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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part fifty nine

Updated on June 7, 2011

Chuck entered into the prosecutor's office. There sat his boss, Stanley Kutzavich, and, he looked surprised as he saw the Attorney General sitting on the other side of Stanley's desk.

"Um, excuse me?"

"Chuck... tell me what was in that pill." Stanley glanced up at the lab technician.

"Well, to put it bluntly, it is a mickey." Chuck looked at them and realized the term might be lost on folk so young.

"A what?"

"It contains seconal, oxycodone and metoprolol."

"Okay, Chuck. What is it meant to do?"

"Well, it will put the person in a very sleepy, rather depressed state. Seconal is a barbiturate. Oxycodone is a narcotic. Metoprolol is a anti hypertension drug that will also slow the heart rate down."

"So what would be the total effect?"

"I daresay that the person would be unresponsive, the blood pressure would drop and so would their heart rate, and that person would become a medical emergency."

Allison raised her eyebrow. "So it someone was picked to be an unwilling donor, this would make them appear like they needed acute medical care...."

"And then they would get transferred to an acute care facility..." Stanley looked at Allison..

"And they could not refuse what ever treatment..." she continued.

"Or surgery that would be indicated..." finished Stanley.

"Would this drug stay in the system?" Allison inquired.

"For a while. A urine drug screen would show if barbiturates or narcotics were on board."

"And the anti hypertension drug?"

"Oh, a blood test."

Allison took her cell phone out. She pressed the number to the State Board of health.

Stanley looked at Chuck.

"I need you to test for these drugs on Miguel Gomez."

"The autopsy from yesterday?"


"Stan, we released the body already."



Dejuan pulled out his cell phone as his brother stopped at a light.

"Should I call Scott and see how his mom is doing?"

"Do it, then, we can update him on the plan."

Scott felt his cell vibrate, while he sat beside his mother's bed. The poor thing had a rough night from the pain, but now seemed to be resting.

He got up and answered the phone, exiting his mother's room.

"Hey, Dejuan."

"She is holding her own. It was rough last night, but I think that some of the pain has lessened.

"Oh, you guys got that done already. Great. I will let the Chief know."

"Hey, have you talked with Rick, lately?"

"Well, um, it's complicated, but Rick's aunt and cousin are in the hospital here."

"Looks like some kind of family dispute...gone way bad."

"Yeah. And John Matthews came over here. He knows I work for the FBI, and he saw me."

"My cover?" he paused. "Blown wide open."

"You might want to talk with Rick though. HIs friend, um, Jenny... Lundstrom. She has a brother in rehab. I just don't know if it is the Phoenix."

"Okay, take care."


Dejuan had a concerned look on his face.

"What is it now?"

"Just a moment. I am going to call Rick.."


Rick sat in his chair. He was back in his office. He smiled to himself. As a knock came on the door and his executive assistant once again entered the room.

"Mrs. Smith? What is it now?" The woman had checked on him every hour on the hour since he arrived this morning.

"Um, sorry. I just don't want you to disappear." She carried a huge box with a stack of envelops on top.. "Here. These just came from the mail room."

"What are they?"

"I daresay they are best wishes and congratulations, boss."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Does this look like I am kidding?"

She dumped the box onto his desk. Presents, nick knacks, and toiletries lay on his desk. He opened up the first card, the second, and then just shook his head, at the amount of stuff.

"Was the Chairman that bad?"

She rolled her eyes. "I spent the whole day yesterday after he left getting this office fumigated."

"Mrs. Smith." Rick gave a gentle reprimanding look.

"Boss, don't let them ever put you in a position like that again."

"It wasn't like I had a choice."

"I know."

"Tell you what, it has been a long time since this place has been remodeled. Could you help me with that?"

"What... a new desk?"

"No. I think I want a table and chairs over in that corner."




"No buts. Chairs... at least four. I think efficiency is important. But if someone really needs to talk, I should be more open to that."




"I will leave it in your capable hands. I have leave early today." He paused and looked at his assistant, "Personel business."

Mrs. Smith nodded.



