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Twilight Saga - So Good!

Updated on September 10, 2012

Books & Movies, Wonderful!

Twilight series a must read and a must see!  So be ready! I know "New Moon" was just as successful and as good as Twilight if not better but Eclipse was better and I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn. But if you have not read the books, THEN READ IT! In fact, most women over 40 probably think it's "too young for them" but I am telling ALL women, you should read these books by Stephenie Meyer. Why? Because they are about love, deep soulful and sensitive, worship love for one another. In addition, each book of hers is unique, adds a new twist, entertaining and most of all, a savage but sweet love story between two people set in a fantasy world. New Moon captures the love of two very different people that have to separate and learn what it's like to love someone that is gone. Eclipse is about finding out who each character is in the book, the journey of souls separating, coming together and finding out about life. We all should be able to relate when a soul-mate lover abruptly leaves and turning our insides out that it hurts so deeply you can't breathe, these are the feelings that Stephenie Meyer portrays in her "Twilight Series" books.

Twilight Saga Pictures

Eclipse Movie
Eclipse Movie
Edward - Twilight Sago
Edward - Twilight Sago
Jacob - New Moon The Movie
Jacob - New Moon The Movie
New Moon The Movie
New Moon The Movie
Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward
Twilight Sago
Twilight Sago

Eclipse Movie Preview

Preview of Eclipse - So Good!

Twilight Saga; Books & Movies

New Moon, the movie, comes out November 20th, and I highly recommend that you read the book first before seeing the movie. The book is intense, scary, lots of twists and turns but in the end, it's a page turner that you can't put down. I love Jacob as much as I love Edward, in fact, the whole cast in this book (and movie) are growing and getting more of my attention. More influential.

I wanted to recap the movie but bring some highlights to the book because I think all women (young girls too) and even men should read this book, then see the movie! i know, I can't say this enough!

The movie is a "fantasy-romance" combination, it's fast paced but yet slow in the feelings of first discovery of love. The movie focuses on "losing your first love" and it's hard core, yet prevailing to make you feel that you have lost everything when losing the one you love. The emotions are real yet raw to you as you turn each page. The unique part of what Stephenie Meyer's does in her books is make you feel as the character is feeling. Each emotion as you read, you feel it. The movie should be the same way and hopefully that portrayal of emotions will come through in the movie as powerful as it does in the book.

The title of the book is "New Moon" which means the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, indicating Bella's darkest time in her protagonist life. In the movie, Bella is painfully hurting over Edward but finds some solitude in her best friend Jacob. As her love for her vampire continues to grow, her love for her best friend is developing and turning. This journey of Bella's discovery of live, love and the fantasy yet real dominating world of different lives among her is controlling Bella's every emotion.

This incredible voyage for Bella is about finding her friends, life around her and finding out who she is and what she wants is causing a transformation within her and others surrounding her. The power of finding one soul is gut wrenching and satisfying all at the same time. The wonderful world of friendship, first true love, powerful enemies and fierce friends is what this movie is all about. Make sure your read the book first then watch the movie, you will not be disappointed! The movie should be even more victorious then Twilight.

Here is the amazing glimpse into the new movie "Eclipse" it's going to be a thriller! New Moon leads into the third installment so nicely that you don't even realize. The soul-mates fall apart, come together, and then live life in danger, love and fantasy. The whole book is a beautiful roller coaster that is exciting and suspenseful all the way through the journey.

Eclipse is powerful and the book is written so well that I only hope the movie is as good as the book. Each movie is getting better and better each time. They truly follow the book, so if you haven't read the book first, then you need to. Eclipse is the third installment of the Twilight saga and it's an exciting, nail bilting book and I am sure the movie will be the same. Watch these clips and see if you are ready for the June premiere of Eclipse, I am!!

But here comes Breaking Dawn, read your book!

