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Poetry Challenge: Life's Precious Moments

Updated on August 10, 2012
The birth of a new baby
The birth of a new baby | Source
Graduation Day
Graduation Day | Source
Just Married
Just Married | Source

Life is a hard journey filled with obstacles, problems, and enough scary things to give you nightmares. Many people live life one day at a time, because thinking too far ahead can be depressing when they look at the prospects for the future. One might ask, if life is so hard and the future is so bleak, why do people keep living instead of ending it all. The answer is in life's precious moments.

Life's precious moments are those moments in your life that are so special that you remember them for a lifetime. It could be your graduation day, your wedding day, your first experience with sex, whatever the moment it made you feel so positive that you had to keep living life to experience another moment like it. Life's precious moments are the reason we keep living, especially when things seem so bleak, you may think you will never be happy again.

This weeks poetry challenge is all about celebrating life's precious moments. I want you to think of a special moment in your life. i want you to think about the emotions you were feeling at that time, and I want you to capture them in poetic words. It could be any moment in your life, which ever one inspires you to write, just paint a picture so that when others read they can feel what you were feeling on that day.

Guidelines For The Challenge

  1. Write an original Hub about your precious moment, and post the link in the comment section of this Hub.
  2. Be sure to revisit this Hub to see additional links to other contributions posted by other writers.
  3. Please try to share the work of everyone who participates and spread the word so we can get many writers involved with the challenge.
  4. I will post another challenge in one week, but this challenge will remain open for as long as others want to participate.

I predict this challenge will be very special, because life's precious moments are very inspiring. I look forward to taking a glimpse in the different writer's lives, and feeling what they felt when they had their moment in the sun. I hope this challenge will put a smile on everyone's face and we can spread a little positivity this week.


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    • sheilanewton profile image

      sheilanewton 5 years ago from North Shields, UK

      Love this one. I need to put my thinking cap on!!! On a writing retreat just now - no wifi except when I go into town every 3-4 days. Will try to get a poem ready for next week. hope i'm not too late to enter!!

      Voted up - and across. Fabulous, Philly.

    • christin53 profile image

      Ann-Christin 5 years ago from UK

      A very interesting challenge as everyone's precious moments are so different. You have inspired me to write a poem.

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Here is my contribution to the challenge.

    • myownlife profile image

      myownlife 5 years ago from london

      Yes for sure life is precious every moment has to be enjoyed, and it is true that the whole life has to be lived in a day, saying it, we have to be optimistic so have to think about ahead, a lot of precious moments are approaching.

      God bless

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      I couldn't pass this challenge up. There are so many precious moments in our life but sometimes when we are in our day to day routine, we forget about them. I hope you enjoy this!