"Tell Mr. Matthews, we are all pulling for him and his mom."

Rick looked at her confused. How the hell did she know that?

"Ah, er, um..."

Mrs. Smith gave a little grin, "You know, the rumor mill here has an eighty percent accuracy rate." and walked out.

Rick pulled himself out of his musings as his phone vibrated. Dejuan's id showed up.

"Hey, Dejuan."

"Rick, what is this about Carl and his mom? We just got off the phone with Scott."

Dejuan listened, his eyes went wide.

"Good Lord, and she is still alive, after all that? And Carl only had facial fractures?"

"Thank God."

"Rick not to change the subject but we got the first part of the plan done this morning." He paused, knowing this guy would say no. "I want to go ahead with the second part. today."

"Well, I need to know if you know anyone who is actually a patient at the Phoenix rehab."

"Larry.... Larry Wilson." He jotted his name down. "Brother to Jenny Lundstrom. Got it."

"Sure, we will check up on him. No problem. Oh and Rick, about that other thing you asked us to check up on?"

Rick listened to Dejuan and frowned. "So, I guess that is why."

"Steve Hauser was one of the most honest men I ever had come across." Rick paused and listened.

"I understand. Go ahead with part B. But be careful. I will handle Steve."

"See ya later."

Rick got on the intercom. "Mrs. Smith, contact Steve Hauser and tell him I want to meet with him right away."


Steve sat quietly in the private waiting room. His daughter was prepped and ready. He looked up at the cieling, and said, "Please let this go well. I know I should not be asking for your help, but please let Katie live."


John sent one of his men to Lansing Memorial. He then sent another to the warehouse where that retard and the naive brunette were supposedly working.

He knew that Steve Hauser was at Charity, waiting to see how his daughter did with the heart transplant. The man came to him a year ago when his daughter's congenital heart condition had worsened for financial help. She had been on the list for three years but no donor had been found and Steve was at his wits end. The family allowed him into the inner circle so to speak, because of his status as Manager of Sales and Distribution. He would get his just deserts for all that hard work. . After all, only the four brothers of the family circle were permanent members. Steve failed to find those diamonds before Carl's team did. He would be held accountable. John smiled. The only thing that would link all those insignificant unrelated events that the Attorney General was investigating to the Matthews family was Steve Hauser. Steve had been useful and very instrumental in orchestrating their Asian connection for selling organs and such, but now he would need to be retired permanently.

John walked down the stairs and into the den to discuss the matter with Martin. But the Chairman was busy.

"John. What the hell are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be getting our problems fixed?"

John noticed A.J. on his knees with his arms held up. He smiled to himself. I guess when one acts like a child, one should be punished as a child.

"Martin, trust me, okay. I even got your little love interest covered."

He went over and sat on the couch.

"Every witness has a tail. But I think that we have bigger fish to fry."

The Chairman looked at his youngest brother. He sighed. "What do you mean?"

"Well, while you have been busy with... " He looked at A.j. "Our troublesome brother. I have been thinking about our weakest link."

"And who might that be?" The Chairman glared down at the errant brother who had brought the police into the Matthews' affairs.

"Well, A.J. would fall as the second weakest. I am talking about Steve Hauser."

"Ah, that bastard? You are right. Now that he has a heart, he won't have any reason to be loyal anymore."

"Yeah, if you give a mouse a cookie? Right?" John leaned forward with his elbow on his knees and his finger points touching each other.


"So what are you thnking?"

John smiled. "What else? An eye for an eye? a tooth for a tooth?"

"Ah, A heart for a heart?"

The men both smiled. A.J. just grunted.


Steve's phone vibrated.


"Ah, Mr. Hauser? This is executive assistant Bonnie Smith here. The C.O. would like to speak with you today."

"I can't. Not today."


"I am taking a personal day. I had a family emergency. Good bye."

Mrs. Smith walked into the C.O.'s office and reported it to Rick.

Rick closed his eyes. Steve...don't you know you are a dead man now? If what Dejuan said was true, then once Steve's child got that heart, Steve would no longer have a reason to be loyal to the Matthews and he would probably not see tomorrow.

