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My Favorite Korean Stars

Updated on December 29, 2016

Lee Min Ho

About the star

Born on June 22nd, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea, the 25-year-old actor is currently one of the hottest rising stars in Asia. Thanks to his good looks, model figure, and hearty nature he quickly captures the heart of millions around the world. As a young child, his dream was to become a soccer player. However, in the 5th grade of elementary school, an arm injure put an end to that dream. In his second year of high school, he turned to acting. In 2006, his acting career was put on hold for a year following a serious car accident in which he was severely injured along with his childhood friend, Jung Il Woo.

Min Ho and his Drama

I first notice him in a hit-drama series called “Boys over Flowers” (2009), where he plays the leader of F4 (4 prominent heirs, young, proud, rich, powerful, yet each with a dark secret). Though the work that really draws me in is another drama series called “City Hunter” (2011). He plays a dynamic hero, who fights the injustice. A year before that he starred in a romantic comedy “Personal Taste”, I found it surprisingly good: funny, delightful, heartwarming, and sometimes heart broken. Currently, I fall in love with his new drama “Faith”, a story that depicts the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period (Year 1300) and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.

Lee Min Ho Sings "My Everything"

A Face to Remember

What I like Lee Minho the best is that he always chooses to play a character that is challenging, diverse, and his acting skills improve each time. What a joy to see him on screen, a face to remember and also a voice to remember. ( I love the fact that he not only can act but sings beautifully too.)

Yoon Shi Yoon

A Baby Faced Talent

Yoon Shi Yoon, born on September 26th, 1986, his birth name is Yoon Dong Goo. He used it until his agency recommended an official change of name upon his entry into college. Although High Kick Through the Roof (2009) is Shi Yoon's acting debut, his first screen appearance was in a variety show, Introducing A Star's Friend, as the friend of actor and F.T Island member Lee Hong Ki.

Yoon Shi Yoon

In High Kick Series, he plays a tough, semi-rebellious teenager, who doesn’t care about his studies, but is clearly mentally sharp as a judge of character.He lacks respect for his female English tutor, yet develops a crash on the attractive housemaid.The following year, Yoon Shi Yoon takes the title role in a mega-hit drama series “Baking King, Kim Takgu”, and becomes enormously popular almost overnight. His acting talent blossoms through this drama. And the year after that, he replaces the injured Kim Jae Won and stars in a romantic comedy, “Me too, flower”, also called “I’m a flower, too”. Although the show obtains low rating and was shortened to 15 episodes instead of 16, he, himself receives high praise for his comic skills. Viewers capture a different side of him: passionate, humorous, adorable and romantic.

A Clip from "Me too, Flower"

Yoon Shi Yoon picks his roles carefully. From his debut (2009) to now 2012, he only stars in two drama series and a movie, not much considering what other actors of his age are doing, but every time he makes an appearance, the screen lights up. He is an actor one can’t get enough of. Hopefully, we will see more of him in the future.

Jung Il Woo

My Favorite Iljimae

Jung Il Woo, born on September 9th, 1987, he is the youngest member of this group. I first notice him in “the Return of Iljimae”. He plays the title role, Iljimae (the name means “a branch of plum blossom”, which insinuates the character’s refined looks and upright personality). To this day, I still consider this drama series my favorite. The role suits him perfectly, despite the fact that he is not originally picked to play the part. Another actor drops out of the production. As a replacement, he steps in and pours his heart and soul into character, and the rest is history.

Born under the sign of Virgo, he pursues perfection, and yearns to become a serious actor. I love the way he carries himself, always hardworking, humble, and eager to learn. His genuine and uplifting personality makes him very attractive. He plants his feet firmly on the ground and walks steadily toward fulfilling his dream.

His hobbies are: watching movies, listening to music and web shopping, and you can find him on facebook. As an actor he has a beautiful speaking voice. As a model, he’s tall, slim, and always wearing a sunny smile. Recently, I discover his other hidden talent, he can sing as well. Below is a YouTube link featuring a song from his most recent Drama series “49 Days”, and guess who sings the song? Yes, it’s none other than Jung Il Woo himself.

I recommend the following TV-series, which he participates in: Unstoppable High Kick (sitcom -167 episode, ½ hour each), the Return of Iljimae, and 49 Days. He is such delightful actor. I am looking forward to see more of him in the future.

Jang Geun Seok - You are beautiful

Jang Geun Seok, born on August 4th, 1987, he is one month older than Jung Il Woo, However, he made his acting debut back in the 1997 HBS sitcom "Selling Happiness", and the list of his credentials grows overwhelmingly long and impressive. As a child star, model, singer, and now a serious actor, he accomplishes so much in his still young career. They say that show business is tough and cruel. In this crazy world of spotlight, he maintains a pure and upbeat image. I have always had this feeling that he is a child genius, a born actor. The camera loves him, and he is natural in front of the camera. Often he portraits a mature youth in a drama or movie, (for an example, he plays the sorrowful prince, Lee Chang Hui in “Hong Gil Dong”) the real him, however, is much more innocent, outgoing and fun to be with and sometimes, childlike. After all, he is only 24.

