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Poems of Different Emotions For the Mother's Day

Updated on September 26, 2015

Sweetest Relationship


Distinctly Different

Are we human beings completely equal to each other? Oh! No. We are very different in shape, size, complexion, height, weight and features. This is not all. We people are different in our thinking, action and reaction too. Difference in our attitude and nature makes us a different human being altogether. It makes an impact over one’s feelings which are reflected through behavioral pattern of an individual. It would be better to say that behavior is a mirror of one’s heart.

Difference in Expression

Just see for yourself that around us we meet people who are open and very straight forward but there are also people who are very shy and hesitant. They are known as extrovert and introvert respectively. Even some people are very humble but some are arrogant; may be some are very sweet and pleasing but on the other hand there are people who are very naughty and irritating. These are common attributes of the human race and quite naturally their expression of feelings in different situations differs a lot. To validate my subject matter I would love to show you a glimpse of the most loving relationship on this earth ever: mother and her child.

Mother's Day Special


Mother’s Day Celebration

The month of May brings with it a joy of celebrating a beautiful relationship between a child and his/her mother. Children would be looking forward to the second Sunday of the month May. It is a day of celebration. We all know the reason of the celebration on second Sunday of May. It is Mother’s Day. On this day children make their moms feel special. What a mother feels about her role as a mother is very common throughout the world. They always try to give their best shot while children sometimes take their mothers for granted. This is one day when mothers are not taken for granted by their children and all the year round what the children fail to express to their moms are all accumulated and showered on their mothers.

Expression of Emotions on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day for all the mothers and their children without any limitation of age. Each child wants to celebrate it in the best manner according to one’s capacity and make their mother the happiest of all. That can be anything from a simple gift to a costliest one for one’s mother but it has to be wrapped up with lots of love. Love is expressed not only through gifts but sometimes expressed through Mother’s Day special greeting cards. The loving messages of the greeting cards convey the feeling of a child to one’s mother. Now, the point is that there are many types of messages available on the greeting cards in the market and every child chooses the best suited one through which he/she could express one’s feeling to his/her mother the most. I want to represent the subject that how people very differently project one’s feeling due to difference in nature. Even it varies while expressing love for their mothers. Enjoy some poems written by me for Mother’s Day while keeping in mind the various types of expression of feeling by children of different nature and attitude.

Different Emotional Poems

A very sincere and matured child would love to say to his /her mother on second Sunday of the month May that’s on Mother’s Day:

You are My Asset

Your presence:

Gives me bundle of joy and happiness,

Your blessings:

Works as a source of umpteen encouragements,

You shoulder my worries and strains

Suffer pain on my behalf,

Never ever share your agony,

Rather become my consolation.

Today, with pleasure I unfold:

I’m the luckiest, happiest and wealthiest of all children

That’s simply because you are my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

A sweet, loving and entirely obedient child will project love for his/her mother in the way given below:

My Invaluable Mother

You are a priceless blessing,

A symbol of selfless love,

Entirely matchless,

Hence, a gift of your worth,

Oh! My precious mother,

Where will I find?

Something genuine like you,

Something rare for you,

Oh! My loving mother,

I have only one thing to offer,

It’s my selfless love for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

An introvert child would always want to convey one’s feelings to his/her mother but will hesitate because of shy nature. Such a child would express emotion for one’s mother as:

You are My Eternal Happiness

I feel fortunate to be your child,

To me you are an eternal blessing,

You always make me feel extra special,

No matter what the occasion is!

Though being fond of you,

Never expressed through my gesture,

Though I die to do so,

As always my hesitation wins over,

Mother, O! Mother,

Pull me out of this mess,

Let me tell that’s untold:

To be with you is a Utopian bliss,

An offering from me to you…,

…Respect, undying love and sincere gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day!

An extrovert child would instantly put forward one’s emotion in a very straight forward way. Nothing can stop such a child from expressing his/her feeling to one’s mother. He or she has no hesitation while showing love for his/her mother with a very open mind. The poem that suits an extrovert child:

You are My Life

Mamma, my dearest,

You are my heart,

This keeps me alive.

You are my strength,

This keeps me fully energized.

Last but not the least,

You are my soul,

This makes me soulful.

You as my heart, strength and soul,

My life is now enticing, fulfilling and meaningful.

Happy Mother’s Day!

A scared child who loves his/her mother but gets afraid when she becomes angry. Such a child always fears one’s mother because he/she is unable to understand how mother would react. Well, that does not change the child’s love for the mother and would express one’s emotion in a very different manner:

Be My Smile

Your love makes me happy,

While scolding makes me unhappy.

Your presence makes me feel special,

All seems hell when you yell.

Help of yours is a thrill,

Your slap never allows me to chill.

I enjoy your shelter and care,

Your anger I always fear.

Your smile is a beauty,

Your face looks pretty,

Cheerfulness of yours gives me high,

Fills my day with a positive ray,

Our home becomes a happy home.

What else I can wish for!

Happiness for you I desire,

Hope my loving wishes make you smile forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Now, comes the turn of the mischievous children. Just imagine how they would convey their love to the mothers on Mother’s Day:

Mischief is Rewarding

Very often I make you angry,

Irritate you too much,

I know I’m disobedient,

Obedient only when you scold,

Willingly I do what you say,

Only when I expect you to fulfill,

The wishes of mine,

Naturally you resent and get impatient,

Even you turn rude,

Harsh words you use too,

Extremely bad then I feel,

Even get angry and become sad,

I start feeling low,

Love of yours then starts to flow,

You then try to balance your act,

With a double dose of love,

Without hesitation when you say sorry,

Undoubtedly I become,

Proud and happy,

I again fall prey to mischief,

Without hesitation I wonder,

If mischief is so rewarding,

Let me then remain mischievous forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

An interesting story I've regarding this poem which I want to share with you all. I wrote this poem some months ago but just a few days ago my son shared a secret with me. He told me that when I scold him harshly he becomes very angry but the very next moment when I speak to him sweetly his anger simply cools down. He further added that he hardly feels like not repeating the mistakes because of my double dose of love which is very tempting. Imagine my ten year old have such an opinion. I made him read this poem and he simply hugged me as it reflected his frame of mind.

Now, it is the time for the daughters turned mothers, like me who are presently gaining experience in the journey of motherhood, to express their feelings for one’s mother. For me it’s too late because my mother is no more but I feel sincerely that they are the representatives of God about which I wrote in the article MOTHERS- The All Time Goddess on Earth. I admire mothers and feel genuinely that every daughter understands the pain and turmoil undergone by one’s mother only when she becomes a mother. Daughter turned mothers would like to say to their own mother on Mother’s Day:

A Painstaking Mother

Being a daughter,

I took you for granted,

Misunderstood you many a time,

Became angry and got upset,

But to my astonishment,

Motherhood of mine opened my eyes,

Broaden my thought.

Taught me a great lesson:

While upbringing a child,

Life is never a fun,

Now, I admire,

What a mother goes through!

Today I sincerely admit,

Childhood reactions were all childish,

Now I understand a mother's feeling,

Easily I am able to relate,

With the respect I receive at present,

Even the maturity that I enjoy and cherish,

Are not due to my ageing,

Rather your guidance is the reason.

Happy Mother’s Day!

These are just a few emotions which I have presented to you readers through which a child can easily convey his/her love for one’s mother. There can be many more types of representation of emotions because emotions are like a stream which continuously flows. Emotions do get restricted or expressionless due to a setback just like a stream which stops flowing when it dries up but that’s also a deep concealed emotion which lacks the outburst. May every mother enjoy this Mother’s Day this and years to come!

A must watch for the mothers and the children too


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