"Thank you Mrs. Smith. Do you know where he was when he returned your call?"

"No, but I heard an announcement over the loud speaker. I think he might be at the hospital."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, I heard an announcement that said, "Code Blue." That would only mean a hospital."

"Thank you very much, Mrs. Smith. I am going to be leaving now."

She nodded as the man gathered his keys and grabbed his suitcoat and put it on. She watched him leave out the door.


Steve sat on his chair looking at the phone, hoping he would be able to see his daughter one last time.

He looked up as two men walked entered and stood in front of him.


"Mr. Matthews wishes to see you."

"Can I at least wait until my Katie wakes up?"

"Ah, if it was the Chairman, maybe. But John wishes to speak with you."

Steve pulled out his cell.

"Mr. Hauser?" As the man grabbed it away, "You know if you make trouble, your daugher will suffer."

"Fine. I just wanted to call John myself."

"Come with us."


Rick pulled up. Charlie and Lynn were waiting just outside of the warehouse.

As they climbed into the car, Rick said, "I need to stop by Charity for a moment. Something came up."

As he drove off, he did not notice that he was being tailed by a motorcycle.


Deshaun and Dejuan dressed in jeans and button down shirts entered the Phoenix Rehab. They went to the receptionist's desk.

"Hi, we are looking for Larry Wilson?"

She stood up with the hand sanitizer. "Hands, please?"

She squirted a large amount on both of their hands, then handed them both pamphlets, after telling them what room he wias in.

The two headed to the elevator.


"Yes, bro."

"Can one be too clean?"


Getting off the elevator, they found the room, as they entered, a nurse was trying to get one of the men to take his medicine.

"I don't want it." Joey stated.

"But sir, this is a medication that the doctor ordered specially for you."

"It makes me feel funny. I am not taking it."

Larry looked over at his friend who had slept so hard last night after taking that drug he had worried that he might not wake up.



"Remember Mama Kay?"

He looked over at Larry.

"So I really have to take this?"

Larry stretched, and ignored his friend.

"Only if you want to get better."


He grabbed the pill and swallowed hard.

"You did not need any water?"

"He's good. He used to take the pills Mama Kay gave him, just like that." Thinking how Joey would pocket the pills in his mouth and spit them out later.

Larry watched the nurse leave. He noticed two tall African American men enter the room. "Am I seeing double?"

Dejuan laughed. "Larry? Man, long time no see. When we heard from Jenny you were here, we had to stop by." Hoping the boy would go along with everything.

Joey spit out the pill, tossing it in his urinal and then poured some left over apple juice over it.

"Thanks, Larry, for reminding me."

"No problem. Sometimes discretion is the best part of valor."

The twins walked in and looked for chairs.

"This place doesn't seem to very hospitable."

Larry and Joey scooted back on their beds. "Have a seat."

Dejuan whispered. "We are Rick's friends and he wanted us to stop by and check on you guys."

Larry nodded. "Look... we want to get out of here. Can you two make that happen?"

"Can't you just sign your self out?"

Joey looked at the guy. He whispered, "One of our roommates tried that. The nurse had already given him medicine. She told him they would discuss it tomorrow with the doctor got back. By two am, they were transferring him back to Charity."

"Really?" Deshaun pulled out his cell phone, and started to text. "What was the man's name?"

"Mike.. Michael Tran."

"Yeah, he and I took one of those special pills last night."

"But you are still here."

Larry looked over at Joey. "You were tripping pretty hard last night."

"Yeah. I have been clean over five years. That pill sent me to where I never wanted to return to."

Larry grinned at his friend. "You are only still here, because that nurse was too busy with Mike. She ignored you."

Deshaun looked at his brother. "Are you up for two roommates?"

Dejuan smiled. "Well, we only have the couch."

"I can sleep on the floor. Larry will need the couch with his legs."

"Why can't we go back home with Jenny?" Larry asked quickly.

"About that." Dejuan sighed. "You guys haven't heard, have you?"

"Tell me what happened. Jenny is okay, isn't she?"