He has a magnetic voice and tremendous talent for singing. In two of his dramas “Mary’s night out” and “You are beautiful”, he plays a professional singer and sings personally all his songs in the dramas. Despite of his outstanding looks and bright delectable personality, he is able to grasp a variety of complicated roles effectively, cruising form horror, murder, suspense films to action, comedy, love story drama series.

I adore him in “Hong Gil Dong”, like him in “Mary’s night out” and love him in “You are Beautiful”. Currently, he is filming a romantic movie called “Pet Lover”.

Below is a YouTube link to the commercial MV called “Just Drag”, where you may capture his acting, dancing, and singing skills.

Jang Geun Seok - Just Drag

Kim Tae Goon

Kim Tae Goon "Call Me"

Finally, in this group, Kim Taegoon, a singer and dancer, born on January 17th, 1986, he has a nick name “second Rain”, for he bears a great resemblance to Rain (a famous South Korean singer and actor) and has impressive dancing skills. His debut song “Call Me” came out in January 17th, 2009 (his birthday). I still remember hearing the song for the first time. The music itself captured my attention. It had luminous and luring quality with an excellent dancing beat, unlike most Hip-Pop or R&B songs we hear nowadays. The MV was also beautifully produced, featuring Hero (Kim Jae Joong) of TVXQ and Park Shin Hye (the lead actress from “You are beautiful”).

What makes “Call Me” so unforgettable? To me, it’s the whole package: the style of music, the singer’s vocal ability, dancing skills and choreography. I love both the MV and his live performance of the song, for they are equally exciting.

Below is a YouTube link to the song “Call Me”, hope you enjoy it.

Your Favorite Pick

Who are your favorite Korean Stars and share your thoughts on why you like them?


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    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you Adriean for the comment. Lee Min Ho is shooting a movie this year. "Gang Nan Blues" I think is the name, about 1980's S.Korea. gangsters fighting for territory. sounds like an interesting project.

    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I agree with you, hlwar. Ahn jeamo does have a nice voice. I have never seen his dramas or movies, but if one has talent, he/she would be loved & accepted by the audience regardless of the popularity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too hope Tae Goon won’t fade away, but haven’t heard from him for 3 years, and self-image is very important to Koreans. Since so many talented youngsters are out there, it would be difficult for him to recover from such bad fall. Sometimes, one mistake can be very costly. There is so much potential in him. What a waste it would be if he never gets another chance to shine. Cross my fingers.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm not much into dancing (probably why I got into head-banging tunes LOL) but yes, Tae Goon sure has fluid movements! Sadly, there were only three releases, and as much as I'm sentimentally attached to the debut single, I think my favorite is his 3rd Mini Album 속았다 (Betrayed). The title track is so smooth and I'm oddly in love with the snarky techno voice he does for the song "Finally". ^^

      I heard so many rumors after he got arrested for drug possession, and someone said he's blacklisted now. While I realize the military draft is mandatory, I do hope he went willingly and can handle it. It seems Tae Goon went through a lot to get into the industry, it would be a shame if he never got the chance to come back. ;_;

      I guess Ahn Jae Mo would be "old school" now and was never well-known. I first discovered him in the film Nowhere to Hide, but he's definitely a cutie and a gorgeous voice:

    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I like Tae Goon because he is a beautiful dancer. He has released about 4 “singles”; the one I like the most is “Call me”, his debut song . The music is great, easy to follow with a nice rhythm and I think his dance move supersedes Rain (I’m not a big “Rain” fan anyway). Too bad, he had some drug problem and went to army for two years to clean up the act. I hope he comes back a new person. He has lots of talent and much to offer. Thanks hlwar for the comment. I sure will check out Ahn Jae Mo when I have the chance.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Ah, I love Tae Goon! (。’▽’。)♡ I purchased his first CD upon release just on a whim and completely fell in love with his voice and the strong rhythm to all the songs. To me, he was the artist Bi/Rain SHOULD have been (I think Rain is so over-rated). I pre-ordered every mini album that followed and enjoyed them all. It was sad to see him disappear from the music scene...

      Actor Ahn Jae Mo is another great singer and his only released album had dance songs that remind me of Tae Goon; the title track "My Destiny" is amazing! Give him a try if you can. d(^_^)

      Thanks for a great hub!

    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thank you!

    • Ingenira profile image


      6 years ago

      Good list !


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