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Legends Of Zyconia Part 15

Updated on October 15, 2011
Waterfall | Source

Celarus had left no tracks. He must have some evil powers of his own, Terrek thought. But he could sense Celarus's evil stench on the wind. Terrek knew the Maker was giving him guidance tracking the assassin leader. Terrek was very battle weary, and walking halfway through the forest had further tired him.

Unexpectedly he was hit from behind with an armored boot to his wounded leg. Terrek rolled over and came up ready for a fight. Terrek looked around, no one could be seen. He listened for any unusual sounds; all was normal except for the sound of a waterfall in the distance. Again another blow hit him in the back, knocking him off balance. Again he turned seeing no attacker. Terrek shut his eyes and concentrated. If he had enough faith he knew he could overcome Celarus. Slowly it came to him; he had the power to beat Celarus. He could sense him now, he was very close.

Celarus jumped out toward Terrek and in one fluid motion Terrek grabbed a hold of his foot throwing him into a nearby tree. Celarus got to his feet scowling.

"You're a better warrior than I thought. The Vicar could use someone with your skills."

"I would never abandon Zyconia to the clutches of the Vicar! He will never be Zyconia's ruler," said Terrek with great passion.

"You're lighting a losing battle; the Vicar's power is growing, and the number of raiders is increasing, soon all of Zyconia will be over run."

Terrek lifted his sword and addressed Celarus.

"Give me the crystal."

Celarus withdrew his dagger. and in a mocking tone replied.

"Come and get it."

Terrek jumped forward swinging his sword, but Celarus was too quick and the sword buried itself in the tree. Celarus struck Terrek across the jaw with an armored glove, which sent him sprawling. Celarus, seeing an advantage, rushed at Terrek as he staggered to his feet. Suddenly Terrek swung a large tree branch into Celarus's mid-section. Terrek quickly kicked the dagger out of Celarus's hand as he jumped to his feet. Both men took defensive positions waiting for the other to strike.

Finally they both moved towards each other. Swiftly they began trading punches, over and over until both were panting for breath. Eventually Terrek managed to down Celarus with a series of lefts, rights and a final blow to the jaw. Celarus looked at Terrek like a man possessed as he got to his feet. Grabbing his dagger from the ground, he leapt at Terrek. The dagger swished by Terrek scraping his forearm. He yelled in agony as he grabbed Celarus by the wrist.

The noise of the waterfall loomed closer and closer as the fight continued. The only witnesses were the trees and bushes that surrounded them. The dagger fell, sliding across a patch of grass close to the edge of the waterfall. The waterfall was enormous and dropped down so far below them that they could barely see the bottom. At any other time Terrek would have enjoyed the beauty of the mist shrouded falls, but not now.

Both men struggled for the knife.

"Our way is the only way. I'm where I am now because I murdered the former leader of the Assassin army. I've never lost and I never will." exclaimed Celartis in anger.

"Don't you understand. the Vicar doesn't care about any of you he simply uses you, as you assassinated your superior so will you be assassinated when you become of no use to the Vicar," Terrek said.

Celarus relaxed his grip for a moment. What Terrek said sounded so much like what the Vicar had said not long ago. Terrek looked into Celarus's eyes but at the same moment spied a glimmer from Celarus's belt. Terrek might have been able to convince him, but he couldn't afford to wait and find out. Terrek acted quickly throwing the knife beyond both their grips he grabbed at Celarus's belt. Again they struggled and fell to the ground. Just when Terrek had a firm grasp on the belt, both men lost their patch of ground, which crumbled beneath them. The men plunged down into the pits of oblivion. Terrek felt the belt tear away from Celarus's waist as the assassin leader hit the shallow end of the falls. Terrek tightened his grip on the belt as he hit the dark rushing water.

Terrek lay on a pile of rocks having just pulled himself from the river; rushing water rolled by. He was completely exhausted. His clothes and armor were torn. His hair fell over his face as his chest heaved. Terrek turned over on his stomach and pulled the belt to him, opening the pouch. Instantly a flood of light blinded him. Terrek rubbed his eyes as he sighed in relief. He slowly got to his feet putting the crystal back inside his own belt. He threw Celarus's belt into the water. Then Terrek remembered Diana, he had to hurry and get back to her.






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