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Legends Of Zyconia Part 14

Updated on October 10, 2011
Swordfight | Source

The man standing before Terrek was at least his height. He wore a suit of chainmail with a sword at his side. His features were rugged and his hair was long and tangled. His face was twisted into an evil grin.

"Who are you? What do you want?" demanded Terrek as he entered the tent.

The man sat in a chair at the table as Terrek moved toward a chair on the opposite side.

"Commander, it has come to my master's attention that you have found something that belongs to him. He wishes it returned." he rasped.

Terrek stood apprehensively, knowing what the stranger wanted, "I have nothing that belongs to your master."

"Then perhaps you'd like to make a trade. For the woman's sake," the stranger said, allowing the last few words to linger on his vile tongue.

Terrek looked into the man's eyes: they had Diana. Terrek grabbed him by the collar nearly pulling him off the ground.

"Where is she? Where is Diana!" Terrek said fiercely.

The man's eyes became clouded with fear, for a moment he was almost afraid that Terrek would kill him then and there.

"Harm me. and you'll never see her alive again," the man mouthed in Terrek's iron grip.

Terrek loosened his grip as the man spoke again.

"Come with me if you value her life."

It seemed he had no choice.

Diana slowly regained consciousness. Her wrists ached: her back was against a tree. She was in a large clearing in the forest, her arms and legs bound tightly. A small fire burned nearby and three large men sat around it talking among themselves. The events that had led up to this came flooding back as she groaned, feeling the pain in her head.

She had retired to her tent for the night. When she entered the tent someone had grabbed her. She had tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth, the last thing she remembered was a blow to the back of the head. After that she could recall nothing until now. Where was she?

Suddenly she heard footsteps, the men around the fire turned toward two figures approaching. Terrek and one of their men came into the clearing. Terrek saw Diana, but knew that attacking immediately could risk her life. There were too many men present: he needed to wait for the right moment. One of the three approached Terrek.

"We've been waiting for you Terrek." the man said, withdrawing a large club that hung from his belt.

"I am Celarus, leader of the Assassin army."

Instantly two of the men grabbed Terrek by the arms and before he had time to react Celarus swung his club heavily into Terrek's abdomen. The men released his arms and Terrek fell to his knees. His vision blurred as unbelievable pain flowed through his body. Quickly the other men relieved him of his sword. Celarus pulled the crystal from his belt, gazing on its illuminated surface with awe.

"We have the crystal, kill him," Celarus said, as he walked from the clearing.

Terrek stood suddenly, gripping the collars of the men on either side of him. Lifting both men off the ground he smashed their heads together. A loud crack resounded through the clearing. Terrek released one of the men. pulling the other in front of him just in time to protect himself from an axe. The axe crashed into the man's back as Terrek leapt over him kicking the axeman in the head. Terrek grabbed the handle pulling the axe from the man's body. Now he was armed.

Two more men came running into the clearing, the other two, still alive, regained their bearings. Suddenly an arrow struck Terrek in the leg. A moment later, Terrek swung his axe into the chest of the man with the crossbow. Blood gushed across Terrek's tunic like waves of water upon the shore.

One of the men grabbed Terrek from behind as another rushed him. Terrek swung his axe back. bringing the broad side of the axe down into the man's head behind him. Pulling the axe forward he brought it directly into the charging man's head, nearly splitting it completely in half. Terrek ran forward and hit yet another man in the abdomen. As the man crumpled to the ground the last man tried to run from the clearing. But with one final excruciating effort. Terrek threw the axe at the escaping man. The axe caught him in the back and he fell over into a pile of broken twigs. He couldn't let him escape and warn Celarus.

Terrek paused, taking in the carnage around him. He only hoped he wouldn't someday die like these men had. Terrek rushed to Diana's side. Diana was close to tears as Terrek untied her.

"I'm sorry you had to see that Diana, but there was no other way," Terrek said softly.

Terrek looked off in the direction Celarus had gone.

"Stay here I've got to get the crystal back," he whispered in desperation.

Diana grabbed Terrek's arm.

"Be careful, please" she said.

Terrek leaned over, pressing his lips against hers. He gently helped her to her feet as he backed away. She had enjoyed the kiss as much as he had. Terrek picked up a nearby crossbow and handed it to her.

"If anyone tries to attack you, protect yourself with this. Just wait until you see who they are before you shoot." Terrek warned her.

Terrek picked up his sword near the fire and turned back toward Diana one last time to reassure her.

"I'll be all right." he said, then he was gone.






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      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      Becky Katz thanks.

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      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Still reading.