Breaking Dawn

Breakdown Dawn

Are your ready for Breaking Dawn?  Well, I am!  The book is fantastic so hopefully the movie will be just as exciting.  As I have said over an over in this article, the books are AWESOME and you have to read them all. But I have enjoyed the movies so much, because they keep getting better and better each time they are done.  The characters become more alive, the people and vampires become more real to us and the scenes are so beautiful it makes your heart ache.  These books are for all ages, trust me, I am middle aged and I really love the way they are written.  Just start the first book and see what you think, believe me when I say you can't put the book down.  Mrs. Meyers writes that good, so enjoy!

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    • Loi-Renee profile image

      Loi-Renee 7 years ago from Jamaica

      I've watched the first three and read the last one and I LOVE LOVELOVE them!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

      indigored, it was my favorite movie of the three that are out! My least favorite book but loved the movie! Thanks for reading.

    • indigored profile image

      indigored 7 years ago from The Emerald City

      What did you think about Eclipse, the movie? I haven't seen any of the movies, but I have read all the books.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

      I completely understand! I am in my forties! Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      All Time Movies Fan 7 years ago

      This is one of the most sexiest vampire tale for years. I can not believe that I'm really hooked on The Twilight Saga after all I'm 50 years old for goodness sake, but there is just something addictive about them and I'm not the only 'oldie' to feel this way :-)

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Cheeky Girl, how are you? I loved the film too. You need to read the books, they are great (way better then the movies) in my opinion :)

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      The first film was really impressive. It helps that the leading man is a total hunk! Every girl wants to be that girl. Great Hub! I have to read the books soon!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      rvsource, thank you so much for liking this hub and commenting. Let's talk again after the movie :)

    • rvsource profile image

      rvsource 8 years ago

      Ladybird, thanks for the fan mail!

      I loved yr hub. I just watched Twilight the other day for the first time. I loved it, but thought it was a little slow starting out.

      Definite romantic story line. I don't know what it is about vampires, but they are intriguing for sure. We are addicted to Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights now. I cant wait to see the New Moon!



    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Natalie, I love the trailers too! Can't wait as well.

    • profile image

      natalie 8 years ago

      I can't wait till' New Moon comes out!

      I love the trailers!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Awww...Thank you :)

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Gusripper, will email you shortly :)

      mtsi1098, thank you so much for responding and you need to read it :) Seriously, it was my favorite book of the series.

    • profile image

      mtsi1098 8 years ago

      yes the first book/movie were very good and I intend to keep following this sequence...nice hub...thanks

    • gusripper profile image

      gusripper 8 years ago

      www.gusripper& a lot

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Flightkeeper, you need to read them all, then let me know if you liked them or not.

      Jane, I think your right or at least I thought that too, they are making this movie better then the first! Hope so!

      Creativeone59, thank you so much, much appreciated.

      gusripper, email me your address (through the profile page) and I am going to send you the twilight book (I have two copies) okay? After you read the first one, let me know what you think :) Then we will talk New Moon :)

      Lissa, you are very right, it's a beautiful lovestory with a twist. Thanks for commenting!

    • Lissa Lynn profile image

      Lissa Lynn 8 years ago from upstate NY

      Ladybird, I am a fellow Twihard and the thing I tell people about the Twilight series is that first and foremost, it's a lovestory. Great review!

    • gusripper profile image

      gusripper 8 years ago

      My dear here in Greece every thing comes late.I am talking about the book.I try to find it.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      It sounds like a winner, thank you for sharing it. creativeone59

    • Jane@CM profile image

      Jane@CM 8 years ago

      I read the series too, after my daughter told me the books were a must read. I love the trailers, looks like they took this movie up a few notches from the first!

    • Flightkeeper profile image

      Flightkeeper 8 years ago from The East Coast

      OK Ladybird, I've added it to my booklist. Thanks!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      HealthTip, good for your daughter, I am planning on going wiht my B/fs too.

      Paradise 7, Thank you that is a GREAT comment and I appreciate it!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Ladybird, I read the series, and I couldn't have written a better review myself.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      HealthTip, thanks for reading and yes, all women love vampirs (because they are the bad guys :) Take her to the movie, she will love even more!


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