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Naked Tears

Updated on October 7, 2014
Love lost
Love lost
Lovers in bed
Lovers in bed
Woman in tears
Woman in tears | Source

Open up your heart my friend
Let the pen ease away your pains
And your sorrows
Pour your heart out
With ghastly flood of pains
And never care you did
Let the pen tell the pain

Never deny a tear..Or two
For its healing
To cry another naked tear
Tears of your hearts desires
Will propel you to miles
That you have never been before

Find in your heart
That place that makes you smile
And the drives you a mile
It’s all in your file

Let go of it..For kept comes pains
That denies your gains
Cry a naked tear
Let the pen speak

For your gains becomes his pains
Renew your heart to love again
Never it’s too late to kiss again
To be hugged and cherished
For time never grows old
When it comes to love

Kick your shadows off
Shower in the rain
Should you do it naked
It’s meant for you
It’s your life
So dry away your tears
Find your joys in life’s pleasures
And learn to love again

You are beautiful as a purple violet
Glorified in the pure fragrance of love
Smiles of your beauty illuminating the world
Brightening the dull souls
You have the spirit of a lioness tamed in beautiful body
So cry another naked tear..and don’t care about the world
For a naked tear renews your hearts desires
And keeps you moving on
Until you reach your destiny

Authors note: I was inspired to do this poem by a Facebook friend.

Please accept my rose if you read this far.

A rose for my reader
A rose for my reader

© 2014 Ian D Hetri


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