Rick came out of Charity hospital. He should have known. There would be no way of finding Steve here.

He climbed back in to the car. Lynn looked at him.

"What's wrong?"

"I cannot find Steve Hauser."

"He is missing? He should have been working with sales today. I am sorry, I did not know."

"Well, Steve has been working for the other side."


"Yeah... His teenage daughter needed a heart transplant. Her condition has deteriorated over the last year. Somehow either he learned of the family business, or they head hunted him because of his management status over sales and distribution... I am guessing that the heart became available... Now Steve has no reason to work for the Matthews anymore."

"So he is expendable?"

"Yeah, and he is also the only direct link to tying the Matthews to this mess."

Charlie sat back and started to rock.

"Charlie, is something the matter?" As Rick pulled out of the parking lot, wondering what their next move might be.

"Noise, it hurts." Charlie closed the sunroof. "It still hurts."

"Charlie, is it Rick's car?"

"No, not like Jenny's noise. It hurts."

Rick looked at her.

She sighed. "Charlie noticed an engine problem before anyone else could hear it."

Rick thought for a moment and looked at his side and rear view mirror. He noticed a motorcycle behind him.

"Charlie, how long have you heard that noise?"

"Everytime Wick drives. Ever since we left work."

Rick nodded and pulled into the left lane, the motor cycle followed. He looked to his right and made a quick right turn without use of turn signal, crossing both lanes, into a drive thru.


Lynn looked at him like he was crazy.

He noted the motorcycle had followed them, and parked. The guy did not move.

"Jenny, while I order, why don't you take Charlie and go to the bathroom?"

"Um, Charlie? Do you need to go?"


"Guys, it is a very long trip. I need you both to go into the restaurant and go to the bathroom. Stay there, until I come and get you. Okay?" Rick turned to Jenny and whispered, "Please."

"Come on Charile. Let's go."


"Charlie? Come on. Rick is buying our lunch, we should do as he asks."

The boy nodded and got out of the car. Rick watched out of his mirror as he ordered his food.

The man on the motorcycle take off his helmet.

"So what are you going to do?" Rick watched, until the car in front of him moved. He paid and got the food then went around the restaurant finding the motorcycle devoid of a rider.

He looked around, hopped out of his car. He quickly took out his favorite pen and finding the tire stems, he let the air out of both tires.

He headed into the restaurant, he smiled, as he noted a man dressed in leathers was getting some food.

Charlie and Lynn emerged from the bathrooms.

"Ready to go?" Rick stated loudly.

The man glanced at their direction and grabbed his food, throwing the money on the table. He ran out to his bike, Charlie, Lynn and Rick got in the car.

The man looked at his bike and kicked the ground. Rick drove by and smiled.

"Is the noise gone, Charlie?"

"Yep." The boy hit the sun roof. He smiled. "Mommy kisses."

Rick took a drink of his shake.

Lynn sat looking at the burger and fries, sitting in her lap.

"What was that about?"

"Well, we picked up a nasty fly. I just got rid of it. That's all," He paused, grinning, "Could you give me a bite of my sandwich?"

Lynn looked at him, and sighed. "So, we are being followed." Taking a piece and shoving it into Rick's mouth. He chewed and swallowed.

"That is the size of it. I daresay that someone is curious about our whereabouts."

"And if we keep them busy looking our way?"

"Maybe, no one else will be noticed."

The rider called the boss.

"How stupid can you get?" John stated as he climbed into the limo to head for his appointment, thinking how hard it is to get good help. "I know you are new. Consider this your final warning. People who make mistakes don't work for me very long."

He hung up. Rick, Rick, Rick, you think you are so smart. He got on the phone to his man over at Lansing Memorial to give him a heads up that Rick, his girl and that retard would be heading there.


Rick got on the phone while sitting at the light, "I need to speak to Deputy Chief Gomez, please. This is Rick Matthews." While he waited, he quickly placed the ear piece and sat the phone in it's holder. He turned onto the exit to the interstate.

"Sir, we have a problem. I need to report that one of my employees is missing."

