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Is it now or never?

Updated on December 21, 2015

It needs to happen quick.

If I had to think Of a special quote

Martin Luther King would get my vote.

If I had to think of someone I admire

Muhammad Ali's picture would be above my fire.

If I had to quote who kills more of its people

Syria,Iraq and other would be top of the steeple.

If I had to pick, on tv every day

What wretches my stomach kids dying, I'd say.

When I think of the wealth, the world has for sure

Our everyday ignorance really is pretty poor.

We are shocked at the time we express our disgust

But we still carry on with our misplaced trust.

We don't take the steps we don't end this curse

More and more die daily the problem is getting worse.

Tyrants keep bullying those they profess to adore

The same old story it's getting to be a bore.

Money talks most times why not do it now

Why not get rid NO,it's easier to bow

It's easier to turn a blind eye ,easier for us to close our door

Easier for our conscience ,to sweep it under the floor.

While we ignore,dispute and digress,

peoples lives are still in a mess.

People still dye,every single day

upload our conscience,for these people we will pray.,

we think of them sparingly,as much as we can

All the while being bullied,by a tyrant of a man.

Is there an end,to the suffering we see

I sincerely hope there is,make a future plea

If a solution is found,that's not dependant on cost

Foundations must be sound,or all hope will be lost

Too many people are dying,i'm sick of the news each day

Full of people crying,people unaccounted for? whos to say.

men missing wives,children and kin,

they pray for an end,when will it begin.

When is it time for life to be given a chance

We all need to stand up and take a universal stance.

Then and only then ,will humanity be the plea

Happiness and joy ,as far as the eye can see.

How many?No one asks the question

How many is too many?

When is enough enough?

When does the tally stop?

When do we start to get tough?

When is his time?

When is it right he should go?

When do we ask the question?

Why does no one really know?

Why is he still killing?

Why are we standing by aghast?

When will he be taken out?

Will it happen quite fast?

Wishes Are Not a Crime!

We all laugh and we all cry.

Im not happy every day,no one is.That would be unrealistic. Anyone who says they are happy every day,I would find that very suspicious. It worries me that the world seems to be taking too much time round tables discussing,when we should be taking action. Assad ,and his murder squads have operated without fear of prosecution for a very long time. He ,by now probably thinks he is untouchable. Is he really? I sincerely hope not,I hope this isn't going to be the case. I sincerely hope that's not going to be our legacy forever,that we stood by ,while a small minded thug was allowed to kill for fun. In any other country in the world,in a civilised society,this would not be allowed to continue, Why is Syria different?

We all need hope!

Hope Lives, Right?

I hope in the very near future,I will be able to write something nice regarding Syria. I hope it's not always going to be doom and gloom when I write about it. Up to now,sadly that's been pretty much the norm,I hope sincerely this does change. I hope to be writing soon about how Syrian people's lives have changed for the better since Assad was overthrown.i hope to write about how all the countries of the world took a stand,and decided Syrian people were worth fighting for. I hope to write how Syrian kids are being educated and not afraid to go to school each day.I would very much like to write about Syrian women and men going about their normal daily business without fear of persecution. I hope,I really do hope.

Unsure of what's to come.

One death,

Too much

Screaming child

Too much

Daddy dead at my feet

Too much

Mummy takes last breath

Too much

Painfull memories.

Too much.

Tyranny unpunished,

Too much.

Too much,Is too much.

If It Every Comes.

This is probably what each law abiding Syrian citizen asks each day, Will it ever come? Will we ever see peace? Will Assad ever be accountable? Will we ever be safe? These are things we all take for granted in our lives every day,I know I do,it's not too much to ask,is it? Syrian people have endured torment and fear for as long as our memories care to look back on. It's not right,I could think of nothing worse than being restricted from going out to do normal things,going for shopping with my kids, going for a coffee with my friend. I take all this for granted,when will these poor people ever be able to take these things for granted,it should come soon,they have already waited too long.

? ? ? ?

DEATH, no place here

replace me with FEAR.

BREATH ,taken away

Happiness come back TODAY.

DIVERSITY, instead of eerie calm.

Intensity falling through my PALM.

DEATH being acceptable,not right

fear grips your sleep all through the NIGHT.

TIREDNESS, gives way to tears.

Blindness ,allays all their FEARS.

NOT right,it's surely wrong

Seems to be an ever playing SONG.

Everyone should smile,at least one day.

What's Assad's Legacy?

How do we stop this tyrant?

See results

Idyllic world! Syrians future?


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