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Obama as Othello ; A Shakespeare Parody. Act 3 Scene 3 - Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Prize.

Updated on January 14, 2013

Before the glamour of all the prize-giving and starry congratulations there was many days of hard work for Obama. It all started here at this link.

Obama as Othello ; A Shakespeare Parody. Act 3 Scene 3

Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Prize.

The scene is the Oslo City Hall in Norway on the 10th December 2009 where a large audience is gathered.

Within the crowd is US President Obama with members of his entourage including cabinet members. The event is reaching its climax with co-presenters Billy Kristalberg, a Norwegian comedy actor and Agnetha Faltskog, the former singer with Swedish superstars ABBA. They resume proceedings after a short commercial break.

Kristalberg: Welcome back my friends to this annual extravaganza and back-slapping fest that is the internationally famous Nobel Prize Awards ceremony!

Faltskog: Yes! Welcome back everyone.

Kristalberg: Thank you for staying with us on this night of true specialness as so far we have seen on the live link to Stockholm that the Prize for Physics went jointly to Charles K Kao, William Boyle and George Smith, the Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak and the Literature Prize to Jeff Kinney for 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw'. That book sure is a hoot but ain't he lucky there ain't no Harry Potter book this year.

But now for one of the most prestigious awards of the evening. Yes my good friends! It is the Nobel Prize for Peace don't you know. It is the one that you have all been waiting for indeed. And here is Agnetha to remind us of the esteemed persons who were nominated, how they finished and of course who was chosen as the winner.

Faltskog: Thank you Billy. Well the nominations this year were Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma for her courageous stand against the military junta. A popular nomination respected for her humanity and compassion but also her steely resolve and bravery. She is however a modest woman and spends much of her spare time doing housework, reading books, watching TV, crocheting and in fact all sorts of interesting new hobbies in her fifteen years under house arrest. She would like to take part in more outdoor pursuits but is not wanting to be shot.

Kristlaberg: How about that gentlemen and ladies? A remarkable woman but who only came in fourth place on our list of the nominations. Who was next Agnetha?

Faltskog: In the position of the third was another far-eastern candidate. He is Ban Ki-moon from South Korea and who is the Secretary General of the United Nations. He has been a calming presence as the head of the organisation and has much credit been given for persuading President George W. Bush not to be invading any more countries. Especially so not North Korea as he has valuable property in the South but also not to be attacking any more Arab countries.

He is always cool in a crisis and has always tried to calm the belligerent and deter the wicked. The UN is not without its critics or detractors and has come under fire on occasion especially when the Israelis bombed their school in Gaza. But Secretary Moon was magnanimous in defeat and took no provocative action. Not a mould-breaker in the job then but a steady hand on the ship he is.

At home he is a family person with three grandchildren. He also is not eating the little doggies so he is a very nice man.

Kristalberg: Okay! Not quite over the moon but a great choice there in the third place. So Agnetha! Who was this years runner-up for the Nobel Prize for Peace?

Faltskog: Well Billy you know it was close-run thing but this years second place for the Peace Prize was Tom Hanks the great American movie star.

Kristalberg: Wow! Now there sure was a big surprise. A real turning up of the books.

Faltskog: It most sure was Billy but the committee felt that he had won everything else so it was maybe about time he got a chance of a gong from us. No luck this time but surely his time will one day come. When you ever see a Tom Hanks movie you just got to feel good. This year in the fabulous 'Angels and Demons' he was saving the people from great destruction. And he is such a cute guy. I so loved him in 'Forrest Gump' you know. I wanted to take him home and give him a .....

Kristalberg: A nice dinner! I am sure you would Agnetha and when everyone's hearts melt to a chocolate-eating funnyman with that goofy street philosophy you just got to feel some peace in your soul.

Faltskog: Oh yes! 'Sleepless in Seattle and that 'Philadelphia' was so so sad that I cried very hard at that. Every time I hear that Bruce Springsteen voice I go all deeply tingly.

Kristalberg: Yeah! You bet baby! That guy Hanks sure has done so much for world peace over many, many years. In the 'Private Ryan' movie we see the horrors of the war with them guys having a really bad day at the beach. Then we got that poor guy getting barbecued in the electric chair in that other movie.

Faltskog: That was 'The Green Mile' of what you are thinking about. So yes Tom, we all are loving you so much.

Kristalberg: Ditto to that although I still think my favourite was 'The Burbs' cos that was so funny! But! Now let's move onto our winner as if we are not knowing who that is.

Faltskog: Okay Billy! As we announced back in the month of September we have chosen for this year of 2009 our winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace. So please ladies and gentlemen be giving it up with a huge round of applause and warm welcome for this years winner. We give you President Othell'Obama of the USA!

Kristalberg: That's you Mister President! Come on down!

President Obama walks onto the stage where Faltskog presents him with his award.

Kristalberg: An exciting choice this year for the Prize of Peace I'm sure you will all agree. The committee gave many reasons for the choosing of President Obama. Of the most important of these were his advocacy of consensus politics and a spirit of non-partisanship to unite all Americans, his promotion of the ideals of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, his desire to extend the hand of friendship and dialogue to all nations, including even those crazy guys in Iran and finally for his success in kicking the Republicans out of the White House.

