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Nightmare on Lonely Street - Poem

Updated on November 5, 2018
shimmering Dawn profile image

The author is a mental health professional with a passion for writing poetry, her first love. She enjoys writing all forms of poetry.

Understanding Nightmares

Nightmares are horrifying dreams of varying intensities. They usually evoke feelings of fear, horror and distress. They are often long dreams which are very intense in nature. The vivid nature of these dreams are so distressing that the individual experiencing them may have difficulty going back to sleep again. Nightmares are often the result of stress, poor health, vivid imaginations, fears or sometimes maybe the byproduct of playing scary games, watching horror movies or reading horror stories. Clinicians say that nightmares are the natures way of dealing with stress and anxiety and they need to be acknowledged and confronted by the individual concerned.

Nightmares are common among children and adolescents. Adults rarely experience nightmares regularly, although clinical data suggest that 50% of adults have experienced occasional nightmares. However if you have recurring nightmares it is important to keenly observe you physical and mental health. It would also be advisable to also seek the help of qualified professional.

The Story Behind the Poem

For many years as a teenager I had experienced nightmares. They were usually spun around the death of my dad. I had great difficulty coming to terms with his absence in my life. These nightmares usually ended with me finding my dad in some strange place and bringing him back home. Though the nightmare ended pleasantly I was always left with bleak reality staring me in my face.

Although this poem doesn't deal with death, grief or emptiness it deals with another kind of fear that is also very real. Being mugged by thieves while walking down lonely lanes was very real to me. Everyday we read such news or watch these incidents on Television. Even though I have never personally experienced such trauma in my life, I have however felt a certain creepiness pass through me everyday as I walked back home through a deserted lane, late at night, after my extra courses in college. Around that time an incident similar to what I describe in this poem did happen, and the government got cracking with the necessary security arrangements in that area and life was safe once again.

Creative writing gives me a platform to showcase those emotions which were so real to me then. It also helps me give reign to my imagination to some extent while describing the incident.

Walking the streets when darkness prevails,
And evil lurks around in sinister ways,
Even goodness seems shut up,
Secure behind closed doors!!

The drunk weaves hazy patterns,
Through the quiet streets,
Snarling and muttering aloud,

At the strange sounds of his feet!

Murder seems to sneak around,
In different costumes clean,
Intents hidden in normal tones,
Guns and knives unseen!

Thievery slides in suddenly close,
To snatch the heavy purse,
To hurt, to shake the trust you have,

In all of mankind.

The cheat swaggers on the street,
Having had his fill,
While the poor wife awaits him,
With a steak still warm on the grill!

Stealthily he gets so close,
Too close for any comfort,
He whispers in a hoarse voice,
Asks why I am alone…

Could he accompany me,
And be my chaperone,
My Walk now turns into a jog,
And he is close behind!

I break into a steady run
My elbow, he does find!
Turns me around and glares at me,
His hand on my throat!

I croak out a muffled scream,
Breaking out in cold sweat,
Eyes fly open and I see,
That I am in my bed!

Still shaking but now comforted,
Pale face slowly turning red,
Knowing it is just a dream,
I am laughing now instead!

Experiencing Nightmares

Have you ever had nightmares?

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© 2011 Dawn


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