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Island Girl,/To Coney Island Girl:

Updated on July 19, 2009

Bebe, came from the village,

Far away from the beach,

Near the golden Creeks,

Bebe used to sit on the Bank called Glover Bay,

Dreaming of the day when she will get away,

Her dream of tomorrows,

was going to be lot of sorrow,

Island girl, never knew that she had it made,

living on the Island, with all it pride and beauty,

Lovely beaches and white glitterings sand,

Plenty of open land.and no speeding mini vans,

Trees tree,trees,

Palm trees, Breadfruits, trees, Tamarind, tree,,Mango

and even the old sickamoes trees, plenty of

Shades as the waves washed up to the shore!

living on the Island was never a bored,

Plenty of activities to endured,

Land-ships the,parade, and the Army Barade

Not forgetting August 1st Crop Over, one of the most

and best events, even better than the Congo-line lingo;

The Island girls wore their colourful skirts,

Hibiscus, sunflower, morning glory, even the nation stinking messy,

was seen all over the place,

She love the Island. but they was a force pulling her,

to venture into another direction as she was getting older.

So her love for the island was becoming ,not so sincere,

Her devotion for her homeland,

was coming to the end,

Island girl was getting the calling,

From a far away land,

And know matter how , many other family members,

try to talk her out of it,

She didn't want to give up the idea or quit,

Her parents warned her, not to travel abroad,

""Bebe, those big city is like a cattle on a ramp page,

People there always there always in a hurry,

To and fro, always hustling,

Always heading in directions

and never know where they are going,"

Always in a hurry lots of bustling,

That life over seas is to fast for you, Chile"

You will always be stuck in the house"

Your sweet disposition will be smogs..

Lots of haters and fakers,

And plenty of old fashion grudge"

"But Mama, l am tired with this life,

It's boring and l may end up whoring,

Need to earn lot of money

, l need to have the New-York looks

I know that l can make it there, Mama"

I got the looks. and

you know, it.

l got the styles and class,

I am very ambitious,

Please !!! l need to see more than this green, green grass.

"Chile are you sure?"

New-York have a lot of snow,

"But MAMA lots of Broadway shows!

"Chile that's not what it's all about,

You always have to be on the look-out.

For the Gangster, the muggers, the modern day,

kidnappers,, and your life is what l am worry about",

You will be working nine to five,

"Chile you wouldn't have

a life,.....................working under conditions,

You could have never imagine!!,

Low rate pay jobs,

and know holiday.

Mama! Please l am very ambitious'

It's not always all about the money, Chile"

It is the danger of living under those condition.

"Chile, that not what it is all about,

that fast life, and your life,

l am worry about

Its; no sweet bread, no pig snout,

Mama "it's my life,

I have to strive,

I have this dream Mama, smoother than ice cream

and l need to learn, l am becoming a woman,

a strong Island woman.need to learned..............................................

the fundamental of what life have to offered,

Not down under, but up NORTH. (North America,)


"l need to be on my own,

I need to believe in me,

Can not and wouldn't hide and

hang out on this Island.....

"Well Chile, you.. do what you need to do

I am know longer going to bother.. with you,

Because, right now..... you are acting like a fool,


Island Girl-- what do you want with the White man world,

Bebe hated that song,

Not that it was too long

It was the lyrics, the word of the song,

that made her so strong, she need to

proved to

folks like-- that-those-- with small minded attitudes,

That she can go anywhere, without they approval

And yet they comes to her Island year after year,

With plastic smiles upon they face,

and acts like they care,

But as soon as you want to revisit they homeland,

Now you are a high risks.

And asking you to strip.right

Down to your toes.

Even when it's cold.

Island girl "what you want with the white man world"

Mama kept playing that song,

It don't matter, l will be leaving soon!

I will be charging my Air fare,

Right now, Bebe don't care.....

Many others in my family, before me, have travel abroad,

they became successful, and Yes!!

Few of them had a downfall,

Each person have they own identity

What works for you, will not work for me,

So my mind is made up,

And l will not turn back

"Have to get this monkey off my back,

Have to go up (North) North America,

And probably defrost,

January 5th 1993, Bebe broaded American Airline flight 1384,

yes, with tears in her eyes,

Man! l wouldn't tell a lie",

Was it tears of joy, or tears of regrets,

I wouldn't revealed it yet,(lol)

Winter, Spring, Summer and fall

Bebe couldn't find work at all,

She went from audition to audition,

Always the same answered...."No Admission"

Not hiring, .............................

Then she remember her High School Play...

"Tourist white man wiping his face, met me in the Market Place

He looked at my old clothes , brown with stain, and soaked

Thu with the Portland rain,

He roll up his eyes, turn up his nose,

And said "you are a beggar man l supposed'

Boy!!! get an occupation.. be of some value to your Nation,

And l looked up above

and shooked my hands and l said!

, "he must recognized a {banana Man}

"out of product fiction.

goods things will come

Under the Sun..,,


Island girl was determined to find herself a job,

In this big city , the city that never sleep,

New-York City,

Bebe thought that coming to New york,

And getting a audition to be in a Broadway Show,

would have been that easy,

But "It is who you know,

Will surely get you in the show

and through the ..............door,

Plus many door of opportunities to succeed.

Her determination, and eagerness is tools for success,

and it was one of her great assets,

Her mental state was on the line,

She just want to join that chorus line,

"Oh how Divine,

"Mama "l am beginning to understand

I have to be patience, this is not my land

Island girl is not failing, or not even thinking of bailing,

Bebe took the train to West 8Th street, into Coney Island,

She just want to walk the Broad Walk,

To see the old famous "Nathan Hot dog stand

was there since 1911.....and still standing,

Just a little reminder, to see the beach, the sand


give her a feeling of being back on the Island.

And how to deal with life and the Modern Man,

In this New found land, a land of opportunities,

seems only for just a few, .......and the well to do...

The bill board display a commerical  for Barbados,  Bebe smile with excitment as she

Started at the bullen broad, for more than 20 minutes,

Island girl was getting home sick. 




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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

      Very lyrical. You can hear the island accent throughout the poem. Does she go back home after all? We're left to wonder.