"His name? Steve Hauser, fifty eight, Grey hair, slight build. about five eleven or so."


"Steve...Steve ...Steve." John sat down across from the man who had been beaten.

"We did what we were supposed to do. Now you only have one more job."

He nodded at his man, who pulled out the needle while the others held Steve's arm.

"My men told me about your threat... If something happens to me, a letter will be sent to the police... " John laughed. "Steve, I watch movies, too, you know?" He paused. "Like  anyone would notice that you had gone missing. I have had you followed ever since you started working for us. All your emails have been erased. All your letters were confiscated and checked. So you have no special file. No envelope. I even got a copy of your will. No one would care if you lived or died, save your daughter, and now she will be the only part of you left alive."

John watched the man's arm being injected. Smiling he stood up and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Take this to your grave. With your death, you will give another one a chance at life."

Steve closed his eyes.

"Take his wallet. And make it look like a robbery. Drop him off over on tenth by Mickey's Tavern." He looked at his two most trusted men. "This should go without saying, but, just for the record, make sure no one sees you. I will call it in."

The men lifted Steve off the chair and drug him to the car.

John took out his phone and checked on the status of his man over at Lansing Memorial.

He smiled. All the players were there, along with that delicious blond. He pulled out a paper from his pocket. To have someone that strong he could torment for the rest of her life, yeah, that would be interesting, as he pocketed the marriage license, only requiring her signature.


The plastic surgeon headed out to talk with the family of Carl Matthews.

"Hi, I am Dr. Simmons. Carl did very well, his tripod and orbital fractures aligned very well after giving them some time for for the swelling to dissipate."

An odd looking man stared at him. "So Carl is going to be all right?"

Must be mentally challenged. He cleared his throat, buying time. He really hated talking to family. "Yes." to the man, then turned back to the other three.

"He should be able to be discharged in a day or two. Now if you will excuse me?"

The man turned and walked back through  the OR doors only to be caught by Dr. Clark.

"How did that surgery go on that kid, Carl Matthews?"

He sighed. "It went well. But that family, you would think someone as rich as them could put that one guy away or something."

"Ah, you mean Charlie?"

He looked at his colleague. "Dr. Clark, you are on a first name basis with that guy?"

He smiled. "You know, Dr. Simmons. we are colleagues and you are probably one of the best plastic surgeons I know, but sometimes, you can be a snob." He walked away knowing that the man did not hear him.

"What do you mean one of the best?" Dr. Simmons said to himself, as he headed back to scrub up for another case.


"Jenny, honey, why don't you come home with us. You need to shower and change clothes at least."  Lynn asked quietly.

"Yeah, those clothes have seen better days."  Rick agreed, hoping the woman would take the hint.

Jenny looked at her wrinkled clothes and sniffed them.

"You are right. I just don't want to leave."

Dr. Clark exited out of the OR with a plastic bag in his hand. He walked up to the group in the chairs who looked relieved. This is going to be awkward, he thought. His wife had given him this bag this morning for the girl that reminded him of her. "Give her this. It is just some old clothes I was going to take to the good will anyway. And show her where she can take a shower at least. If she is like me, like you say, you know she won't leave that place as long as her man is there."

He smiled. Knowing his Janice, she would give him the third degree tonight about this bag. He went up to the group and held it out to the blond.

"Here. Take this."

"D..Dr. Clark?"


"um, er What is this?"

He sighed. "Please take this or my wife will never let me hear the end of it." He paused. "When Mr. Matthews gets out of the Recovery Room, he will be going back to his room. You have about an hour to get cleaned up." He looked over at one of the scrub nurses. "This is Tiny. She is one of our best. She will show you where you can shower."

"Ah, er, I don't know what to say." The girl was obviously confused by all this as her friends looked at him.

"Just say thank you and allow an old man some peace at home."

She laughed. "Sure. Thank you. Ah, and tell your wife, thank you, too."

The man nodded and headed back to the OR for his next case.

"Come with me, Miss." A diminutive asian nurse came up to Jenny.


As she followed her, Jenny asked, "Does Dr. Clark so this for others?"

