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My Favorite Sayings and Quotes Part 2

Updated on May 6, 2013

Sailing Off into the Sunset


Sayings and Quotes

it is time once again to dig into my stash of favorite sayings and quotes. Sometimes I will think about an old favorite saying and promise myself to remember it for a forthcoming hub. I optimistically think I will not forget the saying, however if there is not a pen nearby it will gently float out of my mind. Even if it leaves my memory temporarily it often does return at a later date. So sit back and take a gander at the newest addition to my sayings and quotes stash.

When What You Want Becomes What You Have The Feelings Change

This may sound of sad or even disappointing, but the reality is that it is true. When you are in love and finally conquer the love interest your feelings change. This is not a bad thing. You feel confident and sure of your new love. However, the desperation is gone and will be replaced by new and often stronger feelings. The same theory works with all new things. You finally get the car of your dreams and after a while you are not thinking of the car in the same terms. Because now you have it. Many goals in life are replaced with new ones and new excitement. The reality is that happiness in life is not determined by new things in your life.

Love the clothes fitting well

Nothing Tastes as Good as the Feeling of Well Fitting Clothes

Think about eating that piece of cake or cookie while focusing about how well your clothes fit. Nothing is more delicious than putting on that pair of jeans and they suddenly feel a little looser than usual. Getting into the same jeans and having difficulty zipping the pants..that is a different story.

On the phone for hours solving problems

Remedializing Our Lives

I may have made this word up. I couldn't find it in the dictionary so I will pretend it is original. Anyway In today's landscape we are always taking care of some problem that someone else created in our lives. How many times have you received a bill that is wrong? You call customer service and go through the button pressing routine--often to just be cut off. Or you may be offered the alternative of taking care of the problem online. Lets not go there! Lets say you get lucky and get to talk with a real person --who may have a language impairment. And lets be even more optimistic and say you get the problem solved and the extra charge is removed from your bill. Not through yet--next month the charge appears again. You see where I am going with this, and you have all been there and done that. It is always a good idea if you can to get the person's name who you speak with.

Ordering on line is a totally different story. I try to order from reputable companies that I have been satisfied in the past.. A good recommendation is to always read the fine print. when ordering anything online or from an advertisement. And read it more than once. If you don't do this you may become one of the members of the Remedialization club.

Happiness Has Little To do with What We Possess or Even Where we Live

I think most of us know this on some level. Happiness is something we just feel or don't feel. I have heard so many times the words that someone would be so happy if they only had a new car, a trip, a new house or even live in a new city. Happiness from external sources is generally a temporary state. I have found if you cannot find happiness and a good life in one city, the next one will be just as difficult.

No One Gets Through Life Unscathed

This is one of my favorite sayings. None of us get through life without trials and tribulations. We all suffer losses, lose jobs, have troubled relationships and deal with the ever changing landscape we live in.

Love and Romance

Money Doesn Not Buy Love, but it does Buy a Lot of Romance

We know money does not buy love except on a very temporary basis. However money can buy lots of flowers, candy, trips and gifts. So, money does buy a lot of romance, which can often lead to love.

Never Reason with an Unreasonable Person

This avoidance action is tough when you want to share what you feel. and so desperately want to get your point across--but you cannot. Stop right there! If you are dealing with one who has a set agenda and is totally unreasonable, forget trying to make sense out of anything. Save your energy because you will never get the point across. My mother, who was a wonderful mother in many ways could never be reasoned with. She had her ideas and expectations and these never changed.

Some People Get Away With Everything

There are some people who get away with everything. This makes me crazy. People can be rude, cancel appointments, be late and do lots of other negative things and no one seems to care. I am just the opposite, and I have gotten into trouble for one wrong word or action. However, that is another story--maybe a hub!

Being Right doesnt mean being Happy

Being right does not equal being happy. Maybe you got your point across and won the argument and you are feeling pretty proud. However, the happiness or satisfaction you feel won't last long. Sometimes we probably should bite our tongues and let things slide by.

We all have our 4 Leaf Clover

You are only lucky if you feel lucky

Have you ever just said," gosh that person is lucky." And in your eyes they seem to have everything or maybe they are lucky at the casino or in relationships, jobs and good looks. As lucky as they may appear it is basically how they feel about what they have. People have to feel the good luck. I have known people who have many trials and tribulations in their lives but feel lucky. And I know people who could break a fingernail and feel unlucky. Put yourself in a lucky frame of mind and watch how different things just seem to fall in place.


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