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Poem: Rebirth

Updated on March 11, 2009

Poems by The Magic<8>Ball

The Rebirth

Waiting behind the shadow
is the answer that I seek
reflecting embers of confidence
my plans
my life
it’s all about me

arrogance consumes
silken pillows where I lay
an embroidered “I” laced comforter
my golden rod and staff from whence I reign

Torrential excess flows in abundance
chasing stars on wings of chance
laughing at days of the sixpence
respected or feared my motto, my stance

till the last grain slipped thru the hourglass
a time thought never to come
consumption elevates my rise to the top
as burying debt looms from above

ascending on high pride catches
shredding my backup chute
free falling past swollen vices
accelerating towards ill repute

desperately searching for a savior
reaching thru cradling winds up high
spiraling destination closing faster
from dizzying heights the end is in sight

now stripped I cling to nothingness
the hungry shadow expands below
who to call , lost, so helpless
hands clutch a tear falls from eyes closed

Lord I ask you to help me
I surrender, I’m scared, I’m thru
i believe if you can save me
save this life that will live for you

then out from the throat of the shadow
a hand grasps hold I did not see
like a tandem diver to rescue
security, safety, comes to me

thankful and humbled by brace
a wretch awake from lives to the truth
eyes closed are now glazed wide open
God’s mercy such nourishing fruit

Now thankful for life in the darkness
the pain and the illusion of bliss
new perspective on this lifelong journey
appreciating God’s free blessed gift


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