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Legends Of Zyconia Part 12

Updated on October 2, 2011
Castle | Source

The young boy tripped and fell to the ground. As he lifted his face from the mud he saw his friend speedily win the small race, shaming his feeble challenge. The other boy reaching the finish, touched the tree in victory.

"I win again Perrin!" he replied as he spun around and Came back to help his friend.

Perrin reached up, grabbed his hand and stood.

"Maybe I can beat you next time Terrek." Perrin sighed.

"You are very quick Perrin, maybe you will." Terrek conceded.

Perrin looked to the ground as he and Terrek walked back along the path.

"You just beat me at everything." Perrin complained.

Terrek put his arm on Perrin's shoulder.

"Not everything, you have a lot of great talents I don't have." he said.

Both boys continued down the path as the memory blurred and another surfaced.

Both young boys were grown, near adulthood. Standing under a large tree two young couples were having a picnic. Terrek had come with a young woman named Beverly, while a beauty named Lydia had accompanied Perrin. Both young women were beautiful, full of life and ambition. Lydia had beckoned Perrin away from Terrek and Beverly because she had to speak with him. Out of sight he smiled at her as he kissed her in a playful manner. Lydia was limp in his embrace. Perrin opened his eyes and looked at her a little concerned.

"Is everything alright?" Perrin asked, confused.

Lydia turned away from him, taking a few steps. She appeared to be thinking deeply about something.

"You know I am very fond of you Perrin. I'm just not sure we're meant to be together," she said sadly.

Perrin's heart sank.

"What do you mean?" he said slowly, swallowing.

She turned to him and placed a hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes for a moment, then down to the ground.

"My family is leaving Zyconia for the Radrailian Islands in the Northern Sea." she said sadly.

"Then marry me Lydia, I promise you I will make you happy forever," Perrin assured her.

Lydia continued to stare at the ground, slowly she shook her head.

"No, I'm sorry I just don't have that much faith. You will be part of Zyconia's armies soon enough, always off fighting somewhere. I need someone to be with me, a father for my children. I do love you but I just can't —" she choked slightly as she back away, "I'm sorry, it's over Perrin."

Perrin held out his hand as Lydia ran away over the hill leaving him standing alone. The caress of Lydia's hand upon his cheek was replaced with that of the cold wind. A moment later Terrek approached Perrin from behind.

"Perrin there you are. Beverly and I had a wonderful idea to go to Crescent Valley. Do you remember it? It is such a romantic place, I'm sure Lydia would thank you for showing it to her." Terrek said.

Perrin resented the conversation and turned slowly trying to hide his sadness.

"I know you may be a little angry, but I might as well admit to you that I was the one who actually talked to Lydia about you in the first place. I told her what a great person you were and that she would really like you, and things blossomed into a romance. I'm so glad," Terrek said.

Perrin raised his head at the last bit of information, his blood boiled.

"You — you were responsible for our relationship?" he roared.

"Well not totally. I just thought maybe you could use a little help," Terrek said quietly, surprised at the reaction.

"If wanted your help I would have asked for it!" Perrin yelled.

Terrek was silent.

"Lydia just ended it!" Perrin cried.

Terrek felt like crawling into a deep hole.

He had been so absorbed with Beverly and so happy that he hadn't noticed how quiet Perrin suddenly seemed.

"Maybe — maybe you're better off?" Terrek said, grasping for something to smooth things over.

But he knew as soon as he said it that it was wrong.

"How would you know! Leave my life alone! I can handle it myself! Go, take Beverly to Crescent Valley, marry her!" Perrin yelled as he walked away.

"Perrin wait." Terrek called.

Again the scene blurred, flowing forward through time. The tree lined field replaced by a stone castle where Terrek and Perrin awaited the final decision by the officials to allow them entry into the Council's Elite Forces. Finally after the grueling two-month test of physical and mental strength they would earn this just reward. With a clang the nearby door flew open as several officials entered. Soldiers gathered around in interest. Terrek and Perrin stood wearing the bruises acquired from the last couple of months with honor.

The officials looked at them, walking back and forth in unison, and then they stopped.

"Terrek you have more than great potential. We believe you could teach sonme of the members of our elite some things. But alas, we find your companion to be less than we expected. He is a great warrior but perhaps not one for the Elite Army." the eldest official said.

Terrek stared at them sternly.

"I won't be part of the Elite Army if Perrin isn't accepted. We've been through too much together," Terrek said forcefully.

The officials stared at him, unable to believe he was willing to give up this position for his friend.

"Your heart is in the right place, another quality we admire. Perrin is accepted." the official replied.

Terrek nodded as the officials withdrew from the room and the other soldier present congratulated both men on their accomplishment. Terrek and Perrin sat heavily on a nearby bench. Terrek noticed Perrin's sour expression.

"We were accepted! Why do you look so unhappy?" Terrek asked.

"You were accepted. they only took me because you forced them. They didn't want me, it wasn't on my own merit," he said slowly, as he stood.

Suddenly Terrek stood as well his body becoming massive as it filled the room. Perrin felt himself pulled to the floor by an invisible force. He couldn't move: totally subdued. Terrek's shadow covered him as his face changed and his voice became low.

"What's wrong Perrin, you should be grateful! After all I've done for your Terrek said. Perrin cowered against the floor.

"No!" he screamed.

Suddenly Perrin erupted from the makeshift bed in his tent. Breathing heavily he wiped the sweat from his face. Perrin lay back down, pulled his blanket over his head, and tried to get back to sleep.






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