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Life of Living

Updated on February 10, 2017

I move through life listening ,looking ,waiting, gaining,sharing, developing, amusing and as I walk with aware, I see every individual that pass and exit my way.

I see images and auras of lights, and I see other beings camouflage in human skins hiding in plain sight.

I see individuals with struggles I see some that want to give up, and others with the strength of way to never fall but to always keep themselves up.

I see some on a go slow and others in a fast pace, some taking one day at a time and others that are always in a haste.

I see and meet friendly individuals with hearts so full of light, and I meet some with bad attitudes that just seemed always angry and want to fight.

A life of seeing beautiful babies birth, grow up move on to walk and find the pathways of their worth.

Some growing up and moving away,while some stay and walk life stationed ways.

Bodies full of energy bodies full of light, all participating in the life of finding their direction of destiny's purpose that is truly right.

I see some individuals lost on the way, and a helping hand they want each day.

I see some tormented souls, that lose so much energy that they lose their youth and start looking old.

I see so much in life I see other realms of worlds, and spiritual beings that move around so bold.

Life and living, a push forward to gaining .

A pathway of destiny, that was made for each of us Yes! You and me.

Pushing forward each day,to be in control and never lose your way.

So always stand your ground, you will experience a lot as you maneuver along.

Stillness in the air, as trees move slightly with a breeze they all gently sway.

Sky's with rain clouds then sunlight brightly shine, with some days of hard rain showers it seems no one can tell the atmospheric time.

Life! A breath of precious air that makes you and me stay alive, to see each way as we were all birth from a baby just a little child.

To enjoy a life of living to achieve and be what we were made to be, as each of us walks through a world of a mind-heart of the soul to always be independently free.


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