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My Facebook Lover.1

Updated on November 19, 2013

My name is Macy and the most important people in my life are my friends Monica, Sasha and Teresa, we have been friends from diapers, raised together and always did everything together from childhood. We shared almost everything but there was something they had which i didn't have and that was the only thing missing.

Monica has Dave, Sasha has Emilio and Teresa has Chris. I still didn't get the puzzle, that was why i didn't understand why these people fell for each other. It is not that i didn't want a boy friend but the thing is that i am scared of boys. I don't know why but typical me.

- You are playing had to get Chris told me.

Not that Chris but you see, every guy is not like you, i know that you guys are in love but when it is time,i will hook up with my man, i don't want a boy that will come and go rather i want a boy that will grow into a man and have me all the way. I don't want just a boy friend stuff and all the bla bla bla bla and headache and toothache that accompanied the mama's boy.

- You are missing out Sasha told me

-Babe, at 18 and you are still a... I cut Teresa off.

It doesn't matter if i am still a virgin or not, we are friends and the fact that i don't wanna have a boy friend now doesn't mean that i am a fool or out of the group so cut that. This is my life.

That evening,we were all hanged out and Emilio suggested that we should all do separate things, Monica had told me a day earlier that she wanted to go to the beach house with Dave.

-Adios Mace! Emilio teased as he left with Sasha.

They all left one by one. I couldn't help but ask Teresa a simple question because she and Chris were the last pair to leave

- Are you guys leaving me here?

They set me up and ditched me. My so called friends. Teresa was always straight, she doesn't have the whole time on this earth to go ringing around the roses, she goes to the point all the time.

-Chill babe

- Don't chill me

-Then get a life

-What life Bitch

-A boy Princess

We coursed each other as they left. That was us, we always used the course words.

-To hell bitch

-Sit down there dog

Of course i sat there as they left, i had to take care of the fucking bill as well. Half an hour later, i was out of the mini space and headed straight home while the love birds enjoyed their sparrows. As usual!!!

When i got home, i went into my room and faced my laptop, i didn't bothered about changing or taking my bath. I was checking my mail when it hit me. Ya! I have a serious business to do. I opened the Facebook site. I have to lie!!!

This is going to be the biggest lie of my life and if i really need to do it then i need to do it well. What has gone over me? I created an account, a boy's account. I wanted to use a flexible name, a sweet name you know? I wonder how guys act.

Adam! no! too mainstream. Luis Brooks!! not working, i wanted a cool name so i switched to goggle and searched male names!! It was searching. I was back on Facebook completing other profile infos. Why does Facebook need his phone number? When i set up my own account,they didn't request for a phone number.

The names goggle displayed were not my type.

I lightly hit the keyboard trying to figure out a hot name, a name i would want to give my own boy, a name i want my boy friend to bear...A--dam! Yea! Yea! Adam Grant.

From where? Basically he should not live near me unless i wanted trouble. I filled in the birthday. Mama mia! I was excited so i goggled once more for pictures and was so happy when i found this cute guy's picture. I uploaded it and the account was set. I sent a fiend's request to my account, logged out and logged into my own account then accept the request. I logged back into my Facebook boy friend's account and added a poem i wrote on his timeline. Will you be mine. I tagged myself to it.

Facebook Lover

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Author's note

After writing this hub, i realized that it would make a good movie. I don't know but read 2-5 and let me know if i did well with the structure of the story.

Nothing in this story is true, this is entirely a work of fiction.


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