Tiny smiled. "He is not just a surgeon. He has a medicine doctor's heart."

"I don't understand."

She smiled. "Surgeons are technicians by trade. Their personalites tend to be just as mechanical... Medicine doctors spend more time with their patients... the good ones get to know their patients."

"So you are saying that Dr. Clark is more like a medicine doctor than a surgeon."

Jenny followed her into a locker room. "Yes." she paused then said, " Now, this is a closed for cleaning sign. I will hang it up. But hurry. You are in the female locker room and in about twenty minutes, the girls will come in here to freshen up a bit. Okay?"

"I am not sure I can get back."

"Oh, I will come back to get you."

"Thank you."


"What do you make of that?" Lynn whispered to Rick.

"I think he is just being nice." He sighed. Charlie looked a little worse for wear.

"Charlie, I would like to wait until Jenny gets back and then see Carl settled in his room. Can you hold up just a little while longer?"

Charlie nodded. "I just miss my teddy bear."

"Teddy bear?"


"Last time I saw it was what... when you gave it to Lynn to hold."

"Yes, Charlie. I left for work early that day.  Did you take  it in the car? . Did you leave it at work?"

He shook his head. "I don't think Mr. House gave it back to me."

"Huh? Mr. House?"

"Yeah. He was looking sad so I gave it to him."

"House?" said Rick. "You mean Steve Hauser?"

"Yep. I wanted Carl to have it for a while."

Lynn got up and squatted down in front of Charlie. Taking his hands she made eye contact.

"Charlie, why was Mr. House looking so sad?"

"Oh. He was on the phone crying, he said, "Katie. Daddy is trying everything he can. You just have to hang in there."

"When... When did you hear him sat that?"

"When Li Li was at work and could not be with me. Joe let me take a break and we walked outside, then Joe had to take a call and told me to stay there."

"So, did Mr. House see you?"

"Yes. Mr. House is a nice man. He gave me this."

Charlie held up a plastic bracelet key chain with a key on it.

"Did Mr. House say anything else?"

"No. He said it was the key to his heart and he wanted me to have it."

Charlie looked at it. "A key to the heart. Li Li, what does that mean?"

Lynn looked at her brother and Rick. "I guess it means that that is a very important key, Charlie." She paused. "Is that when you gave him your bear?"

"Yes. He asked if he could borrow it for a while."


The teenager lay sound asleep in the ICU. A worn teddy bear sat vigilant beside her on a bedside table in a plastic bag. After all, one can't be too careful of germs. Thought the day shift nuse who patted the bear on its head.

to be continued...


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from usa


    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      8 years ago

      I'm glad my poetic hint was accepted as it was intended, Jean! Please do get the sleep you need and make notes if you must but wait until you are rested to tackle the next few chapters.

      This is simply too good a story to allow it to become error ridden! I want you to feel good about your series as it is very worthy of being published as a hard cover Novel and I mean that Jean!

      Take Care! Get a Good Rest and Be Well, Meow48!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from usa

      hahahahahaha. I should never write anything when I am this tired. I am working on the next chapter and even i am saddened by the mistakes i am making. I even tried to edit that word you pointed out, but forgot to save the changes. I need to get some sleep. I working nights and day shifts right now. My sleep is totally hosed. But thank you for the gentle teasing, i needed it.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      8 years ago

      Am I to infer, that you mean,

      That you've still another Scene,

      That will be instead, seen,

      Is that scene, you mean, Jean?

      Now that is a Poetic conundrum to postulate on! LOL!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from usa

      well, that remains to be scene. the story is going to get darker but i thank you for your kind remarks. take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      8 years ago

      This has everything which I look for in a spellbinder, Jean! The intrigue, plot twists, character interaction and detail which attracts my curiosity, peeks my interests and challenges my deductive reasoning.

      PS: John Matthews is hereby nominated for Villain of the Year! He is in Professor Moriarty class and I am looking forward to watching him get his.

      On a scale of 10 this is a solid 9 meow48 and I am known to be very stingy with my grading. Very well done and I am voting this Up !

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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