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Korean Drama "Hong Gil Dong" (poem) Unreturned Love

Updated on December 29, 2016

Unreturned Love - A Poem for the Sorrowful Prince

Prince of Sorrow

Prince Lee Chang Hui is one of the main characters in the Korean Drama Mini-Series “Hong Gil Dong”. He is born into a royal family, the only legitimate son of the king, heir to the throne. At very young age, he watches his half-brother murders his mother, the queen. The terrible memory torments him. At the beginning of the drama, he never smiles. He cries silent tears when nobody is looking, and pretends to be strong when in fact he is weighted down with sorrow, responsibility, and the fear of unknown.

All that changes after Yi Nok walks into his life. Her sunny personality puts smile back onto the prince’s face. Her kindness, purity, moves him. Through her eyes, he sees the suffering and joy of ordinary peasants, and he understands what it takes to be a great king.

Despite of his feelings for her, he knows that he can never capture her heart. Love without return is equally devastating as live without love. And here is the poem for the sorrowful prince.

You walk into my life and bring sunlight to my world of darkness

For the first time I want to be a better person, just for you

You smile at me, telling me that I am not alone

I want to believe

For you are the purest soul I have ever known

Your eyes can’t tell a lie, even though your heart wants to

I know from the beginning that I am not the one you long for

Can you see the loneliness I suffer and the tears I cry?

It is because of you everything has meaning now

Don’t take it away, just let me hold on to you until I fall asleep

Let me hold on to the memory of you, even if only in a dream

I am not as strong as you think

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, a kind word from you brings smile to my face

A sweet feeling I have long forgotten until this moment you bring it all back to me

Many times I want to tell you, but fear the words of love may frighten you away

So I wait for you to come to me instead, though I wait in vain

Am I wrong trying to hold on to you when your heart is somewhere else?

All I want is to give you happiness and wipe away your tears

Am I too late to let you know that you mean a world to me?

Don’t go. Like you promised, stay with me until the end of time

It was not my intent to be rude the first time we met

Back then I did not how to love, and how to let my feelings show

Don’t say it is too late. I have come a long way from death to the world of light

I understand now what I must fight for, and how to cherish those I care

If you are willing to give me another chance I will hold on to you forever

Don’t send me back to the dark despair, for I am not the same person as before

If you must leave, wait till I fall asleep

Let us meet again in my dream, there I shall cry no more

Words from the Author

Above is a poem I wrote for Korean Drama Series “Hong Gil Dong”.

It is inspired by the character Prince Lee Chang Hui (Actor Jang Geun Seok)

Below is a link to one of the theme songs in the drama, with some beautiful clips. 

Hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about this mini-series, please follow the links below.

Thanks for visiting!


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    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you, my friend :)

    • Health Talk profile image

      Health Talk 

      7 years ago from World

      Really beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.


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