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Legends Of Zyconia Part 10

Updated on September 21, 2011
bird creature
bird creature | Source

Beware The Beasts That Roam These Caverns

Terrek's followers reluctantly pressed on. gradually the water level decreased until they were walking in puddles and mud. The tunnel narrowed slightly and became steep as they began to ascend. Looking ahead they saw the exit to the surface. Quickly and happily Terrek's team soaked in the fresh air as they climbed through the end of the tunnel into the open air.

They were standing in a huge chasm the sky far above, the sides of the chasm jutting up like huge trees that had suddenly grown. The group felt like ants looking at the rock formations that made up the chasm walls.

They all saw the movement at once and turned to see what it was. Terrek's eyes went wide as he saw a gigantic bird not far from where they stood. The bird was chained to the chasm floor with large bronze chains and was watching them with great curiosity. The creature was gargantuan, with a wingspan dozens of strides long. The wings of the bird would undoubtably create wind that would knock any man down. Yet the bird made no threatening moves, it simply stood there observing them like a vigilant statue.

Terrek handed Jessica to Hemoth as he approached the huge bird, then to Terrek's amazement: the bird spoke to him.

"Who are you?" asked the bird in a loud but steady, calm voice.

"I am Terrek," he replied in a guarded. equally steady tone.

"I beg thee kind sir, for my freedom," the bird said to Terrek.

Terrek paused, staring at the gigantic creature, and then stepped forward and hacked at the chains with his sword. The chains, old and rusty, quickly fell apart. The bird stood and stretched its wings.

"For centuries I have been chained here kept alive by the power of black magic, to suffer. No one has ever made it this deep into the Caverns of Death. You have broken the power. Why are you here?" the bird asked.

"We have come in search of the ancient crystals of Zyconia." answered Terrek.

The bird thought for a moment and spoke again.

"Before I was chained here my home was a large sanctuary in which many of my kind dwelt. A large translucent gem sat on a significant altar in the central area. The gem was said to have special powers by the wiser members of my clan. Could this be one of the crystals you seek." the bird asked.

Terrek remembered how the crystal that they had taken from the caverns had been sitting on a pedestal.

"It's possible," Terrek said.

"Then I will take you there. I may be able to convince the head elder to relinquish the crystal to you." the creature explained.






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