Not only that my friends but he has set a date for getting the troops out of Iraq and he is doing all that he can to sort out the mess in Afghanistan.

Gentlemen and ladies, once again, we give you the winner of this years Nobel Prize for Peace. American President Othell'Obama!!

The audience gives a round of applause

Obama: Thank you Billy and thank you Agnetha. Also thanks to the Nobel Prize Award Committee and to everyone here tonight for your encouragement and best wishes.

I guess I better explain first of all that since the announcement of this award back in September I have ordered another 30,000 combat troops into Afghanistan.

However as an old saying goes 'You can't make a government without breaking heads!' and we need to wage war to end war. Just gives us time and I'm sure we can bring peace and stability for the first time to that desperate country. For the first time since, erm, since the 1830's when the Brits first invaded and kicked up a sandstorm. But I'm sure that your historic founder Alfred Noble would understand. After all he invented dynamite and owned a string of explosive factories over the world so I guess he'd know what we're all about dudes.

Kristalberg: Right on there my American friend.

Obama: You got it Billy. I feel honoured and indeed humbled to receive this award especially when I consider who my fellow nominees were. We had Aung San Suu Kyi known for her tenacity and spirit during her long-term incarceration. That reminds me. We will get around to closing Guantanamo. We're working on that one folks. But thanks to another nominee Ban Ki-moon especially for the veto. Always handy to have in our back pocket. The veto I mean. And I just gotta say I loved that movie 'Catch Me If You Can' and thought Tom Hanks was just great in that. Michelle prefers 'A League of Their Own' but as you my know I'm more of a basketball man myself. Though I guess that Tom is a bit short for that kinda action.

Faltskog: Yeah but he is so cute


Obama: Whatever you say girl. But both us and the kids loved 'Mamma Mia' and I think Meryl Streep played you down to a tee. Really cool.

Faltskog: Eh.... ehm ...Well, I guess ..... thank you very much.

Obama: Amen to that sweet Powers!. But enough of the movie talk and down to business.

I'd like to say I am overwhelmed that you have chosen me to join the ranks of a long pantheon of incredible people who have received this award in the past.

Wonderful people such as Mother Theresa who inspired our choice of tea-towels in the Obama household. Lech Walesa, leader of the Polish Solidarity movement and three times winner of 'Moustache of the Year' and Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is always so happy you just want to slap him. And of course a man dear to my heart the great Martin Luther King. Hell yeah! Way to go MLK! He may have been a serial adulterer but he sure could talk a good game.

Of course I don't want to play party politics at such an esteemed occasion but I am the fourth Democrat to get this. So far we're beating the goddam Republicans who've only managed it twice. Read 'em weep dudes! And those two were Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Kissinger so I guess redemption comes in many strange kinda guises. At least Al Gore got something back after all the hurting over Florida and Kyoto. And I hope George, Dick and Donald are watching this back home folks cos they never had a chance of this stuff. This ain't your scene guys.

But of course the Nobel Peace Prize has offered a wonderful opportunity to recognise the people of peace and salvage some shady reputations. Menachem Begin, once a wanted terrorist who eventually turned into a good guy. Anwar Sadat, a brutal dictator who knew when he was beat. Saddam should have learned from that cat. And hey! What about Yasser Arafat? OK! All those plane hijackings weren't none too righteous but he softened up in his old age.

So rest assured my friends we're gonna blast out the call to peace over the next few months. Just watch this space dudes cos anyone who don't want peace hasn't reckoned on the might of the good old US of A. So here's spreading the love around all you good people. Thank you and goodnight to you all.

Faltskog: And thank you President Obama for that wonderful speech.

Kristalberg: You betcha baby! Now bring on the dancing girls!!

The Stavanger Female Belly-Dancing Troupe enter the stage to the strains of The O'Jays 'Love Train' disco smash. President Obama returns to his seat next to Rahm Emanuel and Harold Brabantio.

Emanuel : Well I think you got away with that troop deployment thing. That could have been a sticky moment.

Obama: No problemo Rahmbo. Everything is way cool here. So much love going around. I can't speak enough of this content

Emanuel: Yeah sure, it's a wonderful world. Now will you get off this crap?

Obama: Hey! Share the love man. Give me a peace sign right now and open your heart. I'm feeling so fine tonight cos we're all coming together in harmony. It really is too much of joy you know. Peace brother! Peace!

Emanuel: That's it Othello! Keep up the quillets

Brabantio: This stuff is going to his head,

Emanuel: Yeah! Snap out of it will ya!

Obama: C'mon Rahm, don't get so heavy man. You gotta lighten up and tune in to the groove. I'm feeling so good tonight.

Emanuel: Well you won't feel so good tomorrow

Obama: How's that dude?

Emanuel: Your approval rating just slipped below 50 percent

Obama: Now why you wanna go tellin me that? Bringing down my buzz like that man,

Emanuel: Jeez!! Gimme peace!



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