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Saved By The Rain

Updated on January 22, 2014

Clouds are dark grey, breeze can be felt slightly
The rain falls on the ground, you can hear the footsteps of an army that is mighty
A young man sits at home in the dark
The only light you can see is the one flashing from the lightning
His brown eyes cold, his mind contemplating
Hating the fact that problems in life sometimes can be so frustrating
Taking two gulps from the bottle of crown royal next to him
He laughs at the fact that he is still alive, to him is amazing
Which is the next road that he should start paving?
This cold world he keeps braving
For so many years he has been stuck in a game he should not be playing
As he stares at the pistol on the table he begins sweating
The good and bad thoughts in his mind, they keep on debating
Then all of a sudden there is a knock on the door, he doesn’t realize he is about to hear the answers that will save him

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