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Korean Drama - Baking King, Kim Takgu

Updated on December 29, 2016

Baking King, Kim Takgu

One of the Best Korean Dramas

Recently, I’m watching a Korean Drama called “Baking King, Kim Takgu”, also known as “Bread, Love and Dreams” (currently airing in New Jersey, WMBC 63.5, 11:00AM, Monday thru Friday). When this drama series first aired in S. Korea 2010, it was a huge hit. After just 6 episodes, the viewership rating jumped from 6th place to the 1st, and each week, the rating number improves. The 30th (final) episode pushes the rating to the all-time high, an unbelievable 50%, which means about half the nation was watching this drama series. What attracts people to a drama that is about baking bread week after week? Well, the title may seem less intriguing, the story, however, is far richer than the bread it’s baking. Just a few minutes into the first episode, I’m hooked completely and can’t stop myself from yearning for more.

The Storyline

This exceptional modern-day Korean Drama series is based on a real-life story. Kim Takgu is the eldest son of Gu IL Jong, the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise and his mistress, Kim Misun. At the tender age of 12, he runs away from home to look for his kidnapped mother. More than a decade later, the twenty-four year old Takgu finds the kidnapper working in a baking school. He learns that his mother accidentally falls off a high cliff and is presumably dead. The homeless Takgu decides to stay at the bakery and learn the art of making bread. His half-brother, Majun, who tries to win his father’s approval, also enters into the baking school. There, the two brothers meet. In order to beat Takgu in competition, Majun uses despicable measures, eventually causes the death of Bread Master, Bal Bong, one who taught his father, and the temporary closing of the baking school.

The chairman finally finds his beloved son, Takgu, and wants him to take over the family business instead of Majun. The chairman’s wife is furious over the decision. She’d rather see Takgu dead. Meanwhile, Takgu’s birth mother is alive and is looking for her son...

About Takgu

Kim Takgu is a righteous, hard-working young man with a pure and forgiving heart. Despite of losing his mother at very young age and experiencing all sorts of bitterness of life, he harbors no hatred, all the while maintains his sincerity and kindness. He is a simple-minded person with only primary school education, but that won’t stop him from reaching for his dream – to become a Legendary Bread Master. Once he sets up a goal, he’d pursuit it till he succeeds. He may not be a likable fellow at first, clumsy, sometimes quick-tempered, but his genuine qualities shine through with time, and ultimately touch everyone around him. In the end, you can’t help but falling in love with this character.

Below is the theme song from the drama: That Person

The Most Memorable Scenes

There are many unforgettable scenes in this drama series, and two in particular move me the most. The first is when an explosion leaves Takgu temporarily blind. Not knowing what the future holds (whether or not he’s able to continue working at the bakery, or see his mother again), the hesitant and helpless Takgu fears that he may become other people’s burden and decides to leave the baking school secretively. Unable to see, he stealthily feels his way down the stairs. (This scene may look funny, but at the same time it drives me to tears. The song playing in the background “That Person” is both beautiful and soul stirringly sad.) What he does not know is that everyone in the bakery school is silently watching. They follow him to the baking room. All Takgu wants to do is to shape a tray of dough into unique forms, so that his work won’t go wasted. Even though he can’t bake them (due to the blindness), he wants to show appreciation to those who help him and this is the only way he knows how.

Below is one of the most moving scenes from the drama: the blind Takgu tries to leave the baking school quietly not knowing that everyone is watching and following him.

The other scene is when Takgu finally finds his mother. A gang of hooligans stand between them, they beat up Takgu to keep him away. Despite of his mother’s tearful plea, and the gangsters’ vicious beating, Takgu does not back-down. It breaks my heart when he cries out, “She is the person I have been looking for. 14 years, I have not seen her for 14 years. Now she is right in front of my eyes, you tell me not to go to her. I’d rather die than to watch her being taken away for the second time. You all have mother, why can’t you understand how I feel. Kill me, or stand aside. I won’t leave.” In the end, moved by his persistence, the gangsters step aside…

About the Lead Actor

The star of the series is Yoon Shi Yoon, who plays the title role, Kim Takgu. He was born on September 26, 1986, just 24 years old when he took on this once in a lifetime role. He transforms himself perfectly into the unforgettable character, brave, truthful, sincere, kind and forgiving. This is his first leading role in a drama series. High Kick Through the Roof, a sitcom, is Shi Yoon's acting debut. There, he plays the part of a rebellious high school student.

Interview with the Casts

Final Words

I think one of the main reasons why so many people fall in love with this Korean drama series is because of the rich and moving story. To me, a solid storyline is the most crucial thing to a drama. A good story can create a star. On the other hand, a star can’t save a floppy drama. Baking King, Kim Takgu is a brilliant example of a great story combines with excellent acting and beautiful music, and the grand result - 50% rating and heartfelt applauses from all around the world.


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