your surroundings, Lynn."

"What? Rick, we are in front of a hospital in broad daylight. What could possibly happen?"

Rick closed his eyes at that. With his Uncle John, anything... anything could happen.

'Let's get you home." He whispered, "Did you get that key from Charlie?"

She pulled it out of her pocket of her coat and placed it in his hand.

"Let's go to your house." Lynn spoke quietly.

"Barbecue?"  asked Charlie quickly.

"Buddy, "  Rick sighed.  "We will see.  It has been a tiring day."

Charlie smlled.  "Wick?"

"Yeah, bud."

"Thank you.  Charlie wants to be Wick's family, too."

How much did that guy hear?  Wondering to himself, how much did he understand.....


Two local policemen walked down the alley where an anonymous tip said someone was hurt. There lay a man with grey hair in his late fifties in a business suit. They found a pulse, but just barely and called for an ambulance. Finding no identification or wallet, it looked like a robbery that had gone bad.


Dejuan walked down the stairs that let out behind the receptionist desk. If the specs were accurate, the hallway behind that desk led to admininistration. He held his specially designed device. As soon as a delete button for the main frame got pressed it would download directly to it. With the heat that the Feds, and State would be bringing to this place, someone would press it. And they would also know who that someone was... He stepped quietly into the hallway.


Nurse Stacy returned from lunch in the park, very troubled. When Stanley told her about that pill, she almost fell over....Seconal...a barbituate... a depressant. Oxycodone...a powerful narcotic..another depressant... and a touch of Metoprolol. A beta blocker that would also lower the body's ability to fight the other two and maintain homeostasis.

Stanley was more than concerned about her safety. He wanted her to feign sick and leave now. Her safety? What about those souls who were patients at this place? She paused. Remembering this morning's report... Michael Tran was found unresponsive last night and was sent to Charity. Charity, a free hospital in the next county, but was forty five minutes away. Why wasn't he sent to Lansing Memorial.... She held her hands out in front of the receptionist for the obligatory official hand sanitizer. She noticed a tall African American walking towards the administrator's office, but since nothing ever got past this receptionist, she ignored calling attention to the fact and  turned, heading  back upstairs to her floor. Her mind was filling with all sorts of questions.

"Bout time you showed up." Annie teased.

Stacy jumped out of her skin. "I I I shouldn't be late." She looked up at the clock., 1315.

"You are so funny. Relax, girl. It is going to be okay."

Stacy nodded, "I am just going to make my rounds." She finished passing her meds. and headed down towards Larry's and Joey's room. She wanted to know what really happened last night with Michael.

She knocked on the door and entered. There sat a tall African American male who was the spitting image of the one down stairs.

"Ah, er, Hi. You have a visitor I see."

Joey smiled. "Yes. He is a friend of the family."

Stacy waited till the housekeeping cart finished rolling past the room.

"Maybe...maybe I should come back later."

"No, Nurse Stacy. You look like you might have something on your mind." Larry spoke quietly.

"You certainly can stay. Please speak freely." Deshaun added.

She closed the door.

"I think I saw your double down stairs."

Deshaun looked at her. "A double?" He laughed.

"No...really. He was heading to the administration office." She paused. "I am hoping you are a good guy."

She sat down on the bed beside Larry. "I am sorry. I am not good with this cloak and dagger stuff. Mr. Wilson... can you tell me what happened to Michael?"

The nurse sitting beside him was shaking.

"Nurse Stacy, they gave him one of those Special V pills last night and he went out. They found him down around two this morning and sent him to the hospital."

She took in the information. "How can this be fixed? I have gotta do something."

Deshaun looked at her noting the time... it was forty five minutes since Dejuan left.

"Miss." He paused. " I do have a brother. He is at the administration office. He was supposed to be back fifteen minutes ago."

She nodded. "Fine. Stay here. I will be right back."


Dejuan saw the Out to Lunch sign on the door He entered and finished his work as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it was not soon enough, he heard the footsteps coming down the hallway and now was trapped in a closet. He hoped  the woman would not come near it...damn.

A knock came to the door. The administrator stated, "Come in."

Stacy took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Please come quick. There is a family member who demands to talk with you upstairs. He is very upset. He says he is Mrs. Sloan's long lost son. He wants the records and he is threatening a law suit."

The administrator grabbed her suitcoat, put it on and headed out with the nurse.

Dejuan smiled and moved quickly out of the office and back up the four flights of stairs. He entered the ward quetly, just as two men dressed in green with blue paper hats, passed by pushing two wheel chairs. He followed them. They entered the room of Larry Matthews with Dejuan right behind.

He hit the one between the shoulder blades with his tazor as he shut the door. The other one surprised turning towards Dejuan, went down as well as Deshaun hit him with his.


"I am so sorry. I guess he left angry." She placed a sorrowful look on her face.

The administrator glared at her and muttered, "Good help is so hard to find these days." and headed back to the elevators.

Two men clad in green with blue hats and gloves pushed two patients past Stacy. She smiled and gave one of them a wink then headed back to the nursing station.


The adminstrator's phone rang. "It's me. We just got word. The State Board of Health, accompanied by the State Police are heading your way. Defcon Five. Understood."

"What a day." Stated the administrator who opened the computer and proceeded to dump the files.

The Receptionist knocked on her office door. "Come quick. The Board of Health is here."

She headed out of the office and smiled broadly, "Hello, gentlemen."

to be continued.


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      i really want to thankyou. i don't think i could have kept this up if it wasn't for your kind comments... really. i know it needs cleaned up and edited, but thank you for hanging in there. i really wasn't sure about this chapter at all...

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Very Well Done, Jean! The story has maintained its flow and heightened the excitement level at the same time. You seem to be quite the organizer what with keeping the characters in check and relevant, interjecting them just at the right time.

      That is some feat, which only those very skilled writers can accomplish! The result is this story "rocks"!

      It has me feeling the rush of a spellbinder that I have no intention of missing each and every chapter until the words "The End" tell me that it is finished!

      Thanks Jean! Great work and voted